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10 Things You Didn't Know About Ted Bailey

Ted Bailey

Ted Bailey is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO of a technology company called Dataminr. He is also the founder of the company that was first launched in 2009.

We were interested in learning more about his successful executive so we looked into his personal and career history. We made some interesting discoveries. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Dataminr's Ted Bailey.

1. He went in partners on Dataminr

According to Entrepreneur Wiki, Bailey didn't found the Dataminr company on his own. He did so in a partnership with two other friends. He attended college with his co-founders San Hendel and Jeff Kinsey.

They put their heads together and with their combined professional experience and skills in finance, big data innovation, and social media analytics, they came up with the idea for Dataminr and successfully launched the venture together.

2. Ted Bailey is a New Yorker

Bailey is a resident of New York. He lives in Manhattan, which is close to where the action is for his business activities. H is also active in his local community. He dedicates any spare time that he can to the Lincoln Center's Young Society. He is also involved in the NRDC's Technology Advisory Counsel. Ted believes in giving back to the community in whatever ways that he can.

3. Bailey believes in serving his customers

One of the lessons that Ted Bailey learned early in his career is that the needs of the customers must be a priority. Any company that wishes to succeed must not only strive to keep customers happy, they must also discover what the true needs of their customers are, and then make provisions to meet those needs.

This is the true mark of success. He realizes that the success of Dataminr relies heavily on the customer and this is paramount in his list of things that need to be done.

4. Ted Bailey is inspired by Robin Williams

When we dug a little deeper to learn more about who inspired Ted Bailey, we learned that the late Robin Williams had an impact on him. He pointed out that Williams in his various roles was a great many things, but above all the rest, the man was one of a kind. This information was taken from a quote made by former President Obama and it resonated with Bailey and inspired him to be that one-of-a-kind guy.

5. Ted has an Ivy League education

According to his Linkedin page, Ted Bailey attended prestigious institutions for his education. Hee was enrolled at Choate Rosemary Hall from 1996 through 2000. He attended the prestigious Yale University from 1999 through 2004. While enrolled at Yale he was involved with The Whiffenpoofs of Yale Varsity Squash.

6. He jumped right into entrepreneurship

Ted Bailey has not listed any other activities under his Linkedin career profile other than the launch of the Dataminr company that he shares with his partners. There is a 9-year gap between his graduation date from Yale and the date that the startup was launched. It appears that Ted didn't spend a lot of time jumping from one company to another. He has been the CEO and chairman of Dataminr for 12 years.

7. Ted has made significant business strides in his time at Dataminr

Bailey has grown professionally since assuming the helm at Dataminr. He was instrumental in creating a global business that has taken the lead in real-time artificial intelligence for the detection of risk and events in the publicly available data arena. He has gained knowledge and experience and his company is now listed as one of the top private tech firms in all of New York.

8. Ted deals with thousands of customers

The success of Dataminr has been nothing short of explosive. As the leader of the firm, Ted Bailey and his associates work with thousands of public and private sector clients. The business has expanded to include seven global offices with 650 employees throughout 70 countries throughout the world. It has expanded to become a global tech company in the technology industry and Dataminr shows no sign of slowing in its expansion. The valuation of Dataminr is at $1.6 billion.

9. Bailey has received his share of recognition

Ted Bailey may not have a long list of prestigious companies that he's worked for, aside from the one that he owns, but he has an impressive track record for success. He was fortunate to settle into a comfortable niche doing what he loves and is very good at.

Through the years he has gained the experience to hold his own in the business world. He has received multiple forms of recognition for his significant contributions to the leadership of Dataminr, as well as to the tech industry overall.

Business Insider listed him in their 40 under 40, he's been recognized as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Crains 40 under 40 honoree, he is a New York City & State, Tech Poer 50 member, he sits on the Council on Foreign Relations, and has served as a keynote speaker for multiple Festivals and conferences.

Ted Bailey is in high demand as a speaker on business and technology-related topics because of his expertise and proven successes.

10. Ted Bailey is a celebrity personality

Bailey has also appeared on numerous televised business programs. People in business and technology want to hear what he has to say. He was a featured guest on Fox Business News.

He also appeared on BBC News, CNBC's Fast Money, and SquawkBox. Bailey has shown the world that it is possible to take raw talent and turn it into the stuff that dreams are made of. He didn't wait until he had 20 years of working for other companies before striking out on his own. He took the initiative to take the chance and run with a good idea and it has led to the successful creation of an amazing career.

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