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How Ozzy Osbourne Achieved a Net Worth of $220 Million

For those who have lost track of the former Black Sabbath band member, Ozzy Osbourne turned 70 years old. Though he shows no signs of completely calling it quits, he has decided to slow things down, going on his final tour in 2018. As his career comes to an end, it is time for him to take stock of his singing and songwriting talents to see just where they have led him. Though it is difficult to assemble exact figure of Osbourne’s financial well-being, most sources generally agree it is in the area of $220 million.

He began his career as the lead singer of Black Sabbath, a group that would define heavy metal music for more than a generation. The influence of the group has been so international Osbourne is often called The Godfather of Heavy Metal. That title would bring him even more money once he decided to slow down the number of concerts he scheduled and took advantage of the new technology and the wave of social media.

Net Worth$220 Million
NameJohn Michael Osbourne
BornAston, Birmingham
Birth DateDecember 3, 1948
Source of WealthSinger, Song Writer, Actor, Artist, Reality Television Personality

But with over 50 years of success as one of the world’s leading entertainment artists, that $220 million figure seems more than a bit low. Keep in mind it is not a value of what Osbourne has made, but what he has left over in cash and other assets from the millions he has made.

What is actually closer to the truth is that his net worth should be at least double what it is worth given his incredible success. His early success led him to spend considerable amounts of money on drugs and alcohol, with the result of the Black Sabbath band members kicking him out of the group in 1979. While Osbourne is not first or the only rock star to delve into drugs and alcohol, it always costs a tremendous amount to keep up the habit. This issue would also cost him more later on in life.

What is known is that he made more than $150 million from record sales of 100 million singles and albums between 1968 and 2014. That span of 46 years would generate the largest share of his net worth and income, though he still would be an in-demand entertainer for another 4 or 5 years. It should be noted that he would reunite with his original band, Black Sabbath, in 2012 as a form of personal and professional healing and a strong push from his fans to let go of the past.

Before social media there was MTV, and Ozzy took advantage of the opportunity to market his brand on cable TV. He took his brand and family to cable TV in the form of a reality show titled “The Osbournes.” Financially it started off rather slow, with MTV giving Ozzy just $20,000 per episode for Season One. Once MTV discovered Ozzy’s draw and hidden potential, the price per episode increasing to $5 million for the next four seasons. That per episode money was given to each family member, making every member of the Osbourne family an instant millionaire. Ozzy would get in the area of $50 million a year.

But as is common with rock star excesses, Ozzy would slide back into a life of drugs, alcohol, and a generally irresponsible lifestyle. His $10 million Los Angeles home ended up being sold and his marriage to wife Sharon, who has an equal net worth value, was in serious jeopardy after Ozzy was caught in a public affair. He admitted to needing to get back into rehab, and as of this writing things seemed to have settled down personally and financially.

As for his final tour, here is a thumbnail of some of his South American concerts and their financial data:

Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil – Allianz Parque

  • May 13th
  • Gross Sales: $1,822,800
  • Attendance: 33,081
  • Highest Ticket Price: $293.09

Venue: Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena

  • May 8th
  • Gross Sales: $934,886
  • Attendance: 13,632
  • Highest Ticket Price: $128.04

Venue: Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Estadio do Mineirao

  • May 18th
  • Gross Sales: $690,346
  • Attendance: 15,735
  • Highest Ticket Price: $195.27

Venue: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Obras Sanitarias

  • May 11th
  • Gross Sales: $686,897
  • Attendance: 8,177
  • Highest Ticket Price: $110.21

Venue: Curitiba, Brazil – Pedreira Paulo Leminski

  • Date: May 16th
  • Gross Sales: $544,868
  • Attendance: 11,240
  • Highest Ticket Price: $210.74

Venue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Jeunesse Arena

  • Date: May 20th
  • Gross Sales: $445,511
  • Attendance: 8,905
  • Highest Ticket Price: $224.67

The end question in all this is with his children financially settled in varying degrees, what is the actual value of Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth? He does have some real estate, but with his career and life slowing down significantly, he doesn’t stand to make significantly more money. He has not shown the inclination to invest or grow his wealth, so the best we can expect is that he stays away from his addiction problems and enjoy the remaining years of his life – and fortune.

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