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20 Things You Didn't Know About Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines is a leading carrier offering transatlantic passenger flight service. If you haven't flown with them, you probably have a lot of questions. You may be wondering what their service is like, how safe the airline is rated and what kind of amenities they offer. One of the biggest questions when considering using an unfamiliar airline is how expensive are the flights? We have at least some if not all of the answers to such questions in our collection of 20 things you didn't know about Norwegian Airlines.

1. They are a distinguished carrier

While we could likely say this about any airline carrier, Norwegian Airlines has the distinction of being named the "world's best long-haul low-cost airline. What this means for passengers making transatlantic flights is that Norwegian is the best bet for saving money on airfare. They offer the cheapest flights available. This is good news for those who make frequent trips across the pond because over time it could translate into thousands of dollars saved on travel expenses.

2. Norwegian Airlines bests major American carriers in safety

While it may be disturbing for some Americans to hear, Norwegian Airlines actually ranked higher on the safety index than either United Airlines or American Airlines. This information has been confirmed by an independent aviation safety source. It's an added comfort to know that their cheaper transatlantic fares do not negatively impact the safety of traveling with them.

3. Norwegian Airlines has a young and efficient fleet

The fleet of aircraft that are under the command of Norwegian consist of Boeing 737 and 787 Dreamliner craft. They have a fleet that features some of the newer aircraft being used for commercial air travel. A younger fleet means that their planes are newer and more prone to have the bugs worked out. In addition to this, they are much more fuel efficient than the older aircraft in use by some of the other major commercial carriers. This translates directly into savings on overhead expenses and the airline has been funneling the savings down to their clientele in the form of cheaper airfare. The average age of Norwegian aircraft is a mere 3.6 years.

4. Norwegian is running a social experiment

While Norwegian isn't officially doing this, in a sense they are testing the population to find out just how many services they are willing to do without to save money on airfare. The company has set up a series of ticket levels that include LowFare, PremiumFlex notably for passengers who want to save. You can customize your flight experience as well as the cost of the ticket. For example, passengers who select the LowFare option must put up with restrictions and limitations including no seat reservation, no meal during the flight, no checked baggage, no blanket, no headphones, and no free drinks. This sounds like a miserable trip, particularly if it's a long haul. The odds are highly likely that you're going to break down and purchase food and beverages at inflated airline prices, so it pays to review the things that you will exchange in the trade for lower airfare. It may or may not be worth your while.

The Premium Flex option offers a lower fare along with 2 checked bags, a seat reservation, complimentary amenities through the entire flight, a premium meal and free rebooking and refunds. Norwegian Airlines is working off of a model that is called pay as you like ticketing. This model is best suited for passengers who are making short-haul flights because it's a little easier to bite the bullet and go without if the flight is relatively short.

5. They're aggressive in their advertising

It hasn't been that long since Norwegian Airlines was an obscure European carrier that few people in the United States were aware of its existence. It has pursued an aggressive form of advertisement to let people know that it's here and it can save people money on airfare. The airline carrier has gone from relative obscurity to becoming the tenth largest airline offering transatlantic seats. The number of seats being used per flight has increased over the last year by nearly two percent. It helps that theey offer frequent promotional offers that save people even more money on their already low fares.

6. Norwegian is posing a threat to competitors

It's no small wonder that Norwegian Airlines is having a serious impact on the competition. More people who are fed up with paying the high prices that most major airline carriers are charging for transatlantic flights are switching their business to Norwegian.

7. Norwegian has an edge over the competition and are by comparison in better shape

Norwegian is moving up on the major airline carrier scale. They're gaining more business and spending less on overhead. Their fuel-efficient newer aircraft are superior in many ways to the older, fuel-guzzling planes that some of the other major airlines must deal with. Norwegian can afford to offer lower rates and it just stands to reason that this is what the average passenger is going to gravitate towards. There is good cause for concern about the edge that Norwegian has developed in the industry because many of the other airlines are struggling with the older craft that they must cycle out and replace with new ones. The proposition is very expensive and some carriers may not be ready to assume such a cost.

8. Norway entered into an Agreement with Iceland affecting Norwegian Air

The agreement that Norway made with Iceland in 2011 created what became known as the Open Skies Agreement. This cut down on the amount of intervention by the government in regulating international aviation. WOW of Iceland and Norwegian Airlines became competitors for the frequent routes over the contract and part of the reason for lowered airfare is due to the price war that the two are having with legacy carriers.

