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The 20 Safest Places to Live in Kentucky


If you live in Kentucky already, then you’ll already be well aware that when it comes to crime, the Bluegrass State is doing pretty well for itself. Compared to many other states, Kentucky has low levels of both property and violent crime, with the result that only 40% of Kentucky residents report feeling highly concerned about their safety on a daily basis (at least according to those surveyed by Safewise, in any case). But as with all states, some places are safer than others. So, where exactly should you be heading for safe streets and law-abiding neighbors? Which places have peace of mind and security tied into the property prices? Find out as we take you on a whistle-stop tour of the 20 safest places to live in Kentucky.

Hurstbourne Acres

20. Hurstbourne Acres

Hurstbourne Acres is a suburb of Louisville with a tiny population of around 1,891. Despite its relative affordability (the average single-family home will cost you just a smidgeon over the national average at $196,900), it has the kind of perks you’d expect of a place with a much bigger price tag…. including a reassuringly low crime rate. Last year, there were zero reports of violent offenses. The property crime rate is a little higher, but very far short of the kind that will give you nightmares. The number of burglaries per 100,000 residents is just 52.4 (compared to an average of 500.1), thefts are happening at a rate of 733.4 per 100k (compared to an average of 2,042.8), while your chances of having your car stolen here is just 104.8 in 100,000.


19. Northfield

If you want to enjoy the perks of living next to a major city without experiencing any of the pitfalls, you might want to cast your eyes in the direction of Northfield. Property prices may be high at $369,200 for a family home, but it's nicely countered by one of the lowest crime rates in the wider Louisville area.


18. Columbia

With a population of just 4,927, you wouldn’t exactly expect the little city of Columbia to be a hotbed of crime. And it isn’t. The tiny community prides itself on family values, friendly people, and involved leadership… none of which are exactly conducive to drive-by shootings and break-ins. The crime rate has been tailing off for the last few years and currently sits at 0.4 per 1000 for violent crime (down from 0.8 the previous year) and 2.6 per 1000 for violent crime (down from 3.4 the previous year).


17. Elizabethtown

Elizabethtown has earned the distinction of being named one of Only in Your State’s safest places to live in Kentucky. It’s not hard to see why. Despite its fairly sizeable population of 30,000, only 35 crimes were reported last year, making it one very hot destination for people who want to combine the attractions of the city with the peace of mind of small-town living.


16. Edgewood

In Edgewood, your chances of becoming the victim of a property crime are 698 in 100,000. While that might seem pretty high at first glance, it quickly changes when you consider your overall chance of becoming a victim in Kentucky (a state that’s already low in crime compared to most other US states) is over triple that at 1,963 in 100,000. And violent crime? Even better. In Kentucky, your chance of becoming a victim of assault, rape, robbery, or murder is 212 in 100,000. Your chance in Edgewood? A comparatively tiny 69 in 100,000. No wonder it’s such a popular destination for the safety-conscious.

Taylor Mill

15. Taylor Mill

Taylor Mill might be small, but no one’s going to deny its mighty. Named after a local mill built by James Taylor during the late eighteenth century, the community is small, charming, family-friendly, and almost completely free of crime. Whether it’s the fear of violent crime or property crime that keeps you tossing and turning at night, you can settle down easily in this little town knowing your chances of becoming a victim are next to none.

Highland Heights

14. Highland Heights

In the past year, Highland Heights has experienced only 2 violent offenses. That’s two over the course of an entire year, a statistic that many other communities envy, but very few can emulate. Property crime is a little higher at 928 offenses per 100,000k residents, but all in all, it’s still an eminently safe place to live, and one that’s more than worthy of inclusion on our round-up.


13. Madisonville

A strong law enforcement presence isn’t always indicative of a low crime rate, but it certainly helps. Take Madisonville as an example. Despite the relatively small population of 18959, law enforcement per 1000 residents is a hefty 3.06. And clearly, it’s paying off. Based on the current statistics, Madisonville is one of the safest cities in Kentucky, with a crime rate per 1000 residents of just 12.98. Break that down further, and you’re looking at a violent crime rate of 1.95 per 1000K and a property crime rate of 11.02 per 1000k. Not bad going, by anyone’s reckoning.


12. Erlanger

Erlanger has a population of 22993. Not the biggest of cities, then, but certainly a big enough one for you to expect at least some problems with crime. But not so. According to the latest stats, there’ve been only 208 crimes in total over the past year, putting the violent crime rate at 0.96 and the property crime rate at 8.09. If you want to sleep safely in your bed at night, this may well be the place to give you sweet dreams.

