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Why You Should Follow Patek Philippe on Instagram

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the most highly revered luxury watchmaking companies in the world. Watch enthusiasts are familiar with the prestige of the name, which is not even closely related to snobbery. It's about understanding the true value of a watch that is made with the highest quality in materials. It's also because of the innovations delivered by the design teams who craft some of the most complicated timepieces that the world has seen. It's also about style and quality. Patek Philippe watches are expensive, but there are very good reasons for the high prices. The brand has recently established an Instagram account for the pleasure of loyal patrons and fans of their products. Here are the reasons why you should follow Patek Philippe on Instagram.

It's been a long-time coming

According to ISL Venue, the Patek Philippe Instagram webpage is an official site and not a knock off that was developed by ardent fans. The Patek Philippe company established the page. Multitudes of enthusiasts who adore Patek Philippe watches have waited for this moment to arrive and it finally has. It's been an anticipated moment that has finally arrived.

Patek Philippe has entered into the digital marketing era

Digital marketing of the brand has been sketchy, to say the least in the past several decades. While there have been plenty of vendors offering their versions of the brand, it has been difficult to know which are genuine Patek Philippe watches and which are copies. There are so many fakes out there that it almost takes an expert to tell some of them apart. Although their presence on Instagram is a strategy that goes against the traditions of the watchmaker, it has become a necessity for the perilous times for retailers that we are now living in.

The content is real and not contrived

Although you won't find daily posts that are updated with new and exciting news about the brand, the content will be solid and factual. Patek Philippe is not about the business of conjuring up content just to draw a crowd on social media. Instead, their strategy includes delivering a feel that is aired consistently on the 18th of every month. They're calling it a rendezvous at 18?39 Geneva Time. It's been disclosed that Patek Philippe plans to provide a series of episodes each month that highlight the craft of watchmaking along with some of their products. It has further been rumored that the brand plans to share stories from their unique business that will be enlightening.

The feed won't send spam to your inbox

Following Patek Philippe's Instagram won't result in tons of unwanted solicitations. The once-monthly schedule that the brand plans to follow will feature a single post that deals with an aspect of the brand. It's going to be safe to follow them on Instagram because they're not going to bombard the page with frequent updates about things that really don't matter to serious watch enthusiasts.

26,000 people can't be wrong

USA reports that within the first 24 hours of making their first post on Instagram, thousands of visitors were drawn to the site. The page had amassed a total following of 26,000 interested parties who added the feed to their list of pages followed. If you haven't yet checked out their page, but you're a Patek Philippe fan, you might want to give it the once over. There has to be some good reason for so many to add them to their lists of favorite sites.

You can learn about the latest watches from the brand

Patek Philippe posted a spread that encompassed 12 pages to debut a new watch that was just released. The ladies' self-winding travel watch is a first for the brand. It's reference 7234R to be more precise. The detailed pictures give you the first look at the new timepiece with complete descriptions of its brown sunburst dial, the 324 S C FUS movement that is crafted with a 22k gold rotor, the 47.5 mm rose gold case, and the fact that it is complicated with displays of two time zones with indications for day and night. It displays local and home time.

The intention of the page is worthy registered the Instagram page with a purpose in mind. Their main goal is to share information as well as content with those who value the brand, its artistry, and to appeal to those who may wish to become customers in the future. They aim to show photographs and provide detailed information about each timepiece that is highlighted on the page. The time of the monthly feed that is planned honors the founders of the company because the year that the company was officially established was 1839.

You can learn about forthcoming new models

When you follow Patek Philippe on their official Instagram page you will have access to the latest models complete with photographs and detailed information about the timepieces. You can gain information that will make you somewhat of an expert on the brand and the various new models. The information can help you to avoid getting taken in by fake watches sold by criminals who have counterfeited them and then offer them for sale as though they were genuine.

Final thoughts

There are several good reasons why you may wish to follow Patek Philippe on Instagram. If you're a fan of the brand or if you're just curious, you can learn a lot about the company, its mission, and the watches that it offers for sale. The site will not only be enjoyable with photos and detailed information on new models, it will also be educational. Patek Philippe has finally leaped into the digital age and it plans to deliver the information that wristwatch enthusiasts want the most.

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