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Where to Get the Best Indian Food in Denver, CO


Indian cuisine remains a favorite for most street food enthusiasts and curry lovers. You will start salivating at these mouthwatering flavors with just a peek at the aromatic and colorful bowls of Indian food. This is the fondness that Indian food creates for its lovers. The good news is that there is no shortage of delicious Indian cuisines in Denver, Colorado, from side eateries to upscale restaurants. So, whether you are roti and curry-loving fanatic or a newbie to Indian cuisine, there is bound to be a place in Denver that suits your preference. Here is a look at where to get the best Indian food in Denver, CO.

9. Mint Indian Restaurant and Lounge (1531 Stout St Suite 130, Denver, CO)

Featuring a low-key joint with a lunch buffet and a bar, the Mint Indian Restaurant and Lounge is one of the best places to get Indian food in Denver. Serving a significant range of Southern and Northern Indian dishes, the restaurant debuted seventeen years ago when the owner and chef Guru Charan Hansda wanted to offer an exceptional dining experience for the Denver locals. Today, the restaurant's menu reflects 5,000-year culinary Indian history. Some must-try Indian Mint chef specials include; the Rhum Chop with mint coulee and yogurt or the chargrilled salmon with saffron mustard.

8. India Express (727 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO)

Here you will get traditional Indian taste with a modern touch using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. India Express has become famous in Denver for its friendly service and astounding delicious dishes. The restaurant features a café-like ambiance which serves as a great hangout spot for students and youngsters. It also has a takeaway option and fast service of Indian dishes, so you will not have to wait for long after a day of touring.

7. Little India (330 E 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203, United States)

Getting excellent reviews from customers, Little India bar and restaurant is a famous local eatery in Denver serving traditional Indian dishes that make you feel right at home. It has even been voted as the top Indian lunch buffet restaurant in India for 16 years for its top-notch food quality and fantastic service. The restaurant has something for everyone: a luxurious dish for indulging guests, healthy and fresh food for conscious eaters, cocktails, and vegetarian options.

6. Himchuli (3489 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211)

As one of the top Indian restaurants in Denver, Himchuli offers incredibly prepared Indian cuisines featuring seven spiciness levels to choose from and a mango lassi to drink for accompaniment. Himchuli has a combination starter to try as you wait for your main course meal for those who want a taste of everything. According to HimchuliDenver, the pakoras and momos are so delicious that you might find yourself ordering more and more.

5. Saucy Bombay (2616 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States)

Saucy Bombay is one of the best go-to places for Indian food in Denver, with various options for individualized Indian food platters. The restaurant features a unique casual ambiance, the same as court scenery. With more than two decades of experience cooking traditional Indian dishes, the chefs at this restaurant are sure to leave their customers wanting more. The popular foods at Saucy Bombay include tikka masala and vindaloo.

4. The Madras Café (5422 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80015)

The Madras Café is an incredible Southern Indian restaurant in Denver offering a wide range of delicious vegetarian dishes. You will love all the Indian dishes, particularly the special Navratan Korma, a mildly spiced, Mughal-style curry prepared with mixed raisins, veggies, cashews, and other traditional spices. It's recommendable to try this dish at a relatively spicy level to enjoy all the creamy flavors. If you can't settle on a single item on the menu, you can order a Thali, a lesser sampler plate of several dishes. Regardless of what you try out, you will leave the restaurant happy.

3. Taste of India (901 S Oneida St #1707, Denver, CO)

As its name suggests, the Taste of India restaurant is one of the reputable restaurants in Denver for its delicious Indian cuisines. The restaurant is situated just some minutes from the Denver Zoo and serves daily dine-in dinners and lunch buffets. To preserve the original taste of their food, the restaurant uses rice and spices imported from India in all their dishes. This hideout also uses homemade sauces as a secret ingredient when preparing flavor-filled dishes. Even better, you can crawl the internet with their free WiFi as you eat at the restaurant.

2. Mehak India's Aromas (250 Steele St Suite 100, Denver, CO)

Do you want to satisfy your Indian food craving while enjoying an upscale dining experience? Mehak's India's Aroma is the perfect place to be. Hidden in the local garden level in Cherry Creek Neighborhood, the restaurant offers an ambient and elegant environment and a great Indian menu. According to the official website, to enjoy maximumly, start by getting a starter and entrée and then the dessert. Start your meal by ordering a Gobi Manchurian, then an entrée of your preference, and finish off with their delicious Pistachio Kulfi. This is an excellent place to make dinner reservations and celebrate your special moments.

1. India Oven (2890 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO)

No restaurant is more hospitable than the India Oven. With the Indian hospitality known worldwide, this restaurant is an incredible example of providing an exceptionally welcoming atmosphere. They ensure that the place is highly comfortable as well as provide a diverse and rich cuisine with spectacular tastes, texture, appearance, and colors. At the India Oven restaurant, you will be served the best chicken soup, masalas, saag, and pakoras. Regardless of the occasion, there is always something for you at India Oven.

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