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How Sherri Shepherd Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Sherri Shepherd is a leading American television personality, author, actress, and broadcaster famous for being a co-host of The View, a prominent daytime show, and several sitcoms and shows. Over the years, Sherri has made a name for herself in the American show business and earned a fortune. Many people wonder, what is Sherri Shepherd net worth? Sherri Shephard is worth $10 million. Read on to learn more about Sherri Shephard, from her early life to her successful career and how she made her millions.

Sherri Shephard Early Life

Sherri Shephard was born on 22nd April 1967 to LaVerne and Lawrence Shepherd in Chicago, Illinois. The dad was a restaurant manager and church deacon, while the mom cleaned homes. Shephard is the eldest of three sisters. While most details of Shephard’s early life are undisclosed, she went to school in Hoffman Estates High School and pursued a career in entertainment.

Sherri Shephard Career


Shephard’s thriving and varied career started in the 1990s as a legal secretary in Beverly Hills. In 1995, Shephard landed her first acting job in Cleghorne!, a sitcom television series on The WB. She quit her secretarial job to focus on acting, an ill-informed decision that would see her experiencing financial challenges.

After one season, Cleghorne was canceled, throwing Shepherd into financial trouble. In one of her interviews with a leading media house, Shephard recalls losing her apartment and car and being homeless for a year, spending nights on people’s couches.

Fortunately, Shephard overcame the storm and landed a role in The Jamie Foxx Show in 1996 as Sheila Yarborough. Later, she featured in numerous sitcoms, including Suddenly Susan, Everybody Loves Raymond, Less Than Perfect, and The War at Home.

Television Personality

Outside the world of sitcoms, Shephard has hosted and appeared on a number of television and game shows, including Rachael Ray, To Tell the Truth, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, NickMom Night Out, and Funny You Should Ask. Among her most awesome television shows was Best Ever Trivia Show, an American game show airing on the Game Show Network for 65 episodes.

In 2006, Shephard became a co-host in a daytime talk show, The View, featuring a multigenerational of women discussing hot and trendy topics in socio-politics and entertainment. The talk show also hosted and interviewed celebrities, politicians, and other prominent figures.

While Shephard was well-liked in the show, she sparked controversy for contentious remarks on religion and evolution. Shephard left the talk show in 2014, though she made a few appearances on the show as a guest host until 2016.

Is Sherri Shephard a Millionaire?

Sherri Shephard net worth is $10 million, with an annual salary of $1.5 million, making her a millionaire. She earns her fortune from humorous endeavors as well as her extensive media career. The Chicago native has featured in many productions, films, sitcoms, and talk shows, amassing a huge net worth. The most recent films are The Sex Life of College Girls, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Hysterical.

Shephard is also an author, and two of her famous books are Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break (2009) and Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (2013). Shephard is also a podcaster, motivational speaker, and social media influencer. Her years of dedication, hard work, and resilience have paid off with a huge bank account.

Throughout his extensive film and comedy career, Shephard has received numerous nominations and awards, adding to her net worth. In 2005, the outstanding actress was nominated for BET Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Less than Perfect.

Shepard won her first award in 2009 for The View talk show in the Daytime Emmy Awards and NAACP Image Awards. Other prestigious awards Shephard has won include the Black Reef Awards, Gracie Awards, and Braveheart Awards.

Does Sherri Shephard have assets? While Shephard does not disclose all her assets, she owns a house in Los Angeles and Chicago. Also, the exceptional actress has an exquisite car collection, including a Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and a Ford.

Is Sherri Shephard Married?

Currently, Shephard is unmarried. However, the notable celebrity was married twice, to Jeff Tarpley in 2001 and Lamar Sally in 2011. Shephard and Jeff had a son in 2005. In 2011, Shephard married Lamar Sally in Chicago but separated three years later in 2014. Shephard filed a divorce from Lamar due to infidelity and living a double life. After the split, the ex-couple welcomed a son, Lamar Jr, in August 2014 through surrogacy.

Sherri Shephard Controversy: Child Custody Battles

As mentioned above, Shephard’s two marriages culminated in a divorce, leaving two child custody battles. Firstly, Shephard had a child custody battle with her first ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley. The child, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley, had developmental delays because he was born premature and underweight.

Jeff accused Shephard of being a ‘horrible mother’ who was too focused on her career, leaving their son under the care of unskilled nannies. In retaliation, Shephard affirmed that Jeff was an absentee dad with no job. While Shephard won custody, she and Jeff revised their custody arrangements severally.

Secondly, Shephard had a surrogacy dispute with her second child with Lamar Sally, named LJ. LJ was born through surrogacy in August 2014 -after their divorce, with Lamar’s genetic makeup only. While Shephard was absent during LJ’s birth, her name was included in the baby’s birth certificate.

Shephard went to court challenging her parental rights. She wanted her name removed from LJ’s birth certificate and not to be held legally responsible for the child. However, in 2015, the court maintained that LJ was Shephard’s child, legally responsible for him, and ordered her to pay for child support.

Shephard’s legal issues raised concern and public attention. On the one hand, she was fighting to be the custodial parent of one child; on the other, she was forced to acknowledge and support the second child.

What is Sherry Shephard Doing Now?

Between October 2021 and June 2022, Shephard was a recurring guest host on the Wendy Williams Show following Wendy William’s absence from the program due to health issues. Currently, Shephard is hosting a new show, Sherri, which premiered on 12th September 2022 to take the Wendy Williams Show time slot. The US Sun reports that since Wendy is unavailable to continue her show, Shephard will take over with a new show for the best of the fans, stations, and advertising partners.

Sherri's show is doing well as a daytime show seeking to give daytime viewers a good time. Shephard appeals to her audience with a warm and relatable personality, and her show offers entertainment escapism with insightful celebrity interviews, informative experts, and moments of inspiration. She is ‘America’s favorite girl next door.’

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