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the 10 Richest OSRS Players in the World


Old School Runescape is a multiplayer online role-playing game that has become insanely popular. OSRS was first released in February of 2013 and has amassed a huge following of fans and players. The developers have continued to make improvements to the engine that have brought in more players throughout the years. The fan base has even exceeded the RuneScape universe with its release of mobile versions for iOS and Android making it even more accessible. Gold farming has been a controversial issue as real-world income is possible. Many Venezuelan players found a way to earn about $.50 for every million in-game gold coins they collected. Have you ever wondered who is the richest player for OSRS? We were interested in knowing and have learned that some have earned some significant bankrolls. Here are the top 10 richest OSRS players in the world today.

10. Verb - 700 million GP

According to YouTube, the tenth richest player in Old School Rune Scape is a player that goes by Verb. The death screen for this player showed that there has $600 million in his looting bag with 100 million on his body. He amassed an Arcane Spirits Shield and a ton of ancestral pieces that took his value up high. He also had 600 restores before getting killed on the game. According to the known statistics for this player, the GP value he amassed was at a minimum of 700 million, but we believe that this is a conservative estimate. Still, we'll go along with the recommendations that his ultimate value was under a billion and place Verb as the tenth richest OSRS player of all time.

9. Not Mark - 1 billion GP

Before his death, Not Mark was one of the richest players in Ultimate Ironman Old School Rune Scape. He acquired the Twisted Bow fairly early in the game which put his value up to $1 billion. Before his death on the game, he was one of the richest with a value of 420 million alone in gear and herbs which no doubt took a long time to amass. Not Mark was one of the richest UIM players with tons of rare PBM items.

8. UIM Troll - 1 billion GP

One of the first players in Ultimate Ironman Old School Rune Scape to get a Twisted Bow was UIM Troll. This automatically raised his worth to 1 billion. He achieved this goal early in the game and continued to add to his wealth. Although the exact figure is unknown at this time, it still secures sixth place among the richest OSRC players of all time.

7. No Bank Wicked - 1.4 billion

Although there isn't a lot of information shared about this player, No Bank Wicked is an Old School Rune Scape Player that has made some significant achievements. The estimated net worth in GP is somewhere between 1.4 to 1.5 billion. This is enough to secure the fifth-place ranking in our list of the top ten richest.5.

6. Mega and Ampheros - 6.2 billion GP

The total estimated profit for Mega and Ampheros is 6.2 billion GP, placing the player in the position of being the third richest player of all time. The list goes on and on with massive stacks of stamina and items with 1.8 billion in PVM drops alone. Unfortunately, shots of Mega and Ampheros death screen show a massive loss but this is a remarkable accomplishment in the game.

5. UIM Panda - 6.4 billion

UIM Panda had a looting bag worth $800 million GP, with the Alligian Spirit Shield, an occult necklace, God's words, etc. worth about $820 million. $6.4 billion in profit for kills and other resources. This is the third richest player of all time for Old School Rune Scape.

4. Ultimate Low - 7.2 billion GP

The second richest known Old School Rune Scape player is Ultimate Low. He is one of the richest players in Ultimate Ironman. His arsenal includes a Twisted bow that was achieved fairly early in the game. The number of items he has accumulated is simply insane. He's one of the only players to have completed the Nightmare of Atchihama, with the Nightmare Staff Inquisitors helmet, and a Harmonize Orb that is worth 2 billion on its own. The figure may be higher, but for posterity's sake, this player's Item retrieval service is the basis for figuring his worth which is placed at 7.2 billion GP.

3. @Jacky100 - Billion daily

According to Sythe, the closest we can figure is that this player is the third richest player in the OSRS universe. Forum members point out that his daily flips in OSRS are around 100 billion or more. He may be a contender to take the lead soon.

2. Sparc Mac - 150 billion GP

According to Reddit, Sparc Mac has an incredible bankroll of 150 billion. This puts the player second only to @Matt 123, for being the richest OSRS player of all time.

1. @Matt 123 - 1.5 Trillion

One of the richest players in OSRS of all time is @Matt 123. According to Sythe, this player has amassed around 1.5 trillion in-game at his last showing. This is hands-down the richest player in Old School Rune Scape. A few highlights include 24 party hats valued at 70 billion apiece n his RS3, over 100 Twisted bows and Scythes, triple-digit green platinum tokens, and more. The forum went on to describe a lot of different transactions that this player conducted including many real-life situations where he financed an apartment in Berlin for another player who was a stranger. He commented that he is so rich that he is past the point of caring about a few bucks here and there. This player has a reputation for being a nice guy to work with and the transactions are reported to always go smoothly.

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