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How Skai Blue Media became a PR Powerhouse Under Rakia Reynolds


We've all heard about the rags to riches stories that some of the most impressive entrepreneurs of our time share about their past and present. It's always fascinating and inspiring to listen to them share the ways that they were able to turn their circumstances around from impoverished living to abundant success. This success story doesn't revolve around the financial aspect as much as it does survival as a mother who is strapped for time while busy with raising a family and trying to establish a career.

She used her innovation and bright ideas to turn her situation around and become a great success in the process. We're privileged to have her insights to share about how working parents can use their knowledge to gain greater control over their lives instead of being chained to the never ending cycle of survival and get out of the mind set that keeps them in this unattractive and unhealthy mode.

What spurred her desire to make changes

Rakia Reynolds found herself working long hours and working at a frantic pace. She was living her life in survival mode and she realized it. Most of us do, but unlike the majority of parents locked into survival mode, she took a leap of faith and did something about it. It was time to take back control of her life.

There were no grand gestures involved and it did take a lot of hard work, but she examined her circumstances and used them to propel her to success. Rakia had been involved with a show that was called "Surviving Motherhood." It was from this that she gained her inspiration. It only takes one good idea and some intestinal fortitude to make the changes that you need in your life.

How she turned it around

Reynolds came up with a business plan and a Dell laptop. From this point on, she established a public relations firm that she named Skai Blue Media. She used the talents that she had to build a business from scratch. Her business would be full service and she would start out small. Starting on a shoestring she rented a $600 per month office space to set up shop. She gained her first paying client who didn't have the finances to pay the fee, so she discounted the cost in exchange for a few contacts and to gain the experience. Her work was excellent and gained the client the results that they were after. It was from this point that her business took off.

She began to work on new branding designs to make her business memorable. She incorporated blue colors in her wardrobe to reinforce the brand in marketing videos to promote her fashion business. In her former career, she was a producer who worked with some recognizable networks including TLC, Discovery Health and MTV, but she was strapped for time and living very much in survival mode. In her new career she has gained an equally impressive list of clients, but this is her business and she is doing it on her terms and in her time.

The personal touch

When she courted potential clients, Reynolds insisted on using a personal touch. She knew that making face to face contact was preferable for making a good impression. It was this interpersonal communication that has made the difference. If she was unable to meet her contacts in person she sent them a video which is the next best thing.

How important is her Dell laptop?

Reynolds doesn't go anywhere without it. She attributes much of the success of Skai blue Media to her two thousand dollar Dell which has great battery life and keeps her connected to her work. She has found it to be a reliable tool so she doesn't miss out on important communications that could affect the quality of her work. She uses it to communicate with clients, manage social media channels and conduct live streaming through social media.

Delegation and reliable staff

Reynolds also realized that in order to be in control of her time and in essence, her life, she couldn't try to do this by herself. She has surrounded herself with a team of competent staff members who assist her in meeting the demands of the business and keeping things moving at a smooth and even pace. She is also reliant on the professional IT staff of the Dell ProSupport customer service for assistance. By doing so, she can bypass the need for personal It staff for her business and this represents a significant savings in wages that she would otherwise have to pay out. The Dell team has helped her to avoid costly down time and have assisted her in many aspects of keeping the business flowing at a good pace. She was invited by Dells' Influencer program to share her expertise and insights with them. Her use of social media influencers has had a very positive impact on her business.

Final thoughts

Rakia Reynolds is an amazing woman that has a tremendous story that is well worth hearing. She has gone from survival mode to living life at its fullest. She is free to raise her children and operate a very successful and lucrative business that the started from scratch. By using her imagination, creativity and daring to make the changes that she needed in her life, she has gained the ultimate in success which is self satisfaction. Her story will hopefully serve as an inspiration to other parents who are struggling to keep up in the rat race of surviving work and family commitments simultaneously.

From what Rakia has shared with us, we can sed how valuable a good Dell laptop can be in helping you to get off to a good start. The moral of this story is, if you don't like the way your life is going, then you have the power to change it. She has shown us a good model for making the turn around and it starts with intrinsic motivation to pursue your interests and passions, oh yes, and starting out right with a good Dell computer.

Garrett Parker

Written by Garrett Parker

Garrett by trade is a personal finance freelance writer and journalist. With over 10 years experience he's covered businesses, CEOs, and investments. However he does like to take on other topics involving some of his personal interests like automobiles, future technologies, and anything else that could change the world.

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