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The 21 Richest Neighborhoods in America


When the topic of the lifestyles of the rich and famous comes up, what is the first thing that enters your mind? Aside from the array of expensive toys and all the luxuries money can buy, you probably also think about the richest neighborhoods in America and whether you live anywhere near them.

The wealthiest neighborhoods in America are quite diverse. After all, there's a lot of ground to cover here. America stretches from the eastern shores dancing along the Atlantic to the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific to the west, and its many cities cater to all sorts of lifestyles, regardless of class level.

However, among the wealthiest citizens in America, most of them tend to live in communities far beyond the average homeowner's price range that only the richest of the rich can afford. The richest neighborhoods in the US are truly rare places to live.

In almost every case, these communities are either gated or heavily guarded to keep the neighborhood safe. Often, these communities have many celebrities, prominent businessmen, and politicians. It's not exactly the kind of place your high school football coach lives!

So here's a look at the richest neighborhoods in America, including a few important facts about them. We calculated the average median earning per household and rounded it up to find the richest neighborhoods in US. Anything less than the $311,000 USD per year mark and odds are you're not living here.

Our Methodology

When creating our lists, we always do a lot of research to ensure you get the most accurate and relevant data for your needs. Our team spends time examining multiple resources and carefully figuring out salary information for each of the cities on our list. In this way, you can know for sure that you have the most accurate information possible. During this research process, we:

  1. Look at our past articles to gauge their accuracy 
  2. Research new numbers for each city based on updated data
  3. Rearrange the previous article to make it more accurate 
  4. Add updated earnings information and data for each entry
  5. Continually change our articles every year to keep them accurate

The 21 Richest Neighborhoods in America

Anyone who reads our previous list might be surprised at America's wealthiest neighborhoods. We used several sources this year to find info to create well-researched articles. That should make this list fascinating for anyone interested in the richest neighborhoods in the US.

21. Kentfield, California – $311,015

Kentfield is a small town located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It’s known for excellent public schools and a strong economy, as well as a relaxing style of living. Crime is low here because the area is populated by high-earning celebrities and business people who simply want a relaxing home. 

The climate here is particularly nice due to the warming influence of the ocean. While snow is possible, it mostly stays warm in this northern city. That makes it a great place to raise your children, particularly if they’re interested in cozy and comfortable living.

20. Darien, Connecticut – $350,000

Darien, located in Fairfax County, Connecticut, is just under forty miles north of New York City, but it feels like a world of its own with the array of parks, beaches, and private clubs it has all to itself. It’s a great place to raise children, with high-ranking schools and plenty of fun activities.

For at least a million American dollars, one could buy a home here, and the average median per household is $350,000 USD. This community houses just over 20,000 residents, including a long and impressive list of celebrities, notable businessmen, and politicians.

It’s not a very diverse community, unfortunately, with 88% of the population being of Caucasian descent. There is a small Asian and Hispanic community here that, combined, makes up just under 10% of the city. Keep that in mind if you plan on moving here.

19. Winnetka, Illinois – $350,000

Located in Cook County, Illinois, Winnetka has residents here who average $350,000 USD annually. Actors such as Chris O'Donnell call this place home, and this is the city that has an impressive collection of some of America's best architecture. 

There are about 12,000 people who call Winnetka their home. This was also where the movie Home Alone was filmed by John Hughes. The city does have a bit of an unemployment problem at the moment, though the earnings here do remain quite high. 

Housing is also quite high: prices top a median of $1.3 million. Well, there’s a reason for that: this is one of the richest neighborhoods in America! It’s not the kind of place you decide to rent a home for a few months but a place rich people settle in for good.

18. Glencoe, Illinois – $360,000

On average, the folks living in Glencoe, which is a north shore suburb of Chicago, Illinois, make an annual income of $360,000 USD. This is where the Chicago Botanic Garden is located and where John Hughes shot scenes for the 1980s box office hits Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Sixteen Candles.

There are about 9,000 residents here and an impressive collection of notable businessmen, celebrities, novelists, and politicians. Violent and property crimes are well below the national average, making it a particularly safe place to live if you have the money. 

School ratings are uniformly excellent here, as well, and the economy is strong and vibrant. If you have the money to relocate here, it’s not a bad idea. Just note that you’ll be spending good money on a home, but if you can even think about living here, you can likely afford it.

