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How Summer Walker Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Summer Walker

Summer Walker is an American hip-hop and R&B singer who has only recently come on the scene. Despite that fact, she has made history in the most literal sense possible. All of that will be discussed later. What you need to know right now is that whether or not you've heard of her, she is making great strides in her chosen genre of music. She may not be a household name in every household just yet, but she's definitely on her way to getting there. As a matter of fact, the 25 year old that only released her first album two years ago now has a net worth of approximately $4 million. If you're wondering how she did that, keep reading. You might be surprised. More importantly, you might be motivated to go out and do something that you've always wanted to do yourself because her story serves as proof that you don't have to do things the traditional way in order to experience success.

Getting Started

In 2018, she posted a video of herself singing on YouTube. It didn't take very long for the video to go viral and before she knew it, she was being asked to sign a deal with Interscope Records. She agreed to the deal, releasing a single shortly thereafter through that same record label. Later that year, in 2019, she released her full album. While her single had made it to number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, her debut album went all the way to number two on that same chart. When that happened, she literally made history because she was the first artist singing in that particular genre of music to make it to that level with a debut album. In addition, all of the music that she has released thus far has been well-received by critics and fans alike. As a result, she has achieved part of her $4 million net worth through both the record deal and the monetization of the video that she initially posted on YouTube. It's important to remember that some of that money also comes from royalties. Like most modern-day artists, she releases most of her music digitally, allowing people to stream or download it as opposed to being forced to go out to a store and buy a physical copy. It's definitely a new way of doing business, but it's also the wave of the future and one that she is very much in tune with.

The Early Days

It's important to remember that before she made it big as an artist, she was doing the same thing that virtually every other person on this Earth is doing, trying to find a way to survive financially in an economy that sees repeated price increases while paychecks remain relatively unchanged. In the two years prior to her dropping her music video on YouTube, she worked part-time as a stripper to pay the bills while simultaneously running her own cleaning business that she started herself. In short, she proved by doing this that she had the chops to do what was necessary in order to survive. She also proved that she was capable of starting her own business and running it successfully in an economy that made doing so exceptionally challenging. All the while, she was teaching herself to play guitar by watching tutorials on YouTube and practicing whenever she had the time. She knew that if she stuck to her routine, she would eventually be ready to put a video on YouTube and she already knew how to monetize it thanks to her ability to understand business. She was merely waiting for the right time to do it. Obviously, she found it.


After she released her debut album, she won the BET Award for Best New Artist in 2019. That would help her get the recognition that she had been hoping for all along, further increasing the number of fans that were purchasing her music. This in turn added to her net worth. As a matter of fact, it went a long way toward contributing to her net worth becoming what it is today. Without that award, there is no doubt that she would still be successful. However, she may not be as financially successful as she actually is today because it was winning that award that introduced her to an entirely new group of fans who might not have even known about her music had she not won.

Key Components of Success

There's no doubt that Walker is very talented, but there is also more involved to being successful and having a respectable net worth than just having talent. Much of it comes down to the way that people represent themselves within a given industry and she has been doing an amazing job, working hard and being mature in an industry that sometimes makes it difficult to do those things. In addition, she has no plans to stop releasing new music. As a result, her net worth is likely to increase in the future. While $4 million is a very respectable amount, there is little doubt that she will be able to increase that a great deal as she moves forward. Most people believe that Walker has a bright future ahead of her for as long as she wants to remain in the industry. She herself has said that she isn't sure how long she wants to be a famous musician, although she has also commented that she always wants to be able to play her music. She struggles with anxiety issues that sometimes make it difficult to deal with all of the fame that comes with this type of career, but at the moment she says that she's handling it well and she has no plans to retire anytime in the near future. Given that information, who knows how much she could potentially end up being worth in the future? In reality, she can probably make as much as she wants to make in the industry because she's already demonstrated that she is in control of her career.

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