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Five of the Top Snyper Watches Money Can Buy

Snyper Watches

Snyper watches, a new name in watch making, hit the retail market in 2009. Designed as a high end watch, their watches are designed, machined and built in Switzerland and are one of the few watches to be entire made entirely in the country. Designed by Jean-Francois Ruchonnet, the co-founder states that the collection is designed based on a sniper's rifle. The collection comes in five basic models.  Snyper also makes women's versions of some of its watches which are just as beautiful, but fit better on smaller wrists. The women's models have smaller dials, and fit less on the clock face.  Snyper keeps precise time and will sync together. They are also perfect for operations that demand precise timing.

Check below to see our selections for their top models:

Snyper One

Snyper One

This is the original Snyper model and it is still being manufactured. This watch features a stainless steel case that is machined from one piece of metal. It uses a Valjoux 7755 S caliber mechanical movement. The base movement is housed inside a 44mm black PVD treated steel case. The strap is rubber with a PVD buckle. The face of the watch is housed in a sapphire glass cover coated against scratching or denting. This watch is advertised as being safe to wear for all kinds of activities. However, the Snyper one is not resistant to water damage.

The face of the watch has a clock face for seconds, minutes, and hours. The watch also has a calendar feature including in the watch face. This watch comes in grey, black or silver bases with options to include red, yellow shading and clock hands. The face is black and white; some come with a textured look. The watch is self winding by movement of the wrist, but there is manual winding crown as well. Opposite the crown is a long bar on the other side which is designed for attaching mobile instruments to the watch.

The Snyper One retails from about $8,000 to $10,000 at official jewelers.

Snyper Two

Snyper Two

The One was successful, but the Two was designed to supplement the Snyper One. This watch is larger, at 50mm with a black PVD treated steel case. It has the option for a colored chronometer and trim of yellow, red. The watchband comes in rubber or leather. The crown included to wind the watch has the Snyper logo on the top. This watch is still self-winding, with power to last about 48 hours.

Opposite the crown is a double bar on the side designed to allow attachment of extra equipment. Lasers, lights and lighters are available to purchase. This watch uses the Snyper Calibre F100 movement. While this watch is comfortable to wear, the case is quite heavy compared to similar sized watches. These watches retail from $5,000 to $8,000.

Snyper Ironclad

Snyper Ironclad

This watch come with a 50mm stainless steel case coated with PVD.  This was is an attempt to decrease the weight. This watch comes with the weight reduced Calibre F101 movement. This model offers a full colored dial with a matching wrist band. Choices of blue, yellow, red, orange or green highlights are available. This watch come with the distinctive crown and the attachment bars at 9'o clock on the watch. Tis watch is water resistant to 100m.

This watch also comes with the newer option of a rose gold watch case. The Ironclad starts at about $4,000. The rose gold option adds several thousand dollars to the price of the watch.

Snyper F-117

Snyper F-117

This is Snyper"s homage to the F-117. This watch has a tourbillon watch movement made by Concepto. The movement of this watch can take over a year to make. Modeled after other Snyper series watches, the tourbillon was designed to improve the accuracy of watches, which can be affected by gravity. However, the effect is less common in wrist watches. This is Snyper"s most expensive model and is only issued in numbered, limited quantities.

The case is stainless steel black or silver, but their is also a rose gold option. Because of the movement, this watch does not come with a calendar or additional watch hands. Its bevel is also simple. Yet, this watch retails for $60,000 due to cost of building the tourbillon mechanism.

Snyper Lighter

Snyper Lighter

Sold as a separate watch style, this is a Snyper Two with a permanently attached cigar lighter. The lighter is attached at the 9 o'clock position. The lighter is an Haute Horlogeri that can be refilled with propane and is not affected by wind. It should not light up your wrist with the watch. These lighter watches are becoming quite popular among upper class boutiques.

The Lighter sells for $6,000 to $8,000. The lighter will also cut your cigar. This watch comes in grey and black steel cases. This lighter comes attached to the watch and is a higher grade lighter than the one available with the Snyper Two.

*Snyper is a watch company that is still building its following. The company also builds individual watches which can include things like diamonds, jewels and more exotic strap materials. The company is still based in Geneva and is doing its best to attach its watches to well known celebrities and sports athletes.

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