Central City

11. Central City

No one could accuse Central City of being big. Set along the Green River, this little piece of central Kentucky has almost as many swamps, hills, and bluffs as it does people. As you’d expect of such a pastoral wonderland, outdoor opportunities abound… so much so, in fact, locals are clearly too busy hiking, fishing, and swimming to get up to any high jinx. Thanks to the strong performance of the Central City Police Department (not to mention the very civically minded Neighborhood Watch program), crime in Central City just doesn’t happen… or at least, if it does, it’s not getting reported. As per the latest stats, the number of violent crimes per 1000 is just 0.5, while the number of property crimes per 1000 is a slightly higher (but nonetheless still impressive) 14.44.

Fort Mitchell

10. Fort Mitchell

When it comes to crime stats, Fort Mitchell gets an A+ all the way. Property crime is lower than in 69% of other US cities, while the violent crime rate is even better. Make Fort Mitchell your next home, and your chances of falling victim to an assault, rape, murder, or robbery is a whopping 87% lower than it would be in most other parts of the US. Combining the two, your overall chance of becoming a victim of crime in this little slice of Kentucky is just 1 in 126.

Villa Hills

9. Villa Hills thinks a lot of Villa Hills. So much so, in fact, it nominated the city as the Bluegrass State’s safest. Home to a large proportion of retirees and families, it’s a safe, charming little place with a distinctly cozy feel. Per 100k residents, the violent crime rate is just 27 and the violent crime rate is just 549… no wonder Home Snacks likes it so much.

Indian Hills

8. Indian Hills

Fancy living in a small suburb of Louisville where the schools are fantastic, the wealth is astronomical ($184,375 for a median household wage is nothing to complain about), the amenities are bountiful, and the crime is so low as to be negligible? Then let me introduce you to Indian Hills, a small community of 2,965 residents that enjoys the very distinct privilege of being one of Kentucky’s safest havens.


7. Greenville

Sometimes (actually, most of the time), a low median income goes hand in hand with increased crime. Not so in Greenville, a place where households may only be drawing a median income of $27,415, but where the crime is low enough to warrant a position on’s list of the safest cities in Kentucky. The violent crime rate is a tiny 0.2, while property crime is a slightly higher (but still outstanding) 4.5. Can’t ask for much better than that.


6. Union

No one wants to have their car broken into, but it’s the thought of violent crime that really makes us lose sleep at night. If you want to minimize your chances of becoming the victim of an assault, a robbery, or something even worse, you’d do worse than to set your sights on Union. While property crime is a very respectable 71% lower than the national average, it’s in the area of violent crime that the town really excels, with only 69 reports per year compared to a state average of 212. Move here, and your chances of becoming the victim of a crime are just 1 in 142.


5. Lawrenceburg

Lawrenceburg is a charmingly quaint little community set in the very heart of Kentucky’s rolling hills. Despite its rural appeal, it’s set close enough to Louisville and Lexington to offer residents the chance to enjoy the thrills and spills of the big city as easily and often as they like… while still enjoying all the peace of mind and security that comes from living in such a small, family-orientated kind of place. As reports, there’ve been only 4 crimes in total reported in the past year, putting the crime score at a blissfully tiny 0,35. While Lawrenceburg’s residents might be happy enough to visit the big city on occasion, they’re clearly happy not to bring the crime stats home with them.


4. Independence

Independence is a medium-sized city of 28K residents in Kenton County. It also ranks as one of Kentucky’s safest places to live. As writes, the city reported only 23 violent crimes in 2018, resulting in the tiny crime rate of 0.82 offenses per 1,000. The property crime rate makes just as reassuring reading, coming in at just over one-quarter of the national average. Granted, there are safer places to live, but if you don’t want to spend your life in a bucolic backwater, you’ll find few cities quite so good.

Fort Thomas

3. Fort Thomas

If you want to live in a place where the crime rate is 82% less than the US national average, you might want to consider a move to Fort Thomas. According to the data collected by Area Vibes, the number of reported crimes per 100k residents is just 455, compared to an average of 2,175 per 100k. Even better (although admittedly not for the people who’ve had their cars stolen), most of those crimes consist of property crime: the violent crime rate is practically non-existent, with just 6 cases reported in the past year.


2. Flatwoods

As notes, Flatwoods doesn’t just have the distinction of being the hometown of Billy Rae Cyrus, it also has the honor of being one of Kentucky’s safest places to live. The violent crime rate sits at a tiny 0.27 offenses per 100k residents, while the property crime rate sits at 7.13 offenses per 100k residents. Combine the two, and you’re looking at a place that’s safer than 87% of US cities.


1. Anchorage

Niche ranks Anchorage as the number one place in Kentucky to raise a family. Part of the explanation can be found in the great school system, small-town charm, family-friendly vibe, and superb community spirit (and, of course, a job market that manages to support the stupendous median income of $180,833). But that’s not all. The crime rate ranks as one of the lowest in the state, with zero violent crimes reported in the past year and only a small handful of property crimes. Little wonder it’s such a hot destination for families.

Liz Flynn

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