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20 Things You Didn't Know about Snyk


What do you know about coding security platform Snyk? You may already be aware that they work primarily with individuals who are developing websites. They also help coders working on new software. If not for them, it would be a lot more difficult to keep software safe for the people using it. If this information has piqued your interest, consider these 20 things about them you might not have known before.

1. They believe that the best progress starts with the smallest steps

The company has a fairly unique set of values that it uses to conduct business. One of those values includes the philosophy that even small steps in the right direction can be productive. While some companies only measure progress in massive amounts of productivity, the individuals at Snyk look at things quite differently. They realize that when making progress in fields that are rather unique like their own, even the smallest amount of progress can be considered positive. This is something that they also realize in their consumers. As a matter of fact, they have incorporated it into their company culture because they believe that progress most frequently (and most reliably) occurs in small increments. As far as they're concerned, no one is doing themselves any favors if they are unwilling to make progress unless it can be done by leaps and bounds. It is in day-to-day progress, even when so small that it is almost unnoticeable, that things eventually change for the better.

2. They are working to bring the world closer together

One of the things that they have set out to do is to bring the entire world closer together by making it easier and more secure to do business. They know that business cannot occur on a truly global scale if it's not safe to do so. As a result, software and websites must have the security in place to keep them safe. In order to truly transcend traditional boundaries, this type of security has to come before virtually anything else. That is precisely what they are working to achieve.

3. They are passionate about their work

There is no doubt that they are extremely passionate about the work they are doing. One of the things that sets them apart is the fact that they have created the aforementioned company culture which sets forth their passion and desire to bring the entire world together as part of their mission statement. A lot of companies claim to be passionate about what they do, but very few of them actually incorporate it in the way that Snyk has done. That alone says a great deal about who they are, not just what they do.

4. They look beyond boundaries associated with culture or geography

Because they are looking to make it easier for individuals to do business on a global scale, they have no concern regarding boundaries that have traditionally been associated with culture, geography or anything else that makes one person different from another. Instead, they look at everything from a standpoint of bringing the world together through business. If they can make it easier for people around the world to interact with each other and do business successfully, it could go a long way toward breaking down some of those cultural and geographic barriers that so many people still hold on to, even today.

5. They currently have five offices from which they operate

At the moment, they have five offices that are scattered around the world. Those offices are located in some of the world's largest and most dynamic cities. They include London, Zurich, Boston, Tel Aviv, and Ottawa. By structuring offices in each of these cities, the company is furthering its mission statement of doing away with cultural and geographic boundaries in order to create a more unified world that is capable of doing business together.

6. The company has almost doubled its valuation since March

In March of this year, the company was valued at $4.7 billion. That's quite a lot for a company that has only been in existence for a little more than a year-and-a-half (20 months on September 21 to be exact) . Perhaps the thing that is even more astonishing is the fact that in the roughly seven months since their last valuation, the value of the company has almost doubled to $8.5 billion.

7. So far, they’ve raised more than $1.3 billion

Keep in mind, this company only went into business in January of 2020. As a matter of fact, it was late January when they conducted their first round of fundraising, during which time they managed to net $150 million with a valuation of $1 billion. That means that at less than two years old, the company is now worth far more money than anyone could have ever even imagined. In fundraising alone, they have raised more than $1.3 billion. As previously mentioned, their initial $1 billion valuation has now gone up to $8.5 billion.

8. That includes $530 million in the latest round of funding

They just concluded their fourth round of fundraising in which they were able to obtain $530 million. That's far more than they have obtained in any other round of fundraising. As previously discussed, the first round of fundraising got them $150 million. They then received $200 million and $300 million respectively during their second and third rounds of fundraising. These rounds took place during September of 2020 and March of 2021. During that time, their valuation has also steadily increased. Based on the initial $1 billion valuation, the company was valued at $2.6 billion during its second round of fundraising in September of 2020. They subsequently went on to be valued at $4.7 billion during the third round which occurred last March (2021) and most recently, the company was valued at 8.5 billion dollars as they received an additional $530 in funding. This round was just recently completed earlier this month, in September of 2021.

