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20 Things You Didn't Know about Tableau


Sunnyvale California, 2003; Christian Chabot, Pat Hanrahan, and Chris Stolte founded Tableau, a company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The co-founders started as researchers for the Department of Computer science at Stanford University. Tableau is commonly considered one of the most intelligent computing and data visualization tools. The essential aspect of this platform is how it makes data organization, management, visual analytics, and proficiency straightforward for its users. Information is complicated, requiring the use of suitable techniques to extract meaning from it. These platforms enable us to immerse ourselves into data to find trends and obtain essential data. Tableau provides us with a toolkit to execute precise information detection, visual analytics, and insight communication. These are 20 things you might not know about Tableau.

1. Tableau foundation

According to their website, This foundation assists non-profits with their data needs. Their mission statement focuses on social issues, including racial injustice, the homeless crisis, fighting hunger, and how they can help reverse climate change and many other ways to use their technology to create a better world. The company's overall focuses numbers and collecting meaningful data. The creation of this organization is to use this technology for social justice. Where all numbers are meaningful, ones that help change some of the worst social issues are the most important.

2. Own your tomorrow

Charles Schwab, one of the most extensive publicly traded financial services, wants to advance data-driven decision-making. Currently, it's outfitting 16000 employees with Tableau, up 10000 since 2016. A return on investment has already been shown in many departments. Branch managers from Schwab's retail stores use Tableau to monitor client activity and identify outreach opportunities, resulting in improved customer satisfaction employing AI services to enhance digital messaging. Schwab creates dedicated dashboards for changing ideas. Tableau usage and demand continue to support an active internal user group.

3. A force

Salesforce spent upwards of $15 billion acquiring the data visualization business in 2019, marking it the company's highest investment. With Salesforce on the verge of completing its $27.7 billion acquisition of the workplace collaboration firm. With the additional acquisition of Slack, Salesforce is trying to overtake Microsoft. Tableau is excited about this merger because it gives their company an opportunity to create more platforms and more systems to shape their mission of meaningful numbers.

4. Meaningful sources

Tableau provides a wide range of data sets, including on-premise documents, spreadsheets, database systems, non-relational database systems, business intelligence, data analytics, and on-cloud data. The sources are easily linked confidentially, and data can create a holistic view of data in the form of visuals. Tableau also works with a wide range of data connectors, like Presto, MemSQL, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Cloudera, Hadoop, Amazon Athena, Salesforce, SQL Server, and Dropbox.

5. You'll be smiling

Tableau has a connector for Amazon Aurora. Amazon EMR and Amazon Redshift. It can connect to Amazon Relational Database Service, giving users entry to the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS )PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, all of which are available on the AWS cloud. Therefore, Amazon's ability to provide comprehensive analytics and analysis is beneficial.

6. Keep It secure

Tableau is mainly concerned with data and customer protection. It has flawless secure communication for data connections and access control based on authentication and authorization systems. Tableau also allows users to connect to other security protocols, including Active Directory, Kerberos, and others, employing row-level filtering, improving data security.

7. Stay in the link

LinkedIn has a user base of over 460 million people. Tableau is being used extensively by the Business Analytics team to process petabytes of consumer data. Ninety percent of LinkedIn's sales force utilizes Tableau Server every week. Tableau dashboards are used to measure performance and monitor turnover in sales analytics. Also, as a byproduct of its more proactive sales cycle, there is an increase in revenue.

8. They're back

According to their blog, Adriana Gil Miner talks bout Gartner Magic Quadrant, which has recognized Tableau for the seventh straight year. Gartner's survey analyzes things like user enablement, sales experience, and roadmap. Additionally, they help clients determine the best platforms to meet their needs.

9. Not his first go-around

According to,  CEO Mark Nelson is not new to the Technology market or rainy weather. He grew up in the Chicago area and earned a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor of science degree in engineering and a master's degree in computer science. In the Seattle area, he held engineering leadership positions at companies such as Oracle and Concur before joining Tableau in 2018 as executive vice president of product development.

10. Best of 2020

According to Fast Company, Tableau was one of their picks for the best data design of 2020. The award was for a page Tableau's software helped create. Outbreaks Near Me, part of Boston Children's Hospital, began a poll using Survey Monkey that used a dashboard built on the Tableau platform; only one instance where Survey Monkey has teamed up to collect data about public opinion about the pandemic.

11. Save the rhino

According to, Data has become a driving force in wildlife refuges. A lot of animals have data challenging to track, like migration patterns, location of animals. There has been a disconnect in finding a way to get up-to-date data about everything going on. Tableau is working to change that, empowering Zambia;'s North Luangwa National park to better help endangered black rhinos. They hope this will set a precedent for other companies to use this platform to help endangered species. It discussed the story of a Rhino who was missing for some time without any hope of finding him. Without Tableau's platform, they were struggling to find the location. However, after several months, they tried the map features on the tableau platform. Soon, they had helicopters in the area directed by the software with the missing Rhino in tow.

