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The 10 Richest NFL Franchises

Dallas Cowboys

With the NFL and AFL merger in 1960, the National Football League, which had been founded in 1920, grew from twelve to twenty-six clubs. While ratings and advertising support were shaky initially, the show has since become a rating powerhouse, bringing in millions of viewers each game night.

Along with broadcast partnerships, other major revenue generators include licensing agreements, merchandise sales, and event ticket sales. Today, there are 32 teams in the league, and together they bring in billions of dollars every year. Market size, club revenue, on-field success, and other elements contribute to a team's overall worth. For example, the Denver Broncos (2022), the Carolina Panthers (2018), and the Buffalo Bills (2014) have all recently been sold for NFL record prices.

10. Philadelphia Eagles- $4.9 Billion

Starting as the Frankford Yellowjackets in 1931, the team was purchased by Lud Wray and Bert Bell for $2,500 in the middle of the season and renamed the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Bleacher Report, the club has been to the Super Bowl thrice in 1948, 1949, and 1960. Although Jeffrey Lurie spent $200 million to acquire the Eagles in 1994, the current market value of the franchise is in the billions. The Eagles play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field, and their headquarters may be found in the NovaCare Complex in Philadelphia.

Jeffrey Lurrie still owns the team, and their Head Coach is Nick Sirianni. Although this squad and the New York Giants have a heated rivalry, they still press on to get better in their games. ESPN calls it "one of the strongest and most recognizable rivals inside the American football community," while Sports Illustrated puts it as the NFL's fourth-best rivalry. The NFL Network ranks it as the top rivalry of all time.

9. Las Vegas Raiders- $5.1 Billion

The franchise, which has its roots in Oakland, California, was founded in 1960 and made its NFL debut in 1970 under the name "Oakland Raiders." The Raiders are now based in Alameda, California, but play their home games in Sin City. They have been successful since 1963, when they first joined the NFL, by winning 12 divisions titles for NFL, 1 AFL Championship in 1967, 4 AFC Championships in 1976, 1980, 1983, and 2002, and 3 Super Bowl Championships (1976, 1980 and 2002. The Las Vegas Raiders are often referred to as "The World's Team, "The Men in Black, and "Team of the Decades " which is intriguing.

TicketIQ reports that the secondary market average price for Raiders games is $691, the highest of any NFL team. That's $15 more than the following three clubs (division foe Denver Broncos, $540), the New England Patriots, $521, and the Green Bay Packers, $517). Many NFL fans outside of the Las Vegas area go to see the Raiders play at Allegiant Stadium; therefore, ticket resale is a bustling business. Mark Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, estimates that 50-55% of the team's season ticket holders come from the Vegas region, with the other 12-15% coming from different parts of California and the country.

8. San Francisco 49ers- $5.2 Billion

The 49ers have been around since 1944 and play their home games in the San Francisco Bay Area. They compete as part of the National Football Conference (NFC) West in the National Football League (NFL). Among the most dominant franchises in NFL history, the 49ers have received five Super Bowls Championships (1982, 1985, 1989, 1990, and 1995), seven Conference titles, and twenty Division titles. Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. bought the 49ers in 1997 for $13 million; today, the team is valued at $5.2 billion. Denise DeBartolo York is the club's owner, John Lynch is in charge of operations, and Kyle Shanahan is the head coach.

Fox Sports Mexico and the 49ers have a multiyear agreement for the coverage of preseason games. Fox Sports Mexico will air pre-and post-game shows and other unique programming throughout the season opener on top of the preseason broadcasts.

7. New York Jets- $5.4 Billion

Established in 1959, the New York Jets debuted in professional football the following season in 1960. According to The Richest, the team's home stadium is New Jersey's MetLife Stadium. The Jets won numerous trophies between 1968 and 2002, including the Super Bowl, the AFL title, and four division titles in 1968, 1969, 1998, and 2002. Woody and Christopher Johnson own the Jets, and Joe Douglas and Adam Gase are in charge of operations. These owners are Robert Wood Johnson I's great-grandsons, who founded the large firm Johnson & Johnson.

The 2004 New York Jets had the most delicate season opening ever for the franchise, going undefeated in their first five games. The 2000 New York Jets had the second-best start to a season, going undefeated in their first four games. The 3-0 begins with the 2009 New York Jets, and the 1966 New York Jets were the third greatest for the franchise.

6. Washington Commanders- $5.6 Billion

A Boston-based team, the Redskins, relocated to the nation's capital in 1937. The team rebranded to the Washington Commanders in 2021 after receiving complaints about its name and emblem from Native American groups. The Washington Commander, originally the Washington Football Team, is listed as the fifth wealthiest NFL franchise. Since it was founded in 1932, the club has participated in the league. The Commanders are one of a select few NFL teams with 600 victories and have played in over 1000 games.

Daniel Snyder is the team's owner, spent $800 million to purchase the team in 1999, and he is still the current owner of the franchise, while Ron Rivera is the head coach. The Commanders have been successful throughout their existence, accumulating two NFL titles, three Super Bowl victories, five Conference triumphs, and fifteen Division crowns. Washington Commanders Team is currently worth an estimated $5.6 Billion.

