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The Top Five Rated Hotels in Puglia, Italy

Puglia, also known as Apulia, is a region of Southern Italy that has a longer coastline than any other Italian region. It is characterized by its warm climate, its ruins, its architecture, and its delicious cuisine. This is a popular region for tourists who are visiting Italy to choose and there is some excellent accommodation that is ideally located to access all this region has to offer. Here are five of the top-rated hotels in Puglia, Italy.

1. Masseria Cervarolo

This hotel is a perfect rural retreat for those who want a relaxing and peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist hotspots. The exterior of the hotel is in the style of a traditional Italian villa, while the interior is stylishly decorated and provides all the amenities the modern traveler expects in their accommodation. The beautiful dining serves guests breakfast each morning and this is included in the price of the stay. Communal areas include a bar and a lounge. Guests can also take advantage of the wonderful climate by relaxing by the outdoor pool or taking a dip. The hotel is just six kilometers from Ostuni, the nearest town.

2. Hotel La Peschiera

There are many reasons why tourists would choose to visit this five-star hotel and not least of these is its private beach. A stay at Hotel La Peschiera is truly a luxurious experience and this is evident from the facilities and the décor both inside and out. Guests can enjoy their breakfast on their private terrace and there is a further restaurant terrace where evening meals are served. The restaurant specializes in seafood dishes. There are two outdoor pools for guests and a spa that offers massages. The hotel is located by Lido Tamercici and is 11 kilometers from Monopoli.

3. Don Totu - Dimora Storica

Located in San Cassiano, this hotel provides a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for its guests. The owners pay attention to every single detail to ensure their guests have the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible. The hotel is housed in a historic structure that has an elegant and unique interior design. There are designer touches in every corner of the hotel and it is accessorized with the unusual objects that the owners have collected from around the world in their travels. A range of activities takes place in the hotel for the guests’ entertainment. These include yoga sessions and cooking classes. Both breakfast and evening meals are served in the hotel’s restaurants and they pride themselves on using fresh, local, and seasonal produce. There is a gym and swimming pool available for guests.

4. Don Ferrante

Just a short walk from Cala Paradiso beach and Monopoli city, this converted 16th-century fortress offers luxury accommodation for guests. Rooms are available in a variety of sizes and are elegantly decorated to create a relaxing atmosphere. While there are rustic elements to the decor, such as the stone floors and vaulted ceilings, this hotel is very modern and provides a wide range of amenities and facilities. Some suites have their own living room and private balcony, so they are so much more than somewhere to simply rest at the end of the day. The breakfast served by this hotel is buffet-style, so guests can help themselves to the food they enjoy the most. Don Ferrante has an outdoor pool for both fun and relaxation.

5. Borgo San Marco

Located in Fasano, this hotel is a converted medieval farmhouse with some parts of the building dating back as far as the 12th-century. This hotel is a great choice if you are looking for a peaceful holiday in a quiet spot due to its rural location. However, it is within easy traveling distance of attractions, such as the coast and Zoosafari Fasanolandia Animal Park. The décor of the rooms makes the most of the rustic features while also maintaining a modern style. Breakfast is served at an outdoor buffet and there is an outdoor pool for the guests to enjoy. There is also an outdoor spa which includes a hot tub, a Turkish bath, and a massage service. Other interesting features of this property include the ruins of a medieval church and a cave which both lie within the grounds of the hotel.

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