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The 10 Best Places to Stay in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Vacation Homes

Lake Havasu is a dream location for many Arizona residents and tourists. It’s basically the most fantastic oasis in the midst of the desert, and it’s both a welcome sight and a retreat. Many travelers visit Lake Havasu each year for the experience—the waterfront activities, the restaurants, the simple city life, and the incredible people. Lake Havasu offers plenty of accommodations for all different types of travelers, and you’ll definitely find a place to stay here that will check the boxes for your wants and needs. If you’re planning a visit to Lake Havasu soon, check out the 10 best places you can stay at in the area.

Hampton Inn Lake Havasu

1. Hampton Inn Lake Havasu City

For a 3-star hotel, Hampton Inn definitely does an incredible job of making visitors feel like 5-star guests. Being that Hampton Inn is a Hilton brand, the standards here are just higher compared to other hotels in its range. Hampton Inn Lake Havasu City has everything you could ever need in a hotel—swimming facilities, hotel bar, hot breakfast included, free Wi-Fi, and so forth. The fact that it’s incredibly affordable is just the icing on the cake.

Nautical Beachfront Resort

2. The Nautical Beachfront Resort

This resort is probably one of the favorites among the locals, and it has become a favorite for many repeat Lake Havasu travelers as well. There aren’t many resorts in the area, and the Nautical Beachfront Resort certainly makes up for the lack. This resort is an incredible family vacation destination, wedding venue, corporate event location, and many more. The in-house restaurants are amazing, and that includes the famous Turtle Grille. If you’re too spent to venture out for something to do, the Nautical Beachfront Resort offers all the Lake Havasu activities right in their backyard.

Travelodge Lake Havasu

3. Travelodge by Wyndham Lake Havasu

Sometimes all you need is a place to lay your head. If you’re the kind of traveler that’s basically out exploring all day long, the Travelodge might be a better option for you. The Wyndham brand is well known for their incredibly affordable yet clean accommodations. The rooms and suites here have enough space for you just sprawl out after a long day. There’s also a dining option here, where guests can get free breakfasts for the duration of their stays.

London Bridge Resort

4. London Bridge Resort

One of Lake Havasu’s most popular attractions is the London Bridge. It’s only fitting that there’s a resort named after the historical location, and fortunately, the London Bridge Resort is a worthwhile find. It’s the actual oasis in the desert, and it offers not only amazing amenities but also amazing views. Every suite here has a kitchenette for those looking at a longer stay and wanting some home-cooked dishes. The London Bridge Resort also has the best pool. The waterslide alone is something that the kids will enjoy, but there’s also plenty of fun for the adults.

Heat Hotel

5. Heat Hotel

Although it may not be one of the more popular hotel chains, Heat Hotel stands in line with the rest of the hotels on this list. First off, its waterfront setting is what most guests want while in Lake Havasu. Guests at the Heat Hotel actually have direct access to the Bridgewater Channel. Each room has a private balcony that can be thoroughly enjoyed day or night. You’d also appreciate the contemporary furnishing of the hotel, which gives it a more modern look.

Quality Inn and Suites lake Havasu

6. Quality Inn & Suites

Over the years, the Quality Inn & Suites have ramped up their customer service and amenities in order to stay in competition with larger hotel brands—and they’ve certainly done well. Many travelers still prefer to book Quality Inn because of their low prices. It’s no different with the Quality Inn & Suites in Lake Havasu. If you’re looking for simple and clean accommodations, this hotel certainly has you covered.

Holiday Inn and Suites

7. Holiday Inn Express & Suites – London Bridge

Modern and chic Holiday Inn Express and Suites – London Bridge probably has one of the best locations for a stay in the Lake Havasu area. The ambience here will make you feel right at home. You need not pack any extras either because the hotel will provide you with the basic necessities such as toiletries and the like. This hotel also features amenities that most hotel guests need such a fitness center, swimming pool, and a business center. There’s even an onsite restaurant here.

Hidden Palms

8. Hidden Palms Resort & Condominiums

If you prefer the home-style kind of accommodation, Lake Havasu has an option for you with the Hidden Palms Resort & Condominiums. You’ll be staying at your home away from home here. With the rooms at Hidden Palms, you’ll get access to a full kitchen, a full living area, bedrooms, and more. You also won’t need to bring any cooking essentials because Hidden Palms will have you covered.

Lake Havasu Vacation Homes

9. Vacation home rentals

As a general option, you can also find many vacation homes being rented out by private owners via Airbnb and Vrbo. These sites offer plenty of accommodation options for all sorts of groups—no matter what size. You can find single-detached homes and apartments to suit your needs. If you need a three-bedroom location, you’ll likely find the best one through a vacation home rental.

Days Inn Lake Havasu

10. Days Inn by Wyndham Lake Havasu

Here’s another Wyndham property in the area that’s worth checking out. The Days Inn by Wyndham in Lake Havasu offers pet-friendly accommodations right within the city center. From this hotel, you’ll have plenty of dining options. But you need not worry if you’re running late for breakfast; the Days Inn offers complementary breakfast for all its guests. This is certainly one of the best 2-star accommodations you could spend your money on without compromising on quality.

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