The Top 10 Luxury Wildlife Lodges in the U.S.


There is something that seems almost magical about the great outdoors. Seeing natures handiwork complete with flora, fauna, hills and mountains and wildlife is inspiring and has a way of rejuvenating the human spirit. It is an escape from the fast paced and competitive lifestyle that has evolved in modern civilization. This is perhaps what makes a getaway to a Wildlife lodge such a special retreat.

We all need an escape now and then, if for no other reason, just to get in touch with our more natural side and let the cares of the world drift away. The perfect way to do this is to find one of the elusive wildlife lodges that still remain in the United States. We’ve put together a list of toe top luxury wildlife lodges in the U.S. to give you an idea about where you can find the peace of mind in high end luxury surroundings.

Riversong Lodge Yentna River at Lake Creek, Alaska


This luxury retreat is only accessible by airplane. It offers a choice of ten cabins made of spruce logs. There are no telephones and no locks on the doors because they aren’t needed. For $550 a night for doubles you’ll catch the local Cessna for a forty five minute trip deep into the back country. The cost includes a round trip and all meals are provided. It is truly an escape from the confines of civilization into a totally different world with Grizzly bears in your backyard.

The Freestone Inn in Mazama, Washington


This wilderness lodge offers an affordable wilderness getaway for the cost of $160 per night for doubles. it is located within the craggy peaks of the North Cascade mountain range in the isolation of the Methow Valley. The Inn was formerly a cattle ranch. The rooms feature a gorgeous view of a man made lake. You have your choice of fifty cabins which are randomly placed along a lovely creek. Of course, being in the State of Washington, you’ll have access to plenty of Starbucks coffee.

Winterlake Lodge at Finger Lake, Alaska


For $550 per night for doubles, you’ll enjoy a roundtrip flight from Anchorage with all meals provided. This lodge is a checkpoint for the famed Iditarod race. There are three guest cabins available so you must book well in advance for your Alaskan getaway. You’ll behold panoramic views including Mount McKinley and the Alaska Range. Enjoy freshly baked pie for dessert prepared by the owner and chef. Hiking and observance of nature are the focal point of this excursion.

Weasku Inn Resort, Grants Pass, Oregon


This wildlife resort is hidden from plain view and has hosted some of the most famous personalities in American history. Former guests include Bing Crosby, Carole Lombard, Clark Gable and Walt Disney. If you enjoy daring activities infused in your getaway, you have your choice of white water rafting, Crater Lake hikes or an exploration of the local vinyards for a wine tasting tour.

Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie, Washington


Salish Lodge is a large resort that offers all of the luxury amenities of an elegant resort. Heavily linked with the filming of Twin Peaks, it has an elegant ambiance including high vaulted ceilings adorned with fir beams, an enormous copper chandelier and stone fireplaces. The beautiful Snoqualmie falls is nearby and you can also enjoy gambling at the in house casino. World class dining is also available at the lodge’s famed restaurant. The lodge offers ninety luxury suites and the rates begin at $269 per night for doubles.

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, Stanley, Idaho


Idaho is known for its’ potatoes, but also for its amazing wilderness and recreational areas. The Rocky Mountain Ranch offers doubles rates of $180 per night and this price includes lodging, breakfast and dinner. The lodge is placed right in the center of the Sawtooth Mountain range which carefully shields guests from the cares of outside civilization. The lodge features thirteen custom built rooms for added wilderness appeal. If you enjoy horseback riding, this is the place for you. The lodge also offers a swimming pool that is created from the local hot springs for a nature inspired luxury excursion.

Brooks Lake Lodge, Dubois, Wyoming


This lodge offers overnight trips for $350 for doubles and includes all meals. It is located within the Shoshone National Forest and offers some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. The trails are perfect for hiking or horseback riding. The Sublette Meadow is one of the favorite trips for viewing magnificent displays of wildflowers near Jade Lake.

Ruby Springs Lodge, Sheridan, Wyoming


If you want to go to Ruby Springs Lodge, you’ll have to commit to a minimum of a three night stay. This will cost you $1,150 per person but it does include all of your meals. The lodge is set by the famous Ruby River. If you are a fly fishing enthusiast you will have heard of it. It offers six cabins along with a full time staff that includes seven wilderness guides. The scenery is amazing. Of course, guided fly fishing trips are offered along with a visit the the nearby Yellowstone Park ad a trip to Old Faithful.

Rainbow Ranch Lodge, Gallatin, Montana


This lodge is available for $175 for doubles per night. If you’re familiar with “A River Runs Through It” you’ll know the location. This is the perfect wilderness getaway for anyone who enjoys watching roving herds of elk, horseback riding or just lounging by the fireplace. It features twenty one guest rooms with a western them and luxury accommodations with a natural inspiration.

Lodge at Koele, Lanai City, Hawaii


This lodge features a tropical wilderness experience. It costs $325 per night for doubles. It is located in teh central highlands of Lanai. The lodge features one hundred and two luxury rooms with a rustic tropical theme. Enjoy the rare Pacific art that is on display in their great hall and walk through the Japanese garden. You’ll enjoy the hand carved beds, golfing and snorkeling opportunities for recreation.

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