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The 10 Best Selling NFL Jerseys

Tom Brady

Football fans show their love of the sport and proof of their favorite teams by wearing a Jersey that advertises the colors and the name. NFLPA reports growing sales in licensed merchandise. Sports jerseys led the sales with an estimated $2.17 billion in sales. We hope you enjoy our reckoning of the ten top-selling NFL Jerseys of all-time that shows which teams are the most beloved.

10. Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow

CBS Sports ranks the Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow Jersey as the tenth best selling Jersey for 2022. Burrow returned from a challenging season a year after his recovery from ACL surgery. His time off only spurred him to compete at a higher level of professionalism in the sport. Joe took his share of sacks with stats showing 51 takedowns, but he emerged as a leader in the NFL with over "30 plus yard touchdown passes" for the 2021 season, besting Tom Brady's stat by seven. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and fans show their pride by wearing his number nine Jersey.

9. Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes

The Mahomes Jersey is the CBS pick for ninth the most popular since 2020 when he signed a mammoth $450 million contract to play for the KC Chiefs. Mahomes' number 15 jersey is a best seller because of fans' pride in his achievements as a top-notch QB on a team with no more than four game losses in the regular season, taking number one in the AFC West since Mahomes joined the team. His MVP player achieved the distinction at age 25 and kept NFL KC Chiefs fans at the edges of their seats.

8. Los Angeles Chargers Justin Herbert

LA Chargers QB Justin Herbert amassed a cult following of fans who proudly wear his #10 jersey. Herbert has many years ahead, barring any disabling injuries. Justin achieved record-setting stats in his first two seasons. He made more than 30 touchdown passes in each season with the most completions at 839, 69 passing touchdowns, and 9,350 passing yards. He's a dynamic powerhouse, and we love seeing him in action on the field.

7. Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp

Sports Naught confirms that Cooper Kupp jerseys started selling off the chart after his win of a Lombardi Trophy and his recognition as Super Bowl MVP. He made the news for weeks earning a solid reputation as "one of the most popular skill position players in football." His 2021 season was impressive, delighting fans and creating a frenzy of jersey sales to show their support of his accomplishments.

6. New England Patriots Mac Jones

Mac Jones is one of the few rookies to make the grade on top-selling jerseys. The recognition is well-deserved for his contributions to Patriot success with a 22 touchdown season, 13 interceptions, and six consecutive wins after Jones joined the team. He came to New England from Alabama where he spent his first professional year with exceptional performance. He infused new life into the team and created a stir among fans who responded with increased purchases of jerseys and other licensed merchandise to show their appreciation.

5. Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz

In 2017, Carson Wentz Jerseys led the pack in sales for NFL licensed merchandise. The Eagles went to the Super Bowl that year, but an injury kept him out of the game. Wentz led a strong campaign as one of the leading quarterbacks in the NFL that year. He left North Dakota State as the number two overall player and accepted the QB job for the Eagles, throwing 23 touchdowns for an 8-1 season, achieving the "best record in the league" for the season.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers Kenny Pickett

The Kenney Pickett jersey was among the top five jerseys in sales. The phenomenon occurred after the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger. Fans had high hopes for picket, who led their offensive team. Pickett keeps his focus on the goal while noting peripheral threats and evading them to throw for a touchdown. It's his signature MO, combined with his arm strength and powerful passes. He's a quick thinker with exceptional compensation skills to get his body into the best alignment for the pass, even when time does not allow it, he knows how to posture for the best outcomes in any given situation. Passing is an art and he's exceptional in his talent as a QB with steely resolve and laser focus on accomplishing the goal.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers TJ Watt

Si ranks the Steelers' TJ Watt jersey among the best-sellers of all time. Watt emerged as one of the "best players in the NFL." Jersey sales are high because of his popularity. The powerful edge defender has a familial history of athletes, and he's carrying the family reputation forward with his powerful defense techniques. He's accused of a "nasty football demeanor," but it's one of the traits that makes him popular with Steelers fans. He's one of the best edge defenders in pro football.

2. Cincinnati Bengals Ja'Marr Chase

Ja'Marr Chase is dubbed the "best CB WR of all time," and jersey sales reflect that sentiment. He took three of the Bengal Franchise's records and made them his own in most receiving yards in a game, in the season for a rookie, and the most of any player. He did what he said he would do on draft night and fans appreciate his commitment. Chase nailed 11 caught passes with three touchdowns in the game against the KC Chiefs. He's a high performer with exceptional body control and speed, driving fans to licensed merchandise sites to show their admiration.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady

Tom Brady jerseys have the record for highest selling of all time. Licensed merchandise tallies rose, driven by his popularity. Brady is one of the NFL's most celebrated and beloved QBs. His jersey maintained top sales for five years. Brady is a legend, and sales are likely to remain high. This is because of his legacy of making strong comebacks and his commitment to advancing the team.

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