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Top Five Slush Proof Boots To Get Through Winter

It’s difficult getting through the winter with the right shoes. Lots of folks have an arsenal of boots in their closet which they use to alternate between rainy, snowy, and slushy days. It’s tough to know which combination of traction and warmth will be needed for the transitional periods between early snowfall and the spring thaw. While heavy snow boots work great when walking through all kinds of snow, they quickly become too heavy for other weather.

Wellingtons and rain boots will manage slipping problems when icy, slushy conditions emerge, but they really don’t do a great job of keeping feet warm enough. Fashionable furry and leather boots look stylish, but can become soggy very quickly after tracking through snow and slush.

Because all feet are different, and everyone has their own shoe fit, each person has a favorite for perfect slush footwear. But, when it comes to what to wear in slush, there are several brands which are consistently mentioned, though favorite models may differ widely. Here are a few top named brands which are popular favorites. They are purchased because they are some of the best choices in warm, waterproof, slush proof boots which will help to keep out moisture and avoid slips and falls.

Tretorn Gus Winter for Men

Tretorn was established in Sweden in 1891, and the Swedes are known internationally for their fashion sensibility when it comes to high quality shoes. These waterproof shoes for men are perfect for the city dweller on the go. They are prized for their easy slip on and off comfort, which makes them just right for getting to work and slipping them off to change into dress shoes when necessary. The Gus Winter feature seamless design, lining from faux fur, elastic double gore side panels and the Tretorn proprietary EcoOrtholite high performance sock. These shoes offer warm, dry walks and good grip on wintry mix, wet surfaces. They are priced at $110 per pair.

Snowpocalypse Men’s Insulated Winter Boots

These Bogs boots are designed to be the warmest the company has developed yet. Most men think they are supremely ugly…and most simply don’t care. The boots are designed for warmth and superior slip resistance in very cold temperatures, and that’s all that matters. There are plenty of features to recommend these for cold weather and slush:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Comfort rated from temperate to minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lined with 2mm EveryDry and 1000g Thinsulate
  • Average weight of 6 pounds per pair
  • Pull handles for easy on and off
  • Bogs proprietary Max-Wick keeps feet dry by wicking sweat away
  • Non-slip outsoles which do not mark walking surfaces
  • 10mm Ortholite footbed made from a blend of wool provides extra warmth
  • Size range from 4 to 16

Bogs began in 2002 in Eugene, Oregon; creating shoes for men in agriculture and farming. The shoes were designed to be chemical resistant, guarding against sharp objects and snakebites, and with soles which provide excellent traction on icy surfaces. Snowpocalypse is priced at $300 per pair.

Columbia Minx Slip II Omni-Heat Women’s

Columbia Sportswear began making outdoor gear over 70 years ago. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company focuses on making footwear that keeps feet dry, warm, and protected regardless of hos terrible the day might be. The company chairman is Gert Boyle, who is known as the “Tough Mother”. Gert’s parents fled from Nazi Germany in 1938 and settled in Portland. They were German nationals with the grit necessary to create some of the best footwear available.

Many women mentioned the Columbia Minx Slip II Omni-Heat as a favorite winter boot because it is easy to pull on and take off. The boot upper is constructed of waterproof suede with a baffled print. It is lined with reflective dots which are thermal for warmth. The outsole is designed for excellent traction. The boot has plenty of features:

  • 200 grams of insulation rated for minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight on average is about 11 ounces, depending on shoe size
  • Collar is lined with soft fur
  • Waterproof membrane construction
  • PU footbed which is contoured and removable
  • Lightweight midsole with high energy return and durable cushioning
  • Lining is Omni-Heat reflective

The Columbia Minx Slip II Omni-Heat Women’s Book is priced at approximately $110.

Women’s Original L.L. Bean Boot

This duck boot is a Maine original, since 1912. The boots have rubber bottoms and leather uppers. They are designed to wear with light, midweight or heavyweight socks depending upon the weather. Each pair is sewn by hand in Maine, by craftspeople who provide expert stitching. The boots take longer to make and they need some care. Some customers have waited up to 4 months for their orders to be delivered. The leather is factory treated to resist water and weather, but L.L. Bean recommends treating them occasionally to remove dirt with a soft brush, damp cloth and then add some natural beeswax conditioner. The company guarantees the boots 100% to last a lifetime when cared for properly. One customer posted that her first pair lasted 20 years. This women’s model is priced at $109.

Bean Boot Features:

  • Available in three color combinations
  • Available in widths from Narrow AA to Wide D
  • Available in sizes 6 to 11; some customers were able to special order other sizes
  • Free shipping, No Minimum order
  • Full grain leather construction
  • Steel shank for support
  • Unique foot form for stability and comfort
  • Rubber chain-tread bottom for traction, durability and dry feet
  • Hand-crafted in Maine from highest quality materials

Kid’s Muck Boots

Kids need to keep warm while playing and going to and from school and activities. The Hale Outdoor Sport boots are made in black and neon yellow…great for both girls and boys. The neon yellow makes them easily visible, too. The topline binding is stretch to fit which keeps the boots snug around kids’ calves. This keeps the cold air out and the warm air inside. The boots are completely insulated with 4mm Neoprene, which serves as waterproofing. There is a mesh lining which keeps the boots breathing. The self-cleaning outsole has a tread which wraps around the entire sole perimeter and keeps the soles from tracking mud and provides stability in slippery conditions. They are rated to temperatures of minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit. At approximately 1 and a half pound per pair, they are also lightweight. They are available Child sizes 10 to 13 and Youth sizes 1 to 7. They are priced at $72.98. Though imported, the company ships from their base in the USA.

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