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The Top Ten SSPs in Digital Advertising Right Now

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Many entrepreneurs these days are asking about the subject of SSPs, so before we get into the top 10 SSPs, let’s discuss what an SSP is. SSP actually stands for "sell-side platform" or more commonly "supply-side platform". It’s basically a technology platform used for enabling web publishers to gain effective management of their advertising space inventory, while also filling it with ads, and receiving revenue from it. In a nutshell, it’s software that is utilized for automated sales of advertising and is used most often by online publishers for helping them with the displaying of ads, both mobile and video.

How do they work? By giving publishers the ability to have a connection between networks, DSPs, multiple ad exchanges, and their inventory, and in turn allowing publishers to acquire higher rates and potential buyers to buy more ad space. Every transaction made is a two-step process that only works when a buyer with money to spend gets connected to a seller with a product or service to sell.

When SSPs throw impressions into the ad exchanges, then DSPs start analyzing and purchasing them for the marketers. This all depends on specific attributes, like which users they are being served to and where. The idea is to open up impressions to the maximum number of potential buyers possible. This is often accomplished via real-time auctions, whereby publishers have the opportunity for maximizing their revenue received for their inventory. This is precisely why SSPs are also sometimes called “ yield-optimization platforms”.

So, what are the Top Ten SSPs in Digital Advertising Right Now? Why are they the best?

1. Pubmatic

Pubmatic is a leading SSP that has been introducing a number of unique innovations to advertising. For starters, the Pubmatic platform allows publishers to access more than 400 demand side platforms, ad networks, and ad exchanges. The use of these resources makes it possible for them to initiate negotiations for optimum pricing with the most beneficial partners. Pubmatic also offers a unified optimization engine in addition to superior analytics and reporting. It's an automated auction in real time that's capable of monetizing impressