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20 Things You Didn't Know about Perfeggt


Most entrepreneurs dream of coming up with that one idea that sets them apart from everybody else. For many, that dream remains somewhat elusive but for a few, things eventually start to come to fruition. Such is the case with European company Perfeggt, a food tech startup that has only recently come on the scene. They certainly know the meaning of hard work, there is no doubt about that. The best part about it is that they're starting to see the fruits of their labor. If you want to know more about the company, here are 20 things about them that will certainly make you curious. Who knows, it might even make you decide that it's time to try something new for your next meal.

1. They’re based in Berlin

Like many other startups that have been successful recently, this particular company is based in Europe. In this particular case, they're based in Berlin. Eventually, the goal is for them to hopefully become a global entity. For now, they are settling for transforming things rather slowly, conquering one step at a time. That said, it certainly doesn't mean that they don't have what it takes to succeed as they move forward. In fact, they've been moving at a pace that has surprised a number of individuals, largely because it simply takes longer for businesses to succeed than it has taken them thus far.

2. They’ve only been doing business a short time

Speaking of not being in business for very long, it's interesting to note that they only started business officially earlier this year. As a matter of fact, they've only been in business a few months. Whale they've been at it for a number of months, it's surprising to think that they've been able to make as much progress as they have with regards to product research and development, along with generating capital for their future endeavors. One thing is certain, they have done a great deal of research before they ever started business and they knew exactly what they needed to do and how to accomplish it before they went asking for help with funding. That's precisely why so many companies have taken note of them, with a number of them choosing to invest. Those involved have been able to demonstrate that they know exactly what they're doing and how to further their success from day one. That's something that a lot of companies don't manage to figure out the entire time they're in business.

3. The company was founded by three friends

Just three people are responsible for the founding of this company. Those individuals include Tanja Bogumil, Bernd Becker and Gary Lin. Bogumil is the company’s CEO, while Becker serves as their CPO. It might be hard to believe that just three people could be responsible for so much early success, but that is indeed the case. It proves that when people are passionate about something and they are able to couple that passion with genuine knowledge, there is virtually no limit to the types of things they can achieve, nor is there some invisible time table that says that they can't achieve these things until they've been in business for a predetermined amount of time.

4. Their first product is like nothing else available

It would definitely be fair to say that their first product, which has been developed entirely by the individuals responsible for this company, is like nothing else that has ever been available before. In fact, it is a plant-based egg replacement that can be cooked just like a traditional egg and is said to taste like one as well. There are many advantages to eating a product like this. First and foremost, these plant-based products are healthier than traditional eggs. Second, it's a good idea to incorporate as many plant-based items as possible into one's diet because these types of products are far more sustainable than traditionally farmed products. As a result, they're better for the planet and they're more sustainable, something that will be touched on later on.

5. They claim that this product is a healthy alternative to traditional food

As previously mentioned, this is a product that is a healthier alternative to traditional eggs. Eggs provide a great deal of protein in a person's diet, yet they're not always the healthiest option. That's because eggs are also high in cholesterol and depending on how they're cooked, they can also be high in additional fat content and sodium. Something that tastes like an actual egg but provides additional health benefits is a good option for anyone who's watching their diet, who is trying to eat healthier or who is on a special diet because of specific health concerns. It's especially important for those individuals who are trying to keep cholesterol and blood pressure under control as well as those who are eating a heart-healthy diet for other reasons.

6. They also know the value of convenience

Make no mistake about it, the company also understands how important it is to make their products convenient to use. Without this level of convenience, people wouldn't buy the products in the first place. Therefore, it's imperative that any type of product that is both healthier for individuals and for the environment also be at least as convenient to use as the product it’s replacing. Otherwise, there is no point in developing the product in the first place because it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to use it. That's something that the individuals responsible for this company figured out early on.

7. It didn't take long for them to get the attention of others in the industry

Despite the fact that they've only been in business for a very short amount of time, they have gotten the attention of many scientific experts in the agribusiness industry, not to mention major agribusiness companies that want to back them financially. That's largely because they have put in the work that's required to get their product underway. They also strive to make sure that they've chosen something that works well and chosen an area where there is a market for the product itself. These things don't go unnoticed by other experts in the industry and it has them taking note.

8. They feel like they are sitting on a proverbial gold mine

The individuals responsible for the company do indeed feel like they're setting on a gold mine because up until now, literally no one in the industry has tapped this particular niche in the market. Sure, there are a few companies that have egg replacements available for sale, but it's nowhere near the same product as you are seeing here. In fact, the products that have been on the market for years are not plant-based. Quite the opposite is true. Those products are developed as a derivative of eggs themselves or they are synthetic products developed in a lab.

9. They believe in creating products that are sustainable

As previously mentioned, the company wants to create products that are sustainable for the environment. While their goal is to create products that work well for individuals and that are healthy, they also recognize that it's becoming more and more difficult to sustainably farm products in the traditional sense. As such, it's becoming more and more necessary to find new ways to ensure the world's food supply and this is one of the most effective ways of accomplishing that goal.

10. They also know that their products have to taste good to work

The company is also well aware that they have to develop products that taste good or no one is going to purchase them anyway. As a result, they make an active effort to ensure that everything they produce is something that appeals to the taste buds of those individuals who have an opportunity to purchase the products.

11. They just raised a lot of money for their endeavors

They also know that no matter how good a particular product is, it won't do any good if a company can’t secure funding in order to produce it. As a result, they have just secured $2.8 million for this product development alone, as well as using some of that money to further develop other products in the future.

12. They haven’t officially launched their product yet

While the product development is very much on track, they haven't officially launched the product to the public yet. It will come early next year. Initially, they plan to release the product to individuals in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. They will release the product to other European countries later on.

13. Their product is made from a rather familiar source

It might surprise you to know that the main source used for their product is something that a lot of movie lovers will almost instantly recognize, especially if they just happen to be fans of one of the darker characters in cinema, Hannibal Lecter. That's right, their product is made from fava beans. It might be hard to wrap your head around the idea of using fava beans in order to create a plant-based egg replacement product, but that's precisely what they've done. The thing is, it's almost impossible to tell the difference unless someone tells you ahead of time.

14. They’ve already partnered with restaurants and other institutes in the area

In order to ensure the relative success of their product release early next year, they already have partnerships in place with a number of restaurants and other major institutions throughout Europe. As a result, they will be rolling out their product there first and then making it available on a wider scale after the fact. If you want to be able to purchase the product in a shop for personal use, you might have to wait a while, but there's no reason to think that you won't eventually be able to do exactly that.

15. They worked tirelessly to get the texture right

In addition to understanding that things have to taste good in order for people to use them, they also realized early on that if the texture was even a little bit different from that of an actual egg, people would notice the difference and refuse to eat it. As a result, they spent quite a long time developing the product and then tweaking it in order to make sure that it not only has the same taste as an egg, but also the same texture.

16. The founders used their background in a similar industry to launch this company

The company might be new, but that doesn't mean that the people responsible for its development don't have any experience in this industry. In fact, just one of the co-founders, Becker, has more than 25 years worth of experience in a similar industry. More specifically, they have a wealth of experience in the health food and alternative food industry, making them uniquely poised to succeed with this particular company.

17. They want to hire more people in the near future

They might be achieving great things, but they are few in number. As a result, they plan to hire additional people in the future.This will allow them to distribute the workload more evenly and also tackle other projects that they're interested in doing in the future.

18. They also have ideas for new products that haven’t been developed yet

As you might have guessed, they have a lot of ideas for products that haven't hit the shelves yet. In some cases, the ideas that they have will require a great deal of product development, something that they are looking forward to being able to work on in much greater detail.

19. Their product is perfect for vegans

It isn't just people who are trying to eat a more health-conscious diet who are interested in consuming this product. In fact, most people consider the product developed by the company to be almost perfect for vegans. That's because it provides the same nutrition as a traditional egg without involving any animal protein whatsoever.

20. They hope to spearhead a change in culture

The company is hoping to spearhead a change in the way people think about food culture around the world. By creating something that is both healthier and more sustainable, they are hoping to eventually change the way the general public eats so that less stress is put on both the environment and on the health of individuals as a direct result of diet.

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