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What is the Motorcycle in "The Walking Dead?"

Motorcycle in The Walking Dead

Fans of the popular television series "The Walking Dead" have their work cut out for them trying to figure out what kind of motorcycle it is. Given the circumstances of the setting and post-apocalyptic time period, it makes sense that the motorcycle Daryl Dixon drives would be a combination of different bikes to create a put-together version of several different bikes to create one running vehicle. One of the most common questions is what is the motorcycle in "The Walking Dead?" Here is everything there is to know about the famous bike.

The Walking Dead" Motorcycle

The motorcycle that is used in the show, according to Uncrate, is based on a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. This basic description, however, doesn't' fully describe what the customized bike is or its components. This is merely the model that it is based upon. The bike was built by Classified Moto and ordered in a pair of identical motorcycles for use on the set of the series.

Specifics of "The Walking Dead" Bike

The bike featured a Nighthawk rear wheel with the backend completed by Progressive Suspension 970 piggyback shocks for a smooth ride and Kenda Big Block tires. The front end came from Yamaha's ZYF-R6. The brakes and wheel also came from the Yamaha model. The sat was custom made leather and the talented team of fabricators completed the bike with a look in a distressed styling that would fit into the setting and circumstances of the show. While the motorcycles used in the show look like they've seen better days, they're really solidly built bikes.

More details

The bike was ordered in 2014 by Scott M. Gimple, the creative genius behind the design of many of the props for the show. Classified Moto was happy to take on the project. The special order bike was intended to be the replacement for Dixon's lost chopper in the AMC hit series. The tank for the bike was a reproduction of an XS650 with SE CR Hi Bars. The rack is a custom crossbow mount. The custom leather seat was upholstered by the creative Roy Baird of Richmond, Virginia. The exhaust is modified with custom baffles and the intake is a twin billet alumni mesh unit that was CNC milled.

What happened to Daryl Dixon's Bike from "The Walking Dead?"

The famous motorcycle from "The Walking Dead" is really three different bikes. When we asked what happened to the bike we must consider all models for the sake of their value. According to Hot cars, The first motorcycle that Daryl rode was a Triumph Bonneville. This was the infamous lost chopper of Dixons.

The Original Merle Chopper

The lost chopper was a combination of different bikes. There is some contention over its origins but the overall consensus is that the bike was a Triumph Bonneville TR6C that was chopped. The biggest argument over its origins is about the year. Estimations include components from the 1960s, with some guessing it's 1971, and others claiming it's 1976. We may never know for sure, but it was a gnarly looking Triumph that fit into the entire tone and setting of the series. The chop converted it into a hardtail. After all, was said and done, it was confirmed to be a basic Triumph that was once Daryl's brother Merle's bike which makes it a significant prop in the series. Although the bike disappeared from the show, the larger question is what happened to it? It seems that the production company has kept the bike back in reserve and there was a hint that it might be brought back into the spotlight. This would be a fitting end as there has been confirmation that the show is entering its final season.

The most recent Nighthawk version of the bike

In the series, the bike that is based on the 1992 Honda Nighthawk is one that Daryl Dixon is said to have created from a variety of surplus motorcycle parts. This bike was also abandoned by Dixon in the 8th season of the series. Some fans would like to know what happened to the latest motorcycle that Daryl Dixon rode in the show. It's a trophy piece that would fetch a high price at auction, but this isn't likely to happen for a long time if ever. "The Walking Dead" production company is holding on to the 2 bikes that were built for Daryl.

The third Daryl Dixon Motorcycle

The very last version of the motorcycle that Daryl has been seen riding in the show is a KTM 525 EXC. It's got a more modern aesthetic but it's still designed to have a post-apocalyptic vibe. For the latest motorcycle ridden by the highly ranked character and veteran of the show, not much is known, other than it made its first appearance in the ninth season, not long after Dixon abandoned the Nighthawk. It's believed that we will see its continuation for the 11th season as it was tooling around in the 10th.

Final thoughts

For those of you who were wondering about the motorcycle that Daryl Dixon rides in "The Walking Dead," there are three of them. They're not circulating on the market just yet. As long as the series is still up and running, it's likely that the bikes will remain the property of the studio. So far, there has been no indication bout what the studio plans to do with them after season 11 concludes and the show runs its last episode. This is one that the fans will need to stay tuned for. No doubt they will be valued at a high price tag if they go up on the auction block. They may even hold onto them for a spinoff series, but only time will tell. For now, they're all secure and their whereabouts are confirmed.

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