12. Hear this now

According to their website, Verizon's Analytic's Center (ACE) created 1500 dashboards ranging from business transformation, product development, marketing, and software engineering. These dashboards received close to 150000 views. The timing is excellent because there is currently a trend towards Fios teams using geo-spatial mappings. Using Tableau initiatives helped resolve customer service satisfaction in Fios, reducing support calls by 43%, thereby lowering their costs.

13. Value-driven

Tableau dominates the tech world and focuses on some of the essential core values. They promote trust in accountability for their stakeholders and create a better product for their clients and provide an excellent culture for their employees. They are an ever-evolving company. The market moves fast, and so do they. Since being acquired by Salesforce, they've used it to its full potential. Equality is also a key driving factor in their company. They value empathy and diversity, values they share with their non-profit. Innovation is one of the things that separates them from other companies. They hire people with ideas who want to change the face of technology.

14. Whole data

Whole Foods is another recognizable company that harnessed the power of Tableau. They use the software as a single point for financial and operational data, helping them create a clear view of store productivity. They have produced numerous dashboards, some department-specific for team leads to track and support their department's success. Additionally, they have created dashboards to track store traffic to know when to schedule the most employees. Check-out stands are another portion of the store getting a boost. This software allows the corporation to visualize when they need to have those checks stand open.

15. Suite products

Tableau has many different products that perform a wide variety of services, all data-driven. Tableau Desktop is a one-stop for data visualization geared towards business but easy enough for anyone to use. It helps consumers track data live. Tableau Online (Tableau Server), is a hosting platform designed for enterprise users. It integrates with Tableau publish, making it easy for teams to collaborate. Reader is a free desktop application that makes opening files in Tableau desktop seamless. Lastly, Tableau Public is their most basic, a freeware program for worksheets and workbooks, which will need the Tableau server for anyone to see them.

16. Sold!

When used in tandem with CData Connect Cloud, you gain instant cloud-to-cloud access to eBay data for visual representations, workflows, and more. CData Connect Cloud offers a pure MySQL, cloud-to-cloud interface for eBay. CData Connect Cloud utilizes optimized data processing outside the box to push all supported SQL operations (filters, JOINS, etc.) directly to eBay, using server-side processing to return eBay data quickly.

17. Open another register

Walmart believes that shifting to Tableau's rich visualizations was an intelligent move since insights are modified in real-time and easily transferred from Excel sheets. They found that when there is more creativity, people respond better, and the presentation strengthens. They have created dashboards that are available to the entire organization.

18. Guilty

In Yolo, California, an attorney was frustrated with the lack of data about criminal cases. Since there wasn't a solution in place, he created one. According to, On May 11, 2021, Tableau partnered with Measures for justice to harness data for more effective judgment in criminal court cases, a groundbreaking event. This action is not limited to courts. The city is asking people in the community to assist with the numbers to provide better accuracy. With the ability to base these discussions on facts, accurate and comprehensive data can play a vital role in reform that stretches far beyond Northern California. That's the driving force for Measures for Justice (MFJ), the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA), and the Tableau Foundation to collaborate in helping to scale this nationally so that it's easier for prosecutors to access accurate data quickly.

19. Global community

Tableau initiated a Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC), a group of people leading the data analytics industry. The DLC hopes that the group will impact how we can use data more effectively. Tracking different aspects of life has become a necessity, and many platforms still struggle with collecting this data organically. Creating this collaborative is altruistic, hoping people can learn together and find better ways to collect data and help people across private and public spectrums. Additionally, Tableau hopes that bringing people together will help evolve ideas, leading to new directions for better analytics. The company understands the power of teamwork and learning from each other's work. Many of their projects are about social justice and understanding all the ways data is best used. They're hoping this forum will bridge the disconnect.

20. Partners for good

One of Tableau's partners, Community Solutions, received a 100 million dollar grant from the MacArthur Foundation. Community solutions want to work towards the Built for Zero initiative. According to their website, The Built for Zero initiative is 80 communities in the United States working together to help eradicate homelessness. One of the things they use is analytics to view how and where the crisis is unfolding.

The platform dashboards track data like evictions and monitor where and how people can find assistance. Additionally, job loss is another huge factor. Many of these issues are becoming commonplace. This partnership is working towards another form of significant numbers. Companies all over the world have entirely transformed the way they generate insights from the data. Tableau Dashboard created data visualization more efficient, more straightforward, and customizable. Today, accessing insights from data in different forms from various sources is a fundamental business necessity. With all of its detailed, user-friendly layout, Tableau is popular with businesses of all sizes. Organizations tend professionals with Tableau certification training. The growth of Tableau is astronomical. It has a full suite of products starting to shake up some of the biggest software giants like Microsoft. After compiling the data, there are many reasons why this is one of the fast-growing companies.

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