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A Closer Look at The Orient Star Heritage Gothic RE-AW0006S

Orient Star Gothic

The Orient Star Heritage Gothic RE-AW0006S is made by the Orient brand, which is loosely owned by Seiko watches, but the manufacturer functions under different management. They're established in the world of watch collectors as a company that produces timepieces that represent some of the best values in the mechanical watch sphere of the industry. The Orient Star Heritage Gothic sits at the high end of the Orient Star line and is deserving of a closer look. Here are 10 interesting facts about the watch that you might find intriguing.

1. Ownership of the Orient brand is complicated

We begin by the owner of the Orient brand that may come as a surprise to many who are not familiar with its history. Although the technical ownership rests with the parent company, the Seiko Group, the primary technology company that is also a part of the Seiko family is Epson. This is the controlling company that is in charge of the Orient brand. The parts used in Orient watches are not the same as those used in Seiko watches and the differentiation is important to note.

2. Quality and affordability are high priorities

Orient watches are equipped with movements that are created in-house. The brand maintains control over not only the quality but also the cost to deliver a fair and equitable ration on the market today. Through the years, Orient has discovered new technologies, methods, and materials that have helped them resolve many of the previous disparities that occurred with the quality to cost ratio for Orient timepieces. What this means to the consumer is that the quality has improved for a lower cost in many cases.

3. It's based on a vintage timepiece

The Heritage Gothic takes its inspiration by watch models that it produced around 65 years ago. They Gothic points to a revival of some elements of the vintage watches with a new modern take that maintains the retro-vintage appeal. It has an old school dial that offers a white background with blue-coated Arabic numeral hour markers. The hands are fashioned in an attractive leaf style in a matching color. The addition of silver-toned hue to the otherwise white dial presents a highly legible classic looking dress watch, also suitable for everyday wear or the office.

4. Case specifications

The Orient Star Heritage Gothic features a case that is made of polished stainless steel with a mirrored finish. The diameter of the case is a petite 38.7 mm with a depth of 12.4 mm and a lug to lug distance of just 46 mm. It fits comfortably on the wrist.

5. The steel bracelet matches the case

The Orient Star Heritage Gothic features a bracelet to affix it to the wrist. It's made of matching stainless steel material, which gives it durability yet keeps the cost lower than some more high-end metals. The design is a combination of brushed links with some interior links that feature a polished finished to offer a nice sense of depth and texture.

6. The Orient Star Classic Heritage Gothic is a tribute watch

This modern iteration recently released is a tribute to the original Orient Star model that was first released in the early 1950s, hence the term "Heritage." It pays homage to the rich heritage of the first watch that kicked off the fascination and decades of admiring collectors of the design. This was an important era in the creativity and stylistic development of the Orient watch manufacturer.

7. Subtle updates result in a meeting of yesteryear and modern innovations in horology

The Heritage Gothic maintains a wide gothic font that was seen in the 1951 version of the watch, but it's been refined with a more defined and rounded case that gives it a modern vibe. Nostalgia and authenticity are the moods created in the dressy version of the watch that avoids overt formality. The new design is an emerging trend for modern watch collectors.

8. The movement is in-house

Orient designed and created an accurate and precise movement that powers the Orient Heritage Gothic. It is a masterpiece in a self-winding automatic style that features a 50-hour power reserve, with 24 jewels. It beats at a vibration of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The mechanical movement is a caliber F6G42 Japanese.

9. It has an exhibition case back

The case back is an exhibition type, made of sapphire crystal material. It reveals the inner mechanical workings of the movement beneath. This makes the watch nearly as interesting when flipped over as it in when viewing it from the front. The face of the watch is protected with a double curved sapphire crystal. Legibility is high thanks to a double coating of anti-reflective treatment that cuts the glare and gives you an excellent view in bright lighting conditions. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

10. The Orient Star Heritage Gothic RE-AW0006S is affordably priced.

After reviewing some of the finer points of the Orient Star Heritage Gothic RE-AW0006S, we see that the manufacturer took measures to ensure that the quality of materials and workmanship met with their standards of excellence. The use of stainless steel rather than platinum or white gold was used to keep the collectible timepiece that melds a nostalgic mood and salute to its predecessor from 70 years ago with more modern aesthetics to present a classic and timeless style in a dress watch that is destined to be a classic in the years to come. With care taken to ensure a clean and clear face with the extra bonus of a special case back, that lets you see the brilliance of the timekeeping movement beneath, it is still offered at an excellent value to quality ratio. The Orient Star Heritage Gothic is available from Orient for the low cost of just $800. The brand has not yet disclosed how many examples of this special edition will be made available so we're assuming that it is not a limited edition.

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