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The Top 20 Premier League Scorers of All-Time

Jermaine Defoe

The Premier League was started for the 1992-3 gaming year's season. Since that time, there have been some amazing stats recorded by the players. Some have more than 100 goals to their credit. Scorekeepers have maintained statistics throughout the years and we learned that there are only 28 players in the history of the league who have scored a minimum of 100 goals, which is actually quite remarkable. To honor their contributions to their teams and to the sport, here are the top 20 Premier League scorers of all-time, for your amazement and enjoyment.

20. Romelu Lukaku - Ratio: 0.45

Lukaku played for Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion, Everton, and Manchester United in the Premier League. He represented the Belgium national team. He scored 113 total goals with 252 played and a ratio of 0.45. Lukaku is no longer playing in the Premier League, but he is still an active professional footballer.

19. Ian Wright - Ratio: 0.53

Ian Wright ties Romelu Lukaku with 113 goals, with 213 played, and a ratio of 0.53. He was a member of the England national team and has played for Arsenal and West Ham United. We placed him one spot above Lukaku because of his slightly improved stats, but both players have excelled in the sport. Wright has left the Premier League and is no longer a professional footballer.

18. Steven Gerrard - Ratio: 0.24

Steven Gerrard is remembered for his contributions to the England national team, playing for Liverpool He has a total of 120 goals on his record with 504 played and a ratio of 0.24. Gerrard is not currently playing in teh Premier League, nor is he playing professional football.

17. Dwight Yorke - Ratio: 0.33

Dwight York occupies the seventeenth highest number of goals scored with a total of 123 scored, 375 played and a ratio of 0.33. He represented Trinidad and Tobago national. Yorke played for Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, and Sunderland. He has an impressive amount of experience and he's played on several different teams. He's one of the most experienced players to have participated in the Premier League and his name is readily recognized by both fans and opponents.

16. Nicolas Anelka - Ratio: 0.34

Nicolas Anelka represented the France national team. He played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, and West Bromwich Albion. He scored a total of 125 goals with 364 played and a ratio of 0.34. Like Yorke, Anelka has also played on multiple teams during the time he participated in the Premier League. He is no longer playing professional football, but he still belongs to an elite group with 100 plus goals to his credit and he achieved this in 364 games.

15. Robbie Keane - Ratio: 0.36

Robbie Keane became a part of the elite group of Premier League scorers who made it well past 100 goals with a score of 126 goals in 349, achieving a ratio of 0.36. He played for the Republic of Ireland national. He's played for Coventry City Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, West Ham United, and Aston Villa. He currently holds the fifteenth position in the scorers who have racked up the most goals in their careers in Premier League football. Keane is not currently active in professional football, but he's left behind an impressive legacy.

14. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink - Ratio: 0.44

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink scored a total of 127 goals, placing him as the fourteenth highest scorer of all time in Premier League football, with 388 played and a ratio of 0.44. He played for Leeds United, Chelsea, Middlesbrough and Charlton Athletic for the Netherlands National team. It's also worth mentioning that Jimmy has Golden Boot Wins in 1999 and again in 2005. He's known as one of the greatest Premier League scorers in teh history of the game. He first signed for Leeds United in 1997 and made a total of 16 EPL goals within his first season of play for Leeds, then the year after, topped that with an impressive 18 goals for the season. This was a year that he was granted a Golden Boot Award and it was well-earned. He signed with Chelsea in 2000. He's no longer active in Premier League nor does he play professional football at this time.

13. Harry Kane - Ratio: 0.69

Harry Kane is the thirteenth-highest scorer in the history of the Premier League. His record ties with Hasselbaink with an amazing 127 goals scored in 184 plays for a ration of 0.69. His statistics are quite impressive and they make him stand out as one of the best scorers in our list because he did it with fewer games than most and his ratio is something to be proud of as a pro footballer. Kane plays for the England national team and played with Norwich City and Tottenham Hotspur during his career. It wouldn't surprise us to see his stats change in the next few seasons, and it's likely that he's going to continue to climb higher on the list as he is still an active player in the Premier League.

12. Robin Van Persie - Ratio: 0.51

Robin Van Persie holds a record of 144 goals scored in 280 plays with a ratio of 0.51. He played for the Netherlands national team, on the teams of Manchester United and Arsenal. He's one of the best scorers in the history of the Premier League, coming in at 12th rated in the entire world and for all time.

11. Teddy Sheringham - Ratio: 0.35

Sheringham comes in close to the record set by Robin Van Persie with a total of 146 goals scored in 418, with a ratio of 0.35. He has Van Persie beat by just two goals but Persie maintains the better ratio. Sheringham represented the England national team. He played for Nottingham Forest, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Portsmouth, and West Ham United.