17. Rancho Santa Fe, California – $360,000

On average, the residents have a median income of at least $360,000 USD as this swanky neighborhood in San Diego sits along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, near the border of Mexico. The city itself houses over one million people, while the neighborhood of Rancho Sante Fe holds about 3,000 of the city's wealthiest members of its population.

The majority of these residents are big-name athletes. Over the years, though, celebrities such as Bill Murray and the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, have lived here. As you might expect, houses are expensive here and cost upwards of $3.6 million on the median. Yowza!

Perhaps followers of tabloid articles may be aware of the story shared by the New York Post, where the newly divorced Gates turned his luxury mansion into what the locals apparently considered a nuisance. Regardless of that, it’s still a nice place to live with crime below the national level.

16. Highland Park, Texas – $365,000 USD

If you want to buy a home in Highland Park, Dallas, Texas, be prepared to fork out at least two million dollars. Dallas is home to over one million people and is one of the most populated cities in America. Highland Park is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America and Dallas. 

In this city, there are about 9,000 people here, and the average household income is over $365,000 USD. Among the current and former residents of this neighborhood are Bill Clemens, Governor of Texas. Perhaps that’s why the area’s education is so highly funded.

Furthermore, it's also home to world-class athletes from the National Football League and the Major Baseball League. As a result, it’s a very heavily policed area to protect these celebrities, which means its crime levels are well below the national average.

15. Las Vegas, Nevada – $372,000

On average, a resident living in Las Vegas (and especially the Hills of Summerlin neighborhood of Corta Bella) is making good money. There’s an annual income of $372,000 in this area. This gated community has houses no less than 2,000 square feet in size.

Over the years, people as diverse as O.J. Simpson, a number of professional athletes, politicians, and even the infamous magicians David Copperfield and Penn Jillette have lived here. It makes sense because Las Vegas is often a huge draw to performers like magicians.

Interestingly, Vegas itself has surprisingly inexpensive (for the area) housing of about $384,000. As for Hills of Summerlin, don’t expect to find homes that are as cheap there. After all, you can’t pay under half a million to live that close to celebrities.

14. Short Hills, New Jersey – $380,000

On average, a citizen living in the neighborhood of Short Hills makes $380,000 USD per year. The vast majority of the people who live here have at least a bachelor's degree, so they can afford to live in the most expensive neighborhood in the state of New Jersey, even if unemployment is high

As an unincorporated neighborhood, Short Hills belongs to Millburn Township, which is in Essex County, New Jersey. The population of Short Hills is about 13,000 people. That gives this city a very safe and comfortable crime rate that’s minuscule compared to the nation’s averages.

In order to buy a house here, one needs to invest at least $1.7 million these days. In addition to most of the residents being top executives for a corporation of some kind, there are also a number of world-class athletes, fashion designers, and entertainers who live here.

13. Windmill Ranch Estates, Weston, Florida - $380,000

With a median income of nearly $380,000 USD per household, Windmill Ranch Estates in Weston is one of those places most people only dream of living. In order to buy a home in Windmill Ranch Estates, you will need at least a million dollars. Easton itself has a median house cost of $633,000.

Weston is just west of Fort Lauderdale and has a population of just under 70,000 people. Many professional athletes, entertainers, and even politicians live in this pricy neck of the woods. Thankfully, crime rates are low here, meaning it’s worth the extra money to settle here.

Like most of the richest neighborhoods in US, this city has a strong economy, with a projected job growth of 34.66%. The schools here, and there are many, uniformly rank high. As a result, it’s a great place to relocate if you’re serious about your children’s education.

12. Beverly Hills, California - $400,000

Beverly Hills has been designated as the ultimate example of luxury living in movies and television. The reality matches the fantasy, as the median income in Beverly Hills is just under the $400,000 USD mark and still remains one of the favorite neighborhoods for celebrities living in the Los Angeles area. 

This neighborhood's Rodeo Drive is world-renowned for its designer shops, as is the Golden Triangle. There are over 32,000 people who can afford to live here, but don't let those numbers fool you. It is not cheap to buy a home here, nor to even live here. Expect to shell out $3.5 million minimally to live here.

Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry call this place their home, and most of them certainly know how to live up to the rich and famous lifestyle that used to be a television show once upon a time. The only bad thing? The crime rate here is pretty bad, especially property rates.

