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20 Things You Didn't Know About NetraDyne


NetraDyne is an American technology company that specializes in using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to make the roads we all drive on safer. The business has recently been spotlighted for its significant contributions to road safety, along with the millions of dollars it's raised in fundraising efforts for the growth and expansion of its operations. If you've not yet heard about it, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about NetraDyne to bring you up to speed.

1. NetraDyne is a driver for improving road safety

According to Crunchbase, NetraDyne is a company with a mission for making the roads safer through the use of complex technologies. The company develops, manufactures, and sells a platform for monitoring fleet performance through an advanced camera system that provides in-depth analysis of the data it collects through computer vision technology.

2. NetraDyne uses combined technologies for an end-to-end IoT solution

NetraDyne's platform uses artificial intelligence technology that is combined with computer vision, and deep learning technologies in a complex array of functions that all work together to gather data, then analyze the data and provide useful information for decision-makers. The technology works via visual and sensory inputs with video driving the advanced analytics along with business intelligence systems to help decision-makers have more accurate information that is based on facts.

3. Avneesh Agrawal is the CEO and co-founder of NetraDyne

According to Crunchbase, Avneesh Agrawal is the chief executive officer of Netradyne and a co-founder of the business. He brings about twenty years of experience in the technology field to the job and he has established a successful track record of accomplishments for the companies he has worked for. He has transferred his skillset to running his own business.

4. Avneesh Agrawal is a Stanford Graduate

Avneesh Agrawal has an impressive academic background. It's hard to get into Stanford University. The competition for acceptance is stiff, but he got in and thrived in the environment. He started his undergraduate program at the prestigious Stanford University in 1990. He studies Computer Systems Engineering and earned his bachelor's degree in that field in only three years. He graduated with his degree in 1993 finishing early.

4. He has advanced college degrees

After Mr. Agrawal completed his bachelor's at Stanford, he kept going without taking a break in between his study programs. He went directly into the electrical engineering master's program in 1993. It only took him a year to complete the two-year program of study. Avneesh graduated with his master's in electrical engineering in 1994.

5. NetraDyne is led by a doctoral-level engineer

After the current chief executive officer at NetraDyne graduated with his master's degree in electrical engineering, he took a four-year break from his studies. He did return to Stanford University in 1998 where he entered the program to advance his master's in electrical engineering to the next step up. It took him just four years to complete his Ph.D. in the field. The CEO of NetraDyne is a doctoral-level engineer who has a solid foundation in applied theory as well as in sound business practices.

6. NetraDyne is a versatile company

NetraDyne is a dynamic and versatile company. It is listed across four different industry headings because of its complexity. It is a leader in fleet management for helping to improve safety on the road. It is also an analytics company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to power its fleet management platform.

7. NetraDyne is still a young company

Although NetraDyne has advanced in its growth and development to a mature company, it is still in its early stages of development. NetraDyne was officially launched in 2015, under the legal business name NetraDyne, Inc. The company is only six years old. It is headquartered in San Diego, California. The founders are Avneesh Agrawal, and his partner, David Julian. Together, they bring decades of business and leadership experience to the table, and the pair are responsible for the great successes that NetraDyne has achieved.

8. David Julian has founded two organizations

Mr. Julian is a founder and he also serves as the chief technology officer of NetraDyne. The two founders are hands-on owners who both make huge contributions to the successful leadership of the business. NetraDyne is Mr. Agrawal's first entrepreneurial venture, but it is the second for David Julain. Before founding NetraDyne, he co-founded a company called Mountain View Analytics. Impressively the company supported NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the era of the Voyage and Deep Cassini Deep Space programs.

9. David Julian is also a Ph.D.

Both of the founders of NetraDyne are highly educated professionals in the technology industry. Mr. Julian has twenty years of experience in technology research and development with an emphasis on Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies. He sees the infinite potential for both disciplines in solving every problem in the energy, healthcare, automotive, entertainment, and recreation industries. He attended the New Mexico State University and earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He continued to attend Stanford University where he earned his master's of science and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the prestigious institution. Both founders earned doctoral degrees from Stanford.

10. Julian and Agrawal both worked at Qualcomm

NetraDyne's founders David Julian and Avneesh Agrawal have a lot in common. They're both electrical engineers at the doctoral level, they attended Stanford University, and they worked for Qualcomm. David was employed at Qualcomm for 12 years as a Principal Engineer. While serving the company, he secured more than 100 United States patents for the technologies he helped to discover and develop. His resume/curriculum vitae is equal to that of his partner, Mr. Agrawal and together they make a dynamic team of professionals with a solid knowledge base, decades of experience, and a shared vision for the future of the company.