10. Les Ferdinand - Ratio: 0.42

We've reached the top ten best scorers of all time in Premier League football and the tenth is Les Ferdinand. He represented the England national team with a total of 149 goals scored in 351, with a ratio of 0.42. He played with the Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Leicester City, and the Bolton Wanderers. Les is no longer playing professional football, but he's gone down in history as one of the superstars in the sport, delivering 60 goals for the Queens Park Rangers team, which was an amazing feat, also bringing 41 goals for Newcastle in just two seasons.

9. Michael Owen - Ratio: 0.46

Michael Owen is another professional footballer who represented the England national team. He amassed a total of 150 goals scored in 326, earning him a ratio of 0.46. Owen played with Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City. This brings him to the position of the ninth highest scorer in the Premier League and it also earned him a place in the history of the game. he is no longer playing professional league football.

8. Jermain Defoe - Ratio: 0.33

Jermain Defoe represented the England national team. He currently holds a total of 162 goals scored in 496 for a ratio of 0.33, and although he's no longer playing in the Premier League he is still playing professionally. Defoe has played for West Ham United, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, Sunderland, and Bournemouth. He's the eighth-highest scorer in Premier League and he's still active in the game, and it will be interesting to follow him to see how he does in the next few seasons to come. The Centre forward player currently plays with the Rangers FC and is contracted through May of 2020. We'll see what happens between now and then, and if he's going to sign up with another team after his current contract expires.

7. Robbie Fowler - Ratio: 0.43

Robbie Fowler is the seventh-highest scorer in the Premier League. He represented the England national team with 163 goals, barely beating Jermain Defoe by just one goal, and he did it in just 379 games compared to Defoe's 496. Fowler achieved a scoring ratio of 0.43. He played on four teams which included Liverpool, Leeds United, Manchester City, and the Blackburn Rovers. He is no longer actively playing professional football, but he takes his place in the history books as one of the top ten highest scorers in the league..

6. Sergio Aguero - Ratio: 0.69

Sergio Aguero represents the Argentina national team and currently plays for Manchester City. This is the first and only team that Aguero has played with and he is still currently active in Premier League play. He's already the sixth-highest scorer in teh league with 168 goals scored in 242 games. He has an impressive ratio of 0.69 on top of all of this. We fully expect to see him move even higher up on the list in the seasons to come. If he continues on his current trajectory, he could one day rank at first place, but only time will tell.

5. Thierry Henry - Ratio: 0.68

Theirry Henry represented France in the Premier League and he scored 175 in 258. This gave him a remarkable 0.68 ratio, which came in just under the ratio of the number six scorer Sergio Aguero, but he had seven more goals racked up in his score. Henry occupies a place in an even more elite group of the top five Premier League scorers of all time, leading the group of the highest performing league scorers. Henry played with the Arsenal team but is no longer active as a professional footballer. He played center-forward until his retirement from the sport.

4. Frank Lampard - Ratio: 0.29

Frank Lampard represented the England national team as the fourth-highest scoring player in the Premier League. He delivered 177 goals in 609, achieving a ratio of 0.29. It may have taken him a lot more plays to achieve his high score tally, but it's an impressive score. Lampard played for West Ham United, Chelsea, and Manchester City before his retirement from professional football.

3. Andy Cole - Ratio:0.45

Andy Cole is the third on our list of highest scorers in the Premier League and he represented the England national team. He brought home 187, topping Lampard's record by ten goals, and he did so in just 414, achieving a ratio of 0.45. Cole played for several different teams during his years as a professional footballer including Newcastle United, Manchester United, the Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, and Portsmouth. He has since retired from pro football.

2. Wayne Rooney - Ratio: 0.42

Wayne Rooney is the second-highest scorer in Premier League with an amazing 208 in 404, earning himself a ratio of 0.42 in goal scoring. He represented the England national team and played for Everton, and Manchester United when playing in Premier League. He is no longer playing in Premier, but he is still active in playing professional football.

1. Alan Shearer - Ratio: 0.59

Now, we've come to the moment we've all been waiting for. The number one top scorer in the Premier League is Alan Shearer. His record is so high that it's going to be tough for other pro ballers to catch up with him. He scored an incredible 260 goals in 441 and although his ratio of 0.59 is not the highest, he certainly has racked up the most points of any player who has ever participated in the league. During his grand and illustrious career, Alan Shearer represented the England national team. He played for the Blackburn Rovers, and Newcastle United. Shearer has left behind a legacy in the Premier League that sets the bar very high, but this could be a very good thing. New and upcoming players can look at this score and review his unique style, to have perhaps a greater inspiration to meet and exceed his record score. Alan Shearer is a name that occupies the number one position in the Premier League, and so far, nobody has even come close to catching up with his record number of scores. Shearer owes this to his magnificent aerial capabilities and his physical presence.

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