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How Cris Collinsworth Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Cris Collinsworth is one of the most celebrated commentators and former footballers in the US. His biggest break was when he joined other celebrities in the Hall of Fame for playing around eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL). The former football player was also a Bengals receiver. As of 2022, sources revealed that he had a net worth of $20 million. The newly-turned football commentator has seen remarkable growth in his career, and his net worth justifies this revelation. Here is how Cris Collinsworth achieved a net worth of $25 million.

Collinsworth's early years

Born Anthony Cris Collinsworth on January 27th, 1959, the commentator had a smooth life throughout his childhood. Both his parents were in the education department. His father held the position of a superintendent, later on in Brevard County Schools. When Cris was four years old, his family moved to Melbourne, Florida. As a teenager, Cris joined Astronaut High School, where his dad was the principal. Besides performing exceptionally well in academics, Cris became an athlete. He joined various sports before narrowing his choice to football. According to Joe Biden's Bio, Cris's performance in sports earned him a spot in the All- American quarterback. That marked the beginning of his career as a professional footballer.

Collinsworth's salary as the Cincinnati Bengals' star wide receiver ($2.1 million)

Cris joined the University of Florida where he got a football scholarship. Known for his professional receiver professionalism, he held the longest touchdown pass against the Rice Owls. His coach, later on, promoted him to wide receiver, proving that his prowess was more of a calling than a privilege. Collinsworth entered the limelight when he joined the Bengals from 1981 to 1988. By 1985, sources revealed that he earned up to $2.1 million, making him the second-highest footballer. He signed a contract of four years, promising to play for the Bengals team. Before Bengals, he played captain for the Florida Gators for the University of Florida. It is not surprising that his talent made the university include him in the Florida Hall of Fame.

During his rookie season, Cris was named the main receiver, making him one of the most celebrated reception professionals. His primary role was to play in the Pro Bowl three times per season. Thanks to his height and speed, his coach and other professionals predicted he was in so much danger. To prevent him from hurting himself and his career, they named him to the Tampa Bay Bandits in 1985. Unfortunately, the directors had to cancel his contract since he failed the physical exam. Eventually, Cris knew his career with the Bengals was on eggshells, despite completing around 417 receptions for 6,700 yards. One thing he can swear by is that his touchdowns amount to 6,700 yards.

Collinsworth's salary at the NBC ($4 million per season)

After retiring from the NFL, Cris knew his role as a football mentor wasn't about to end. Being part of sportscasting was his way of reliving his dream. Consequently, he joined a radio show as a talk sports host. The radio show eventually transitioned to a television network, "Inside the NFL" for HBO. He had become part of the NBC network, where he was a reporter for NFL and college football. He also reported about sports like tennis. In 2014, the founder of Pro Football Focus (Neil Hornsby) approached Collinsworth offering him a vacant position to be a commentator, alongside a Northern Kentucky resident. The resident had worked as a broadcaster with NBC's "Sunday Night Football" for more than five years at the time. Because Collinsworth was clueless about the said Sunday night games, he checked the internet for information about the highlights.

His search led him to Pro Football Focus to confirm if their statistics matched the information he received from other websites. He found the ratings precise, prompting him to buy a subscription with them. After sending an email requesting to be part of the telecast, the founder called to confirm that he was qualified to join their team. According to Sporting News, Collinsworth earns $4 million per season at the NBC, as a football news commentator. In an interview with New York Post, Cris revealed that NBC might grant a four-year contract with him. If it goes through, he'll keep earning $4 million until 2025. Collinsworth's entrepreneurial spirits spearheaded his campaign to own Pro Football Focus, specializing in rating sports. His role as a sportscaster is also why he earns a salary of around $13 million. To jog your memory, Collinsworth was a student at the University of Florida, where he pursued a Master's degree in finance. His knowledge and skills have enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur. Currently, he's Pro Football Focus' digital distribution president. His daughter, Ashley, has also followed in his father's footsteps by being a track and field athlete. Collinsworth's other daughter is an employee at Golf Channel. On the other hand, his son, Jac, is a broadcaster at ESPN. Therefore, it's practical to conclude that his children have also followed in his footsteps by joining the showbiz business and sports world.

Collinsworth real estate business

Besides being a sports commentator, Cris is also a real estate developer. His wife, Holly, is also his partner, and appears to have invested $100,000 on five-acre Fort Thomas, Kentucky's underdeveloped property. Together, they have remodeled the main residence, which is 7,000 sq. ft. the property also has a pool, pool house, and barn. According to Joe Biden Bio, such a property is worth around $2 million. Accumulating a net worth of $25 million is practical if someone wants to live a lavish lifestyle. Currently, the former Bengals star owns a home in Fort Thomas. Besides offering expert opining in sportscast, he takes time to mentor budding entrepreneurs through his podcasts. That's where he derives his fulfillment from.

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