11. Brookville, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York - $400,000

Ever since the founding of America itself as a nation, New York City has been the hotbed of activity that was clearly destined for greatness. Does it come as any surprise one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the U.S.A. just happens to be near the city that never sleeps?

With an average household income of $400,000 per year, the real estate in Long Island's most expensive neighborhood clearly suggests nothing comes cheap. Expect to pay at least $2.2 million to live in this city, with a housing rate that is likely to only increase with time.

In spite of that high cost of living, Brookville is considered a quiet community with its collection of upscale businesses and designer shopping malls. Although Oyster Bay is considered to have its own township, it's still just a stone's throw away from New York City. Thankfully, crime is pretty low here!

Maybe in Brookville, one can get some sleep compared to city living, but it will certainly cost you to do so. There are nearly 3,500 people who call the neighborhood of Brookville their home. People calling this neighborhood their home include a number of top-ranking politicians and dignitaries. 

That’s likely why education is so heavily invested in, with the area spending $33,598 per student (well above the average of $12,383). How are the jobs here? There’s about average unemployment and job growth, which are positive, with a 20.64% rate compared to the national 30.54% rate.

10. Southampton, Hamptons, New York - $400,000

Southampton has a median income of at least $400,000 per household, so don’t even consider trying to move here if you don’t make that much cash. You’ll have to pay at least $1.1 million for your home, which honestly isn’t bad compared to some of the areas we’ve listed so far. 

That said, with a reputation for its beauty between the beaches and high-end boutiques, even just vacationing in Southampton fetches a monthly rental fee that makes it one of the richest neighborhoods in America. As you might expect, there are lots of celebrities here. 

For example, Michael J. Fox is one of many high-profile neighbors who call Southampton home. Like other wealthiest neighborhoods in America, you can expect a long list of artists, athletes, and politicians here, particularly those who have moved out of the other richest neighborhoods in the US.

Thankfully, the area has strong healthcare statistics, with an above-average physician per capita rate and slightly below-average health costs. The water isn’t the best, but it is at least above the national average, which is a major plus!

9. Burr Ridge Club, Illinois - $425,000 USD

Located in the Chicago area in Burr Bridge, Burr Ridge Club has an average median salary of $425,000. Located just west of the big city, this is one of America's most beautiful communities. Crime is surprisingly low considering the proximity to Chicago, which is a great benefit.

After all, the majority of its residents prefer a quiet yet luxurious lifestyle. That kind of life doesn't come cheap. The city of Chicago has over 3.1 million residents and is the third-most populous city in the nation. In Burr Ridge, there are about eleven thousand citizens, including Bo Jackson and Jennifer Hudson.

What are some other benefits of living here? How about solid schools with mostly high rankings? What about a strong economy with decent unemployment rates? Most people move here because of the low crime, but these advantages are worth considering, too.

8. Los Altos Hills, San Jose, California - $425,000

In this cozy neighborhood, the average house goes for about $5 million, and the average median per household is over the $425,000 USD mark. The co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, is one of the neighbors who call this place home, as well as several top-ranking employees of Apple.

This is also one of the strictest residential communities as it does not allow retail outlets of any kind here. In spite of that limitation, unemployment here is below the national average, which means that those who do live here likely work in higher-earning careers and jobs

Note that this is a luxurious neighborhood of approximately 8,000 residents, so there’s a big expectation of peace and quiet. They’re a little spoiled and enjoy private horseback rides at its Westwind Community Barn. Their children also enjoy some of the best education around.

7. Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Colorado - $430,000

The population of Cherry Hills Village is about 6,000 people, which gives it a small and friendly atmosphere. Crime is well below the national average, which is a big part of the city’s appeal. Though the unemployment rate is slightly high, that’s due to many retirement-age people living here. 

In order to buy a house here, expect to fork out about $2.7 million. This is also the home of two major PGA Championships, as well as a number of athletes who have settled in the region.

With the scenery of mountains and so much more, Colorado is one of the most scenic states in America. Cherry Hills Village has access to some of the most beautiful areas in the state and respected schools that make it a great place to raise your little ones.

6. Hillsborough, California - $430,000

South of San Francisco, California, San Mateo County's Hillsborough has an impressive layout of mansions, and the real estate in this neighborhood doesn't come cheap. Think that you got about $4.9 million to spend on a home here? If so, you may enjoy the very low crime statistics here. 

