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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tomi Lahren


Tomi Lahren, the news anchor for TheBlaze, is not one to hold back her opinions or feelings. She has been involved in a lot of controversies, from criticizing President Barrack Obama for the Chattanooga terrorist attack to comparing the Black Lives Matter movement with the Ku Klux Klan. Certainly, she has the flair and all qualities of a naturally born reporter. However, most people do not know much about Tomi Lahren other than the fact that she is a dedicated reporter. So, who is the persona behind the name? Here are ten things you probably did not know about Tomi Lahren.

She is from South Dakota

Tomi Lahren is a proud native of South Dakota. In fact, she loves her state so much that she named her Chihuahua pet, Kota, after the state. However, her career has seen her change states from South Dakota to Texas as she now resides in Dallas.

She is a republican conservative

Tomi Lahren is one of the few reporters in the American media who do not shy away from criticizing the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. She is also one of the very few journalists who are on good terms with the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. This is because, among other reasons, she is a staunch republican conservative, and she does not shy away from saying it. As a republican conservative, Tomi Lahren has always been vocal about controversial issues such as gun control, national security, and women rights. She has also publicly voiced her support for the Republican nominated Donald Trump.

She comes from a family of marines

Perhaps the courage behind Tomi Lahren can be attributed to the fact that she hails from a family of veterans and marines. Several members of her family have served in the U.S. Army, and many have earned esteemed recognition for their heroism. Her grandfather was a World War II paratrooper who helped defend America’s freedom. Her uncle also fought in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Vietnam Purple Heart award for his heroism. Some of her cousins are also currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

She once took on Beyoncé

Tomi Lahren once criticized Beyoncé for her half-time performance at the Super Bowl 50. Apparently, she was not impressed by Beyoncé’s support for the Black Panthers, and she even went ahead to label it a show of racism. And, in spite of the backlash that she received from Beyoncé’s crew and fans, Tomi Lahren stood her ground and took on the major social media battle gracefully.

She caused controversy for criticizing Jesse Williams

Just months after engaging in a social media battle with Beyoncé and her fans, Tomi Lahren went at it again by criticizing Jesse Williams during one of his best moments. The fierce reporter made a video of Jesse Williams after he gave his acceptance speech at the 2016 BET Awards, in which he criticized the police for black shootings.

In her video, Tomi criticized Jesse Williams for victimizing white people and actually blamed him for the spread of racism that seems to be dividing Americans. Her final remark was of how he, and others like him, were teaching black children to feel victimized rather than empowering them.

Her big breakthrough came with her coverage of the Chattanooga, Tennessee shootings

Tomi Lahren was one of the most vocal reporters about the Chattanooga terror attack that shook Tennessee and the U.S. at large. She was so concerned about the attack that she dedicated the Final Thoughts segment of her show on One America News Network to talk about the issue. In the show, Tomi Lahren blasted President Barrack Obama for not doing enough to overcome the threat of Islamic terrorism. Her most notable point of argument was that the president was more concerned about not offending the Muslim community than honoring the sacrifice that was made by the four state marines who died in the attack.

She has few friends

Sure, Tomi Lahren is a sensation on social media as she enjoys a large following, but she has few personal friends. In one of her personal videos, she explains that most of her free time is spent with her pet Kota, a Chihuahua mix that she adopted from a shelter in Dallas. She also appreciates one of the few “true” friends that she has, Jessica Grose, who is a former employee of Oprah and TMZ.

Her boyfriend is a Navy Seal

As if coming from a family of marines is not enough, Tomi Lahren’s boyfriend is a Navy Seal. His name is Jerad Christian, and she describes him as a source of inspiration and strength. The two met in February 2015 in San Diego, and their relationship has been going on strong since then. However, the relationship is still in its early stages as the two live apart and rarely grace the public limelight.

Her internship application bagged her a show

Few people ever get a spot as an intern with the first try, but Tomi Lahren beat the odds and bagged her own show with her first application for an internship position at the One America News Network. She explains that she was ready to take on any role, regardless of how menial it would be. However, after talking with the head of broadcasting, Robert Herring, she was surprised at his proposal to give her her very own show to run as she wished. Fortunately for her, although she lacked the experience, she possessed enough confidence and enthusiasm to catch her viewers’ attention.

She is not a racist

Some of Tomi Lahren’s controversies, such as her criticism of Jesse Williams and Beyoncé, have elicited accusations that she is a racist. However, she has always denied these accusations and expressed her acceptance of people of all races and sexes. For example, when accusing Jesse Williams of being biased against the white community in America, she advised him to empower young black children to “conquer” rather than giving them the idea and impression that they are victimized. However, she never shies away from saying that racism goes both ways, and she made this clear when she accused Beyoncé of promoting division during her performance at the 50th Super Bowl.

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