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The Top Five Luxury Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the destinations that comes second to none for ski enthusiasts. It is a well-known skiing destination that attracts visitors from all over the globe. What makes the place unique is the fact that it boasts strong influences from its Austrian, Italian, French, and German Neighbors, but still maintains a distinctive identity. Geography of the area is breath-taking with glaciers, rivers, and alps. Being one the wealthiest countries in the globe, it has exceptional cuisine and magnificent environment. If you want to play with the big boys skiing in the area, here are the top five luxury resorts you should consider exploring.


It is a resort that guarantees visitors snow all through the year. It avails black, red, and blue slopes in a picturesque mountain village at the foot of Matterhorn. The shrine for winter sports lovers features a total of 38 peaks over 4,000 meters. Zermatt provides a combination of traditional Alpine atmosphere and modern holiday location in the car-free resort. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers. The longest run here is around 13kms long.

It is not only a skiing location because it also provides plenty of leisure activities like thrilling mountain tours and hiking trails that make the hearts of mountain climbers and hikers skip a beat. Open air-theatres and trekking tours are also part of activities that make sure individuals enjoy an extensive variety of leisure activities during their stay. There are also plenty of inviting restaurants allowing guests to uncover regional cuisine.


Gstaad stands high among the luxury ski resorts in Switzerland. It is one of the locations that has managed to remain down to earth and genuinely Alpine. It lives and breathes tradition with around 200 farms a majority that still utilizes Alpine pastures. The altitude of its location stands between 1,000 and 1400 meters.

The resort offers 144 pistes catering to various ability levels. It is a heaven for snowboarders and skiers because they also have unlimited access to six other resorts that allow revelers to have a blast in the terrain they find best suited for their needs. Cross county skiers live for this region as it avails 80km of trails for exploration. Other activities available include playing nine holes of golf on snow, husky sledding, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and heli-skiing. It features charming local craft shops and boutiques for individuals interested in shopping and gorgeous guest houses and hotels that treat visitors well after spending hard days on the slopes.

St Moritz

Elegance, style, and class are some of the words that can describe this one of a kind ski resort. Few places compare to this magnificent facility also known as the place where James Bond dashed down ski slopes in his famous movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.”The notion of winter sports was born here, and it has been host to the Winter Olympics twice.

Worth noting is that the establishment is a UNESCO world heritage site. Its long list of achievements also includes introducing the first skiing school and electric light and electric tram in Switzerland. It is perfect for skiing, and a little lazing in the sun where you can be assured that you will not get plenty of chances to put your camera down since it offers the ideal environment to take excellent photos. Visitors can also play ice cricket or ice polo on a frozen lake.


It is one of the luxury ski resorts in Switzerland that offers guests pure energy. Verbier is a highly recommended ski destination that draws ski lovers from all over the world. The charming resort provides exceptional skiing and remarkable vibrant apres scenes. It is home to more than 400km of piste and is located in the four valley ski area.

The mecca for snowboarders offers some terrain that skiers can find pretty challenging. Hardcore skiers, however, have a blast and keep coming back for the fantastic experience. The adrenaline rush can be supplemented by walking on the glaciers or even heli-skiing. The area also offers plenty of opportunities for fine dining where individuals can relax after a hard’s day’s work having the time of their lives.


It is a well re-known mountain resort that Prince Charles the British heir to the throne regularly visits. It is the best ski resort for families to visit both in the summer and winter because it presents a diverse range of activities for young ones and adults as well. Klosters boasts of a romantic and village-like atmosphere and features cable car ferries that transport winter sports fans to the designated skiing sections. There are areas perfect for beginners, expert and other skiers in between.

When not in the mood for skiing, other features guests can enjoy include snow-shoe trekking, winter walking paths, toboggan runs, horse-drawn sled rides and multiple nightlife venues and apres ski activities. The playground for royalty has 33 lifts in operation and 97 pistes.

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