9. At the beginning of this year, they employed around 400 people

There is nothing particularly easy about employing 400 people, but the biggest corporations have far more employees than that. Considering what they do and how fast the company is growing, it only stands to reason that they would have several hundred employees working on their behalf. The fact that they employed this many people at the beginning of the year is staggering, but that's nothing compared to what you'll learn in the next paragraph.

10. They plan to expand exponentially before the year ends

They already have plans in place to more than double that number by the time this year ends. That's right, by the end of 2021, they want to have at least 800 employees, potentially more. They feel that at their current rate of growth, they need to have this many people in place in order to sustain their level of productivity and continue bringing first-class services to the people who depend on them the most.

11. They provide scanning in real time to check for threats

The one constant in any form of cybersecurity is that there will always be new threats. Snyk provides scanning in real time in order to check for those threats. In fact, their system checks for threats thousands of times in a single minute. Perhaps even more impressive, the system is also adaptive. Would-be hackers are constantly changing their techniques as well as the software they use to try and get a hold of information that they should never have their hands on in the first place. As such, Snyk constantly adapts to their ever-changing techniques in order to provide the safest level of service possible.

12. The company constantly monitors your products to make sure they’re safe

At the same time, they are constantly monitoring your products in order to make sure that they're safe for public use. It's not just about being aware of new techniques that are being used to hack your information. It's about ensuring that your product is safe to use from beginning to end. By constantly monitoring it, they can make you aware the minute that a problem is detected, potentially saving you and all of your consumers a lot of money and heartache.

13. Even if you use customized coding, they can help you

One of the reasons that the company has become so popular is because they provide these services to clients who use customized coding. This is not something that every company of their type provides. It can be much more difficult to successfully monitor a product when customized coding is involved because it can potentially slow down the monitoring process considerably. Fortunately, Snyk’s adaptive system handles it with ease.

14. They also help you find errors in coding that make your product vulnerable

In addition to constantly monitoring your products to make sure they're safe, Snyk can also help you find errors in coding that might potentially make your product vulnerable to hackers as well as performance problems that are specifically inherent to the errors themselves. By locating these errors and helping you to resolve them, they're giving you the opportunity to provide the best product possible to your own consumers.

15. They are completely cloud-based

Like many companies of their type, they provide all of their services in the cloud. This gives you an opportunity to access any information that you need to access at any time, provided you have a secure internet connection. It also minimizes operating costs on their end. The end result is that they're able to provide their services to you without charging you a small fortune for doing so.

16. They work with customers who develop Open Source products

Because everything they do is cloud-based and they don't charge a ton of money for their services, they frequently work with customers who develop Open Source products. These types of products are crucial because they help individuals create products of their own when they otherwise wouldn't be able to because of prohibitive costs. In addition, keeping Open Source products safe means that web developers and individuals who are creating new apps have the opportunity to use these products safely.

17. If needed, you can use their own infrastructure as your code

One of the more unique services that they provide involves the ability to use their own infrastructure as code if you get stuck. In fact, they provide Kubernetes and Terraform infrastructure that can easily be used as your method of coding if you don't have anything else available to you.

18. The company actively works to make sure its own employees are happy

The management team at Snyk knows that when employees are unhappy, productivity falls off. As such, they go out of their way to actively ensure that everyone who works for them is happy. Apparently, their efforts are paying off because a whopping 82% of Snyk’s current employees give them an A+ rating. That's saying quite a lot, especially in a world where a lot of employees tend to find a great deal of fault with the way their respective companies are being run.

19. It is a highly diverse company

One of the things that people like so much about the company is that it is highly diverse. They have a tendency to look past the boundaries created by culture and see people for who they are and what they can potentially achieve. The same is true when it comes to dealing with gender. This is one of the things that many employees enjoy most about working for the company. They typically feel like they are seen for what they can potentially bring to the table, not because of their gender, ethnicity or nationality.

20. Employees name flexible schedules and good pay among the benefits of working there

In addition, most employees have flexible schedules that allow them to work either in the office or at home. More often than not, they are able to tailor their schedules around their lives so that they can be most productive at the time that is most beneficial to them individually. Furthermore, employees have widely reported that the company pays its employees very well, although the exact rate of pay is not always disclosed.

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