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A Closer Look at the Orient Kamasu Driver Watch Line

Orient Kamasu

Orient Kamasu is one of Orient's most recent diving watch models, designed to replace the company's extremely successful Ray and Mako lines. It comes at a price that puts it on par with the venerable Seiko SKX timepieces, and it has a lot to offer. According to The Watch Company, Orient has a reputation for producing high-quality divers at a low price. In reality, the brand is still one of the most popular among beginner dives. Collectors and enthusiasts alike frequently recommend first-time watch collectors the brand and its extensive array of sports watches. The Orient Mako has become the company's signature timepiece. However, a brand-new model has flooded the forums with a slew of inquiries. The Orient Kamasu drew a large crowd's attention when it was first revealed. The Kamasu has worked hard to prove its worth since its inception as the Orient Mako III. So, how does the Kamasuap differ from other apps? Let us have a closer look at this kind of watch and learn more.


The dial of any diving watch is the focus point. Kamasu has one of the most dynamic dials we have come across on a dive watch; the Kamasu's color spectrum is absolutely stunning. It is available in a variety of colors. However, the dial can have a modest gradient that creates the dynamism indicated before. The bezel and dial will be subdued and muted at night or during cold months like winter, whilst the gradient will be brighter during the day or hot months like summer. When you look at your Orient Kamasu, depending on the version you are wearing, you will notice a unique shade of blue, black, red, green, or anywhere within that sliding spectrum. Allow the dial's surrounding components, such as the indices, the hands, and the attached logo, to draw your attention away from it. It is challenging because the sunburst dial's refraction of light is incredibly beautiful. At first, the red tip may appear out of place on the second hand, but it complements the red on the date wheel and the shield section of the Orient design on Sundays.

The bezel

The Kamasu also includes a one hundred and twenty-click unidirectional bezel with deeply grooved grooves that rotates easily and effectively. The bezel has a small amount of play, but it is not noticeable and serves to prevent time understatement. The bezel action offers a nice click when interacting with it. We value the tactile feedback it provides because knowing how much time is being recorded is critical information.

A Bracelet with a Completely Brushed Finish

I like that you went with a completely brushed bracelet. The watch designer used standard split pins to size this oyster design with hollow end links. The clasp has a safety fold-over and a two-push deployment, although the bracelet of the Kamasu watch contains a metal clasp that is pressed. I feel it to be more firm when closed. To assist you in obtaining the right fit, the watch has four positions for adjustment. The clasp is embossed with the Orient logo.

  • A Sapphire Crystal with a Well-Proportioned Case
  • 13mm in thickness
  • 22mm Lug Width
  • 47mm Lug to Lug,
  • Flat sapphire crystal

According to Two Brokers Watch Nobs, the case of the watch is remarkably identical to the Ray II model of Orient. This inexpensive diving watch comes in a crowd-pleasing size that will look well on the user’s wrists. The finishing of the case is not very sophisticated. It is neatly done, with a blend of brushed and polished top and sides surfaces. A modest downward slope runs through the lugs. The coin edge of the bezel makes it a little tough to hold. The extremely smooth and steady one hundred and twenty-click bezel makes it extremely simple to spin. Aluminum is used for the bezel. The one significant criticism about the Kamasu’s case is the narrow crown, which makes it challenging to screw when combined with the crown protectors (most people use a cloth or shirt for added grip). The sapphire crystal is flat, and it is here that Seiko's superiority shines through. At this price, no Seiko diver comes with a sapphire crystal.


The manufacturers of this watch used the F6922 caliber automatic in the Kamasu, with much-desired hacking and hand winding functionality. The existence of this feature is greatly welcomed, even if the screw-down crown, which doesn’t thread properly while mainspring winding, is not a very exciting event. It is nice to prepare the mainspring in the morning and be aware that the watch will function properly. When the mainspring relaxes in some watches, you will have to shake the watch for activation. Those who value precision will appreciate that the F6922 allows you to sync your Kamasu manually to the second. We do not keep thorough spreadsheets of a timepiece's accuracy, although we are glad to see Kamasu caters to this demographic. The watch’s quickset date function is also more durable compared to different watches in this price range. We never had any difficulty cycling through the dates and days, and we never felt like the automatic caliber was being strained.

The shortcomings of Orient Kamasu

The first thing Orient Kamasu users notice about the watch is its weight. When you first put it on your wrist, the watch does not feel like carrying a cinder block. However, it is noticeably heavier for a dive watch with a stamped clasp and hollow end links. According to Open Water Hq, the caseback and the movement are likely to blame. For those with larger wrists, the extra heft may not be a concern. A smaller person, who has to have the watch for over nine hours while working, may find it too heavy. Having learned about the Orient Kamasu, you can make the right decision of whether these types of watches are suitable for you or not.

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