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The Top 10 Golf Courses in Scottsdale, Arizona


Regardless of whether you’re a rookie golfer hoping to develop your skills or an experienced “semi-pro” looking for your next challenge, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need on one of Scottsdale’s 200 golf courses. The beauty of the surrounding scenery is complemented perfectly by courses that make the most of their natural surrounds while offering golfing experiences that range from the fun to the challenging. Grab your golf bag (and a camera) and prepare for your best-golfing experience yet on one of these top Scottsdale golf courses.


10. Orange Tree Golf Resort

Situated on the site of an old orange grove (hence the name…), the Orange Tree Golf Resort is one of the state’s first “all-green” resorts. Its environmentally friendly initiatives extend from reducing water usage and non- recyclable waste to launching a full-blown recycling program. If the green credentials alone aren’t enough to convince you of its merits, then the immaculate fairways, challenging holes, great use of its natural setting, and a relaxing restaurant and bar should be more than enough.


9. Eagle Mountain Golf Course

Located in the majestic McDowell Mountains, the Scott Miller-designed Eagle Mountain golf course is suitable for all skill levels, offering the perfect balance of a fun experience and a challenging game. Newbies would be well advised to take their skills to the next level at one of the clubs "Rockin' Golf Clinics at the Range”, while both rookie golfers and veterans alike will be equally advised to pack a camera: the picturesque views over the Valley and the Sonoran Desert are without doubt some of the best in the county.


8. McDowell Mountain Golf Club

McDowell Mountain Golf Club is one of the newest golf clubs to hit the Scarsdale golfing scene. Built on the site of the now-defunct Sanctuary Golf Course, the course recently underwent a significant revamp that’s elevated it from bog-standard golf club to one of the most desirable resorts in the state. The course now spans 7072 yards from tips and offers a uniquely fun (but never less than challenging) experience for all skill sets.


7. The Phoenician Golf Club

The Phoenician Golf Course offers three of the most popular courses in Scottsdale: The Desert Nine, Oasis Nine, and Canyon Nine. The Desert Nine offers a uniquely challenging play, with frequent elevation changes and the kind of holes that require every ounce of a golfer’s precision and skill to master. Oasis Nine’s more conventional layout provides a simpler but no less rewarding game, while Canyon Nine offers the kind of thrilling scenery that will leave even the most ardent golf lover wishing they’d left their clubs at home and bought their camera instead. Whichever course you choose, you’re guaranteed a first-class experience.


6. Legend Trail Golf Club

No visit to Scottsdale is complete without at least one visit to the famous Legend Trail Golf Club. Ranked as one of the top 100 facilities in the country by Golf Magazine, it’s a regular fixture on every “best of” round up out there… and with a diverse and challenging course, gorgeous views over Pinnacle Peak, and some great deals on prices, it’s easy to see the attraction.


5. The Boulders Golf Club

For those looking for a golfing experience that will leave you more relaxed than a fortnight in bed, the Boulders Golf Club is just the ticket. Set in some of the most scenic surrounds you can imagine, you’ll be confronted with breathtaking panoramas in every direction (if you’re lucky, you may even experience some of the state’s desert wildlife). The course itself is a delightful combination of immaculate fairways and challenging holes. The highlight, however, has to be the recently introduced “Caddiemaster” program, a great initiative that lets golfers improve their game with the help of certified professional caddies who are well versed in all the tips and tricks of the trade.


4. Westin Kierland Golf Club

Seated at the foot of the dramatic mountain ranges of Arizona's Sonoran Desert, Westin Kierland Golf Club has to be one of the most well-placed golf courses in the US. Competing for attention with the stunning views are three award-winning courses that blend immense playability with some serious challenges. If you’re keen to improve your swing, don’t miss out on the chance to take some lessons with the resort’s PGA-certified instructors- it’s an expense you’re unlikely to regret.


3. TPC at Scottsdale - Stadium

As the home of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the TPC at Scottsdale is unquestionably one of Scottsdale’s best-known gold courses… and just one of its best, period. Offering a course that combines great playability with some real head-scratching moments, it’s the ideal stomping ground for both experienced players and newbies alike. If you want to walk in the footsteps of the professionals (and experience the same level of exceptional facilities that they do), then as the state’s only PGA Tour facility, the TPC at Scottsdale is the place to do it.


2. We-Ko-Pa Golf Club

Described as one of the US’s Best Resort Courses by Golfweek, We-Ko-Pa Golf Club offers an outstanding golfing experience that manages to be both challenging and rewarding. Blessed with inspiring views over the surrounding mountains, two exceptionally maintained courses, a first-rate clubhouse, and a patio that makes the ideal spot to linger over a drink while enjoying one of Arizona’s famous sunsets, there’s a reason We-Ko-Pa Golf Club occupies such a fond spot in the hearts of Arizona’s golfers.


1. Troon North Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club’s two 18-hole courses offer one of the most scenic golfing experiences in the US. The "crown jewel” of Scottsdale (as it’s known to golf enthusiasts) winds through Arizona’s rugged terrain, offering spectacular views over the majestic mountains, deep gorges, and scenic foothills that litter the area. Fairways are groomed to within an inch of their life, while an excellent service from the friendly staff and a great range of amenities make for a truly first-class experience.

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