On average, each household earns about $430,000 USD annually. Some of the most impressive architectural designs can be found here, with the 11,000 residents paying good cash for these designs. Thankfully, the schools are uniformly excellent in this area, with very high rankings overall. 

Notable residents who currently or recently called Hillsborough their home include a long list of professional athletes such as Greg Maddux, as well as notable businessmen such as LinkedIn's CEO Ryan Roslansky. The unemployment rate here is also lower than the national average.

5. Scarsdale, New York City, New York - $450,000

Located in Westchester County of New York City, this is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. The average median per household is over $450,000 USD. Housing is not as high as you’d think among the richest neighborhoods in America: $1.7 million. High enough!

Here, you will find an impressive list of celebrities who have either lived here or currently do, such as Rob Reiner and Susan Lucci, as well as prominent businessmen, lawyers, and politicians. They likely love the great educational opportunities for their children, especially the private schools.

Furthermore, crime is low here, as you often find in the richest neighborhoods in US. We think that’s only fair because when you spend over one million to buy a home, you should at least be moving into an area that’s safe. Scarsdale is very safe and offers the benefits of living in NYC as well.

4. Everglades Club, Florida - $470,000

On average, the household income among the residents of the Everglades Club is almost $470,000 USD. That makes sense: after all, it is one of the most prominent social clubs in America, if not the world. Located in Palm Beach, it started as a hospital for wounded World War I vets. 

From there, it quickly became one of the hottest real estate spots after the war was over. Granted, this is called a club, but it belongs to Palm Beach, which is not just Florida's most prominent community but serves as the home for some of the wealthiest Americans on the planet. 

There are about 9,000 residents here. According to Wikipedia, Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart are among the financial elite that live here, just to name a few. Though stats on things like education and jobs are hard to find, we can use Palm Beach’s numbers as a good example. 

For example, houses in Palm Beach cost a median of $1.8 million. Expect much higher costs in Everglades Club. Furthermore, the crime rate in Palm Beach is below average and is likely even lower in Everglades Club due to its very restricted nature. It’s hard to even visit this neighborhood.

3. The Golden Triangle, Greenwich, Connecticut - $510,000

From Greenwich, Connecticut, The Golden Triangle has earned its name as one of America's wealthiest neighborhoods. The average household income is over $510,000 USD, and it has the most amount of hedge fund managers and financiers in the nation.

In some cases, there are arguments its residents are even wealthier than the men and women living in Billionaires' Row. The long and impressive list of notable names that call Greenwich and its Golden Triangle home also includes former presidents of the United States. 

Furthermore, it also features a flurry of big-name actors such as Mel Gibson and Adam Sandler. Greenwich itself has a population roster of over sixty thousand residents, and the Golden Triangle just happens to be a big part of it. Just how do its stats compare to the rest of the nation?

Using Greenwich statistics, we find that crime in this area is well below the national average. Unemployment is a shade under the national average, as well. There are nearly 300 physicians per 100,000 people, which is great, though healthcare costs are above average.

2. West Menlo Park, Atherton Town, California - $525.000

Atherton Town's West Menlo Park has residents who average about $525,000 USD per household. The huge majority of its citizens hold at least a bachelor's degree and many of them come from Stanford University, which is located nearby. Naturally, education is excellent here!

This community has about 4,000 residents, including notable current and past residents such as Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks and Google's founding investor, Ram Shriram. According to Niche, the median value of a home here is worth over $2 million dollars. It's truly one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America.

It's also a reasonably diverse city with nearly a 25% Asian community and 63% Caucasian population. There's also a strong Hispanic and mixed-race population, which creates a unique and enjoyably diverse option among the richest neighborhoods in US.

1. Tribeca, New York City, New York - $879,000

According to Business Insider, Tribeca has the most expensive zip code in the country. Located in New York City's Lower Manhattan, Tribeca houses some of the richest residents not just in America but in the world. Median house prices here are over $1 million and likely higher in this stricter community.

The old-style homes in this urbanized neighborhood of Manhattan Island's splendor are a stark contrast to Billionaires' Row. Both of these locations have the most expensive real estate in the market, where a penthouse costing over $10 million dollars to buy is now considered common. 

The residents of Tribeca have an average annual income of $879,000. There are over 17,000 people who live in this area, including Jessica Biel, Billy Crystal, Kelly Ripa, and Taylor Swift. It's truly one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Note that Manhattan's crime rates are a bit high.

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