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How Noella Bergener Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

Noella Bergener is a famous television personality, American model, and social media influencer. She rose to fame after appearing on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." One of the requirements to be among the cast on bravo's "Real Housewives" is to be famous and wealthy.

Since Noella met all these requirements, she was asked to make an appearance in the show as a full-time housewife on the premiere of season 16. She was first introduced on the show as a Braunwyn's friend; this was after the significant cast changes after season 15, which led to the firing of Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Bronwyn, and Kelly Dodd. Here, we will talk about Noella Bergener's Net Worth of $1 million.

Early Life and Childhood

Noella Noel Bergener was born in 1995. Her father, Christopher Nance Weatherman, was a social worker who worked for various charities to protect children. Noella's mum Nicholette Ortega Nance was a housewife. Still, her Instagram bio says that she lives with her family in Orange County, California, USA.

Regardless of her mixed ethnicity, Noella is identified as a citizen of the United States and a Christian. Unfortunately, there is no precise detail on any of the schools or colleges she has attended. According to Realitytitbit, Noella's primary schooling was in a local elementary school.

After graduating high school, she enrolled in a prestigious university to pursue a bachelor's degree. Noella Bergener is a reserved woman who prefers not to reveal to the public too much about her personal life; thus, she has not made her academic grades or any other information about her former educational institutions public.

Parents and Family

As mentioned above, Noella's parents are Christopher and Nicholette, her stay-at-home mother. Her father died on 7th October 2021, as posted on her Instagram page, but the leading cause of death is not explained. Noella Bergener is a proud mother of two children.

She has posted many pictures of herself and her daughter Coco on her social media platforms. She also has a son James Jr Bergener, who was unfortunately diagnosed with Autism. Bergener was open and honest about the challenges of being a single mom and dealing with her son's autism diagnosis on her famous TV show.

Noella Bergener and her former husband James Bergener had made several appearances on the show Real Housewives of Orange County. Apart from her grandfather's name Colonel Calvin, there is no information about any of Noella's siblings.


After constant disagreements, Noella split up with her husband, James Bergener. She explained her divorce to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Shanno Beador. She told her that she had been married to James for one year and never had any frequent arguments with him.

The former husband, James Bergener, is a lawyer who mainly focuses on personal injury cases. On 15th December 2021, Novella told Shannon she was completely shattered when her former husband gave her the divorce papers. According to, the reason behind the two divorcing was James' $6 million unpaid tax obligations.

Noella was willing to help her husband remove this debt, but James refused. As a result of the charges, the Internal Revenue Service had to fine Mr. Bergener $6 million. The reality TV star also had previous relationships before getting married to James; she was previously in a relationship with Estranged, her former husband's friend. Currently, Noella Noel Berger is not attached to any relationship.


Noella Bergener began her career in modeling after graduating from high school. Her Instagram page is full of photographs from her previous modeling projects. She has partnered with several businesses and periodicals such as Esquire, Flirt, and many others.

Noella rose to fame after making an appearance in the popular reality television show "Real Housewives of Orange County." She was cast alongside Nicole James, Chis Lee, Ryne Holiday, and many other notable actors and actresses. Noelle has been among the cast of the reality TV show for about five seasons and has quickly become among the fans' favorite characters.

The audience was amazed by her first appearance in the show; they claimed they fell immediately in love with her true personality and overall acting performance. In addition to her successful acting career, Bergener has also worked with several publications and worked as a social media influencer.

What is the Net Worth of Noella Bergener?

Unfortunately, there is no information on the amount of money she earned during her acting career, but a luxurious lifestyle clearly indicates her wealth. Her acting and modeling careers have played a significant part in increasing her net worth.

As a social media influencer, she has been able to advertise her modeling products and make a decent living from her huge social media presence. Due to her many followers, Noella serves as a brand ambassador for companies seeking to promote their products.

According to Trendingnewsbuzz, Noella Noel Bergener's net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $2 million. Noella Bergener currently resides in Orange County, where she lives a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. It is pretty impossible to determine how actual Noella's net worth is.

Still, she has been able to gather this enormous wealth despite the challenges she has faced in her professional life. Noella has a long history of working as a model and actress, which are her primary sources of income. Her former spouse James Bergener is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million. He works as an attorney for personal injury cases and is an entrepreneur.

Bottom Line

If you happen to search for Noella Noel Bergener's net worth online, you will likely get $1 million as the most prevalent result. She is also believed to earn more than her fellow actors and actresses in the popular reality TV show, "Real Housewives of Orange County." This is because she lives a more luxurious lifestyle than her fellow co-stars in the show. Since most of her assets are not disclosed to the public, it is impossible to determine how much she is worth now.

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