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How Tarek El Moussa Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Tarek El Moussa

According to Celebrity Net Worth, HGTV star Tarek El Moussa acquired his Net Worth of $10 Million from being a well-known house flipper and real estate agent based in Orange County, CA. He co-starred with his then wife (but now ex-wife) Christina on the popular HGTV show "Flip or Flop". His ex-wife Christina is worth more than he is at $12 Million net worth. Her new HGTV show "Christina on the Coast" is a big hit as is his new show "Flipping 101". Hers is more of a design show where she helps clients by turning their homes from frumpy to fabulous. His is another flipping show, however, now he's assisting newbie flippers with their flipping projects. The motto of the show is "Take his advice or pay the price!"

Drama & Divorce

Tarek and Christina were married in 2009 and have two children together, a beautiful little girl named Taylor Reese and a handsome bouncing baby boy named Brayden James. Many rumors, however, surrounded their relationship as crew members complained that he was consistently verbally abusive to Christina on the set of "Flip or Flop". Was their relationship doomed? It would seem so as she started seeing one of the show's contractors and he responded to her request for a split by running off into the woods near their O.C. home, waving a gun in the air. Of course, the local gendarmes were called but the entire incident ended peacefully, albeit very much in the public eye. The couple made the covers of numerous magazines and supermarket rags. But after all, as they say in the entertainment biz, there's no such thing as bad publicity!

So, Tarek and Christina went through a very public breakup in late 2016 and their divorce was finalized in January 2018. Through it all, however, they have been continuing the successful filming of their hit show "Flip or Flop" together and HGTV announced the show's ninth season will begin in August 2020. It's good to see that their divorce didn't hurt their ratings even a little bit. In fact, their clever digs and banter on-air are even more entertaining these days.

Is There Love After Christina?

Following their divorce, it appeared that Christina was having the time of her life, whereas Tarek was spending his time pining after her and trying strange health treatments like the "vampire face mask". But, now things have definitely changed. After dating for nine months, the 38-year-old "Flip or Flop" star and Heather Rae Young, the 32-year-old realtor/star of "Selling Sunset" and former Playboy model (who looks a lot like Christina) are not only an item but they just said goodbye to Tarek's Costa Mesa bungalow where they have been living together for some time now.

According to, Tarek and Heather are now starting the next chapter in their life together. In the middle of the recent pandemic, they managed to find a new home in Newport Beach and get safely moved into it with Tarek's two kids, Taylor (age 9) and Brayden (age 4). Both Tarek and Heather are real pros at being able to keep their cool even when things don’t necessarily play out as they were planned. Tarek's "Dad pad" sold in only two days and they had nowhere to move to. But, they found the perfect rental in Newport Beach for now. They say that their time there may be somewhat temporary but they're grateful to be making a fresh start together.

One Big Happy Family

According to, Heather sent Christina flowers for Mother's Day. Anstead is now married to Ant Anstead and they have an eight-month old son named Hudson London Anstead. Since their 2018 divorce, they've managed to amicably co-parent their two kids as well as to continue filming "Flip or Flop" together. And, the two couples live just 15 minutes apart in Newport Beach.

And, the sign over Tarek and Heather's bed reads “I Love You Too Honey Bunny.” That's his nickname for her. Perhaps he saw "Pulp Fiction" one time too many times. Their master bedroom also includes a seating area, mini-bar, and a balcony that offers amazing water views. The home overlooks what is called The Wedge by local surfers and it's world-famous, Nearby, Tarek docks his boat, which is aptly named "Bad Decisions". Their property also has a tennis court and their backyard is twice as big as the area's other homes. They even have a tennis instructor for both the kids and themselves. And, in addition to tennis, the four of them swim and play Marco Polo a lot in the backyard pool. They also ride bikes together as a family every day when the kids are with them.

A Star in Her Own Right

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Heather Rae Young's Net Worth is $3 Million. She already stars on Netflix in a real estate reality show entitled "Selling Sunset", making her a star in her own right. She's a native of Southern California and is currently a realtor associate selling high-end properties at LA's The Oppenheimer Group. Her specialty is high net-worth and high-profile and clientele. Her show premiered in 2019 and follows Heather and her colleagues as they're selling luxurious properties and stirring up plenty of drama along the way.

However, according to People magazine, she’s also going to be taking on a new role alongside her new man, Tarek El Moussa, on his new post-Christina HGTV series, "Flipping 101". Tarek gushes that Heather was just so cute when she was on camera that he couldn’t stop smiling. Ain't love grand?

Keep Watching

So, just keep watching the extended family's many shows to see what they're all up to as time goes on. Meanwhile, we all wish both Tarek and Heather as well as Christina and Ant all the best!

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