5. Chicago Bears- $5.8 Billion

Chicago Bears are an American football team that changed its name from the Decatur Stanleys in 1922. According to this site, the club was founded in 1920 and is still one of just two that have endured since the league's inception. George Hales founded and owned the Bears before passing ownership of the team to his daughter. The Chicago Bears have called Halas Fall, Lake Forest, Illinois, home for a long time. Soldier Field in Chicago is where the Bears play every home game. In the years before 1970, the team won a record nine NFL titles, and they've added a Super Bowl to their collection since then. In addition, they have won four Conference crowns and 19 Division titles.

This one has the most players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame among NFL franchises. Not only do the Bears have the best winning percentage and number of retired jerseys, but no other organization comes close. Virginia Halas McCaskey is the current owner of this successful NFL club with a net worth of $5.8 billion, thanks to the team's 1986 Super Bowl victory.

4. New York Giants- $6 Billion

Tim Mara initially purchased the Giants in 1925 for the low price of $500, and the Mara family has remained a significant stakeholder in the franchise ever since. Bob Tisch's son now controls half of the Giants thanks to his purchase of those shares in 1991. According to Sports Encyclopedia, the New York Giants were one of several clubs to join the National Football League in 1925; today, they are the only ones still active. They play at MetLife Stadium, their home field, the same stadium where the New York Jets play. The New York Jets, four-time Super Bowl winners, have won 11 conference crowns and 16 Division titles. In addition, they had four NFL victories before the AFL and NFL merged in 1970.

In August, the Giants and NBC 4 New York agreed to deepen their cooperation. Preseason Giants games will remain on NBC. In addition, the first season of NBC's "All-Access: Giants Training Camp" will air, providing viewers with never-before-seen highlights, features, and mic'd-up pieces from the 2022 training camp. With individual interviews focusing on players' interests and pastimes, fans will understand their favorite players' personalities.

3. Los Angeles Rams- $6.2 Billion

The club's headquarters are in Agoura Hills, California, established in 1936. Stan Kroenke owns the team, while Les Snead serves as general manager and Sean McVay as head coach. This franchise plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) West division of the NFL and has three Super Bowl victories. Prior to 1970, the Rams won two NFL crowns, eight Conference titles, and eighteen Division titles. No other team has ever represented three different cities and won three consecutive league titles. And they're among the few NFL teams to make it to the playoffs 30 times.

The Los Angeles Rams recently had a fantastic season in which they won the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history and the first time since moving back to Los Angeles. As a result, the Rams are worth $6.2 billion in 2021, placing them fourth on Forbes' ranking of the most valuable NFL teams. According to Wealthy Gorilla, the Rams have been one of the most successful clubs in sports in recent years, with their worth increasing each year since 2017.

2. New England Patriots- $6.4 Billion

The New England Patriots were founded in 1959, and the following year they began to play. Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots for $172 million in 1994. Under his leadership, the team won six NFL Championships. The New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls than any other team in the last twenty years. Numerous Super Bowl records belong to the franchise, including most appearances and victories (6, tied with the Steelers). The team has other additional accolades like the 22 Division titles and The 11 Conference Championships.

All the Patriots' home games occur at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where the team is based. It is still among the most consistently successful teams and is the second-most valuable club, with a value of $6.4billion. After relocating to Foxborough, the team's original name—the Boston Patriots—was changed.

In May 2022, Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, signed a multiyear naming rights arrangement with Globalization Partners, who are Boston Based. This is in preparation for the 2023 season, where Gillette Stadium will debut its new north end, including the Globalization Partners Atrium. The Atrium's 50 000 square feet of event space will be available all year, providing more space for fans.

1. Dallas Cowboys- $8 Billion

The Dallas Cowboys are the wealthiest franchise in the NFL by a wide margin. The club's administrative offices are in Frisco, Texas, and since 2009, their home games have been played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. This American football club hails from the greater Dallas–Fort Worth area of Texas. They kicked off their inaugural season that same year (1960) they were founded. Jerry Jones serves as the team's owner and general manager, and Mike McCarthy is the team's head coach.

To date, it has five Super Bowl titles and eight conference titles. Their eight appearances in the Super Bowl are tied for second-most all-time, and five of their victories were in the last decade. Jerry Jones paid H.R. Bright $140 million to acquire the franchise in 1989. According to Pro Football Network, the Dallas Cowboys broke the record for the highest valuation of a sports franchise when they hit $8 billion. The team has an operating income of $466 million and $297million that they use on player expenses. Many are the people who root for the Cowboys more than any other sports team in the country. Their regular season and postseason home and away games have set a record for the longest streak of consecutive sellouts (190).

In April 2022, the Cowboys became the inaugural NFL team to enter the cryptocurrency market when was named the team's sole digital asset partner. The agreement includes club areas within AT&T Stadium, prominent bowl signage, rights to social/digital integrations, and considerable airtime on television, radio, and digital platforms. Additionally, fans can view Dallas Cowboys information and their Wallet more rapidly, thanks to the relationship.

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