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How to Get a Motorcycle License in Oregon

Motorcycle License in Oregon

If you're a motorcycle rider and live in the state of Oregon, or you're planning to move there, there are a few things you need to know about the laws. Each state has its own rules, regulations, and processes for obtaining a motorcycle license. Whether you're an adult or a minor, here is everything you need to know about getting a motorcycle license to legally drive on the roads in Oregon state.

Three types of riding privileges for Oregon motorcycle riders

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles lists the three types of riding privileges that are extended to riders in the state. The requirements are a motorcycle instruction permit, a motorcycle endorsement, and a restricted motorcycle endorsement. It's the only way to legally operate a motorcycle on Oregon public roads. There is also another type of motorcycle endorsement required for the operation of three-wheeled vehicles. A motorcycle instruction permit is required for motorcycle riders who do not have a motorcycle endorsement. This permit allows you to legally ride a motorcycle on the roads with some restrictions.

What are the requirements for getting a motorcycle permit?

You must be at least 16 years old, possess a valid driver's license for Oregon state. You must make an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles. When you show up for your appointment, you must bring proof of your identity and your residential address. To qualify for a motorcycle instruction permit you must pass a knowledge test which costs $5 each time the test is taken. Also, you must pass a vision test, then pay the fee for the permit.

How can I study for the knowledge test?

The best way to prepare for the knowledge test to qualify to apply for your instructional permit, obtain a free copy of the Motorcycle and Moped Manual for the state of Oregon. This guide provides you with the information that you need to know to pass the knowledge test. You'll learn about the rules of the road, street signs, rules and regulations regarding motorcycles on public roads, and important safety information.

What are the restrictions for riding with an instructional permit?

Riders possessing a motorcycle instructional permit are required to be supervised or under the visual observation of a motorcycle rider, riding separately who possesses a valid motorcycle endorsement, and is a minimum of 21 years or older. No passengers are allowed and the motorcycle may only be operated during daylight hours.

How do you get a motorcycle endorsement?

There are several requirements for becoming eligible to apply for a motorcycle endorsement in Oregon state. You must complete a rider education course that is offered by Team Oregon. This provides you with basic rider training or intermediate rider training. Basic Rider Training allows you to waive the skills and knowledge tests required at the DMV. If you choose an intermediate rider training course or opt to take other training courses online, successful completion will allow you to waive the skills tests, but the knowledge test is still required. Upon completion of the course, you must make an appointment at the Orgon Department of Motor Vehicles. Bring proof of Team Oregon or other skills courses with you, along with proof of identity and residential address. If necessary, pass the motorcycle knowledge test and pay the $5 fee and the vision test, then pay the endorsement fee.

Why is a motorcycle endorsement necessary?

According to Team Oregon, it is illegal to ride in the state of Oregon if you do not possess a valid driver's license plus, at a minimum, a motorcycle instruction permit, or a motorcycle endorsement. To ride legally in Oregon, you must have a valid driver's license and motorcycle endorsement or instruction permit. The penalty for riding without a motorcycle endorsement can be as much as $2,000 plus court costs. The penalties for riding a motorcycle without these are stiff and the fine can be as high as $2,000 for the citation with court costs added on top of that.

Other useful information

If you are under the age of 21, Oregon state law mandates successful completion of an approved Team Oregon basic motorcycle course. You must complete either the basic rider training course or the erider Basic training program. If you are under the age of 18 you must have signed parental consent to apply for your motorcycle instruction permit. The basic motorcycle course consists of a classroom component and a riding component to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to safely operate a motorcycle on public roads in real-life situations. You also learn how to respond when hazardous driving situations occur. It is strongly recommended when taking a course other than the officially approved Team Oregon course, that you contact the Oregon DMV to make sure that the course meets the requirements for acceptance.

Final thoughts

There are several steps required to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. Everyone who rides a two-wheel motorcycle on the road is required to have a valid Oregon driver's license, a motorcycle instruction permit, or a motorcycle endorsement. The laws of Oregon are particular to this state. It's wise to read the motorcycle operator's manual provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles to learn about the specific rules and regulations about riding a motorcycle. The Basic Motorcycle Training course is required for all riders under the age of 21. This is one of the most efficient ways to combine learning the rules and regulations for riding motorcycles and building your skills. The course helps you to get ready tests that are necessary to get your endorsement. They can also help you get a waiver for bypassing some of the DMV tests.

Riding a motorcycle on public roads brings a unique set of challenges. Many of the dangers are different than driving a car. You're out in the open without the protection all around you. This is why protective riding gear plus a helmet is required for all riders.

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