11. NetraDyne is led by an eight-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at NetraDyne is composed of eight members. Avneesh Agrawal is a co-founder and the chief executive officer. David Julian is a founder and chief technology officer. Adam Kahn is a vise president of fleet business. Teja Gudena is a senior vice president of NetraDyne. Mike DiNucci is the chief revenue officer. Vinay Rai is the senior vice president of engineering. Sri Hari Haran Seenivasan is the senior staff engineer of devices. Adam Kahn is the president of the commercial fleet team and currently serves in two positions.

12. NetraDyne has a three-member board of directors

The board of directors at NetraDyne is comprised of three members who bring years of experience to their advisory roles. V. Sumantran is a board member who currently serves on one board in an advisory role. Nagraj Kashyap joined the board in September of 2018 as a board observer. He is the vice president and global head of Microsoft Corporate at M12. He currently serves on twelve boards of directors in advisory roles. Arogyaswami J. Paulraj is a professor emeritus of research of engineering at Stanford University with Cohere Technologies. He currently serves on two boards in advisory roles.

13. NetraDyne uses a complex array of technology products for its website

The NetraDyne website is powered by a complicated collection of technologies and technology products. The stack at Netradyne actively uses twenty-six technologies that are distributed across twenty-four technology products and services. These include jQuery, Viewport Meta, SSL by Default, SPF, Google Analytics, HTML5, and many others. The company spends $26.5 thousand per year on IT and technology products.

14. NetraDyne maintains a unique difference over competitors

NetraDyne stands out from similar companies because of its legal rights over the intellectual properties that make it different. The company has secured twenty-three registered patents in the computing and calculating category. In addition to this NetraDyne has also secured nine registered trademarks under the class of scientific and electric apparatus and instruments. The patents and trademarks on the various products and technologies owned by NetraDyne give it the legal option of prohibiting any of its competitors from using similar technology products or from copying the products or elements of its tech platform. This means that NetraDyne offers a platform that is unlike any other.

15. NetraDyne's web traffic could be higher

NetraDyne maintains a consistent accounting of the web traffic that flows through its website. The data provides them with information about who is showing interest in the company, how many people visit, where they're from and if there are any changes in the percentages of monthly visits coming from a particular area. The average number of monthly visits to the NetraDyne website is 7,065 over the past 30 days. This reflects a decline of more than seventy percent. It is suspected that there has been some type of technical difficulty although this has not been confirmed or denied by NetraDyne.

16. NetraDyne is the most popular in the United States

The web traffic statistics and analytics of NetraDyne show that ninety-two percent of the web traffic is from visitors in the United States. This figure shows a 71.2 percent decrease in activity over the last thirty days. Eleven percent of NetraDyne's visitors are from Romania, six percent are from India, two percent are from Indonesia, and one percent are from Canada, which is the only country to show a significant increase in monthly traffic. Canadian visitors make up the lowest percentage of web traffic, but the rate has increased by more than twenty-five percent.

17. NetraDyne is a venture capital-backed business

According to Techcrunch, NetraDyne has participated in four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent was a Series C round that was completed on July 15, 2021, binging in $150 million in funding. The total amount of venture capital funds raised so far is a whopping $197.5 million.

18. NetraDyne has attracted the attention of five participating investors.

NetraDyne has secured the confidence of five VC firms as investors. Each investor has shown high confidence in the startup's potential for providing a healthy return on the funds invested. The intention is for the funding to go towards growth and expansion. Investors include Point72 Ventures, SoftBank Vision Fund, which is a lead investor, M12, Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings, and Reliance Industries, both lead investors.

19. NetraDyne has plans to expand its global reach

The recent round of funds will go for the expansion of NetraDyne into new territories. The CEO shared the new focus of the company. It will take the company outside its current North American markets and target locations in Europe and India. In addition to this type of expansion, the company also plans to enhance its product called Driveri. The goal is to help further improve commercial driver safety, with real-time notifications that record drivers' behaviors whether positive or negative. Speed and efficiency are a few of the areas of concern. NetraDyne's focus on these factors over driver safety was alleged yet not proven. NetraDyne has hired third-party firms to negate these allegations. Another area of expansion for NetraDyne is its workforce. The company has advertised twenty-four new jobs that are now open and available. The new position openings are fairly evenly split between the headquarters in San Diego, California, and in Bengaluru, India.

20. You won't find NetraDyne on the stock exchange

Although NetraDyne is a good company to keep your eye on for investing, it's not currently listed on any public stock exchanges. NetraDyne is still a privately held company. The leadership has not filed for an IPO to take the company public because it is doing well enough on its own with the backing of private investors.

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