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The Top Five Luxury Hotels if You're Visiting The Dolemites

The Dolomites are remarkable mountain ranges in north-eastern Italy. They cover over 90,000 acres of mountain terrain providing a unique corner of the Alps with a fascinating blend of culture as well as distinctive geology. The Dolomites are well-known for base jumping, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, hang gliding, paragliding, and skiing during winter months. Visitors love exploring the place for its gorgeous mountain landscapes featuring sheer cliffs, vertical walls, and a high density of thick, long and narrow valleys. The region also has a collection of incredible luxurious hotel accommodation with the top five being:

Cristallo, Resort, and Spa

It is an iconic jewel at the heart of the Italian Dolomites. Art Nouveau was the primary inspiration of the resort that overlooks Cortina d’Ampezzo storied mountain village. It is also surrounded by alpine valleys providing a venerable array of past times through its seamless adaptations between different seasons. Members of the Italian high society love spending time here thanks to the enchanting cultural heritage it preserves and alluring service it delivers.

The levels of comfort and courtesy present at the hotel convey its gracious innate Italian hospitality that guests cherish. Some of the features it avails include five luxury suites, winter recreation, exquisite dining experience, luxury event spaces, spa and beauty center, heated indoor swimming pool, relaxarium, and fit well club. Rooms have plenty of space and necessary features with as well as views to die for. Staff members are friendly and always available to lend a helping hand when visitors require it.

Hotel Frasburg

It is an establishment that is perched on a lovely mountainside delivering beautiful views of the Texel mountains. The elegant hotel boasts of a location in a 17th- century hunting lodge that is surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and forests giving it an exclusive and intimate feel. Interiors present a harmonious blend of Mediterranean and Alpine with contemporary fittings, antique furniture, and a splash of Art Deco.

Run by the Ortner family, the hotel also exudes a family feel. Visitors appreciate the Sanctuarium where they can enjoy yoga classes, breathing exercises, and meditation. The resort also has plenty of space that castle gardens occupy and a heated pool in the outdoors. There is also the presence of a spa that delivers rejuvenating treatments with professionals only using unique natural products. Michelin-star food that an executive chef prepares gives guests the golden opportunity to savor creative dishes with influences from all over the globe.

Rosa Alpina

It features on the list of the top five hotels if you’re visiting the Dolomites thanks to its beautiful location, services, and amenities it has to offer. It features two spas and the same number of world-class restaurants. Renowned actor George Clooney loves visiting the resort. Original date of the hotel dates back to 1850, and the owners also take pride in the fact that they retain its authentic charm while offering the best modern hospitality services.

The hotel features wood carvings, local antiques, fresh flowers, old photographs that complement wood panels, roaring fires and frescoed walls that complete a fantastic convivial vibe. Staff at the establishment is multilingual and have experience handling even the most extravagant whims of demanding visitors. Garden level spa has treatment rooms, gym, sauna, steam rooms, and an indoor pool. It also has an adult only spa. Other amenities include a private cinema, billiards room, library, and a small shop that sells luxury goods.

Hotel Garni Paradisi

It is a well-known luxurious property that doubles up as a wellness center perfectly blending nature and relaxation all year. It is in the perfect location where visitors can take advantage of the beauty of the Dolomite mountains taking part in activities like mountain biking, hiking, and walking.

The design of the spacious rooms has local wood that also features in the entire establishment. These come with substantial canopy beds, and the interiors have an authentic warm and welcoming mountain feel. Visitors receive royal treatment fit for the creme de la creme of the society. Its wellness center has an ice fountain, Turkish bath, bio-sauna, relaxation section, and sauna. The establishment does not have a restaurant, but they make agreements with the ones nearby to deliver mouth-watering dishes where guests get a list of the restaurants to explore. Worth mentioning is that the family-friendly hotel has a bar which serves charcuterie boards made of local cheeses and meats as well as sandwiches.

Hotel Adler Balance Spa & Health Residenz

It is one of the luxury resorts that enables visitors to enjoy a holiday with added value. The unique aspect it provides gives revelers an opportunity to experience a vacation full of regeneration and health in an exclusive ambiance. It is perfect for those who are 14 years and above as it focuses on regaining the balance of the mind, spirit, and body. The resort embraces nature with a majority of the rooms having natural light and magnificent calming views.

The establishment features charming and ample spaces that feature natural elements put in place to emanate warmth and harmony. It also offers exceptional dining and healthy nutrition where visitors have a chance to benefit from food heritage, creativity, and gourmet experiences. It even has a garden where chefs harvest most of the ingredients they use to prepare meals.

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