9. Norwegian Air weighs carry-ons

If you're planning to fly with Norwegian Airlines and you're taking a carry-on with you, pack with discretion. If you're going with a cheap airfare option, keep it under 22 pounds and make sure that you pack a warm blanket inside because budget ticket holders are not offered a blanket and it's cold aboard during the flight. You should also have warm clothes in case you need them. Keep the weight level as you as possible while still bringing along what you need. This means being creative when you pack your bag. We recommend that you don't leave out the blanket because this can be the single item that you will value most aboard the flight. You may want to shop in advance for a lightweight blanket that is designed to provide the maximum amount of warmth or layer your clothing for the flight.

10. Norwegian uses special materials that are good for your health

When in highly pressurized environments, such as an airliner, the type of material that is used can make a difference in how well your body responds to the changes it will encounter. Norwegian Airlines design and engineering teams have done their research into this issue and they crafted the interior of the aircraft with a special material that allows the bodies of their passengers to absorb higher levels of oxygen. This is an important factor for people who have respiratory or circulatory issues. In addition to this, the carrier also ensures that each airplane is equipped with high-efficiency air filters so the air that is being breathed in is "cleaner and healthier."

11. Bring Snacks

If you haven’t booked a meal, and you don’t want to deal with inflated airport prices (or America’s diabolically bad airport food options), then bring some snacks. Though there is a decent snack and drink selection for purchase via slick touch-screens, you will be charged a premium for everything on board compared to prices on the ground (from $4 for a chocolate bar to $11 for a sandwich, and $7 for an alcoholic drink).

12. The Dreamliner used in the Norwegian fleet is a superior aircraft

When it's possible, book your flight aboard Norwegian Airlines' new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Analysts have concluded that the plane is superior in fuel efficiency making it greener and safer for the environment. It's also faster so it will get you to your destination sooner and this will help to cut down on the jet lag effects that you may experience from long flights.

13. The Check-in process with Norwegian is superb

Several reviews that detail what it's like to fly with Norwegian Airlines confirm that in most cases, the check-in process is "seamless" and fast. Bear in mind that the check-in station opens for hours before the flight is scheduled to depart. This may be one of the factors that make it hassle-free. It's always recommended that you arrive early for your flight to avoid the rush of last minute passengers who are scrambling to make the deadline for the flight. In some instances, passengers report that they completed the process in less than five minutes.

14. You can save even more on a flight by booking online through Norwegian's official website

Several passengers have shared their experiences with booking flights with Norwegian Airlines. They provided a useful tip for anyone that is flying on a tight budget. If you use the Norwegian website, which is in Norsk (the Norwegian language), the rates can be as much as twenty percent lower. You can use the Google Translate application if you don't know the Norwegian language.

15. The newer planes in Norwegian Airlines have amazing amenities

After boarding a Norwegian Airlines flight you'll be amazed at the extras that come standard in the new aircraft. You can control the amount of light that comes in through your window with a dimming button that is supplied for each window. In addition, the windows are larger and the overhead bins are bigger than most supplied by commercial airlines. They offer free in-flight entertainment, USB ports and charging sockets built into every seat and these amenities are provided for all ticket levels.

16. You don't want a middle seat

The only way for you to ensure that you don't get a middle seat when flying with Norwegian air on a cheap fare deal is to get there insanely early. If you arrive late you're almost guaranteed to be seated in a middle seat, sandwiched in between other passengers. The economy seats are tight at best and you'll be far more comfortable if you're in an end seat or placed in a window seat.

17. You don't get a checked bag with LowFare seats

Be warned if you purchase a low fare ticket that you won't be allowed a checked bag. You'll be responsible for paying the full price for a 20kg checked bag of $65 each direction.

18. The Norwegian Aircraft Dreamliner flight has changing light colors

One of the most novel and unique experiences aboard Norwegian Airlines' Dreamliner craft flights is the ambient interior lighting. Experts recommend that changing the hues of the light between mauves and light lilac colors has a soothing effect upon passengers, so this is a standard part of the lighting and it's not reserved just for premium passengers. It's there for everyone of all ticket levels. It's a type of mood lighting that passengers, in general, find to be delightful.

19. LowFare Passengers may need to pack snacks

It's important that anyone planning to purchase a LowFare ticket is aware that you will not receive a complimentary meal aboard the flight unless you order it from the menu options and pay for it yourself. Airline food from all carriers throughout the world is expensive. If you plan on eating an airline meal during your flight on LowFare, bring enough money along, to pay for it. The same is true of beverages because these are not provided free of charge either.

20. Expect to receive top-notch service

Norwegian Airlines staff have earned the reputation for providing the very best possible service within the policies and restrictions that exist. Multiple reviews reveal that each attendant is friendly and helpful and they're there to do their best to make your flight as pleasant as possible. This is said with one caveat. They're extremely stingy with water. It isn't that they don't have it on board, but flight after flight has proven that they avoid offering water to passengers for reasons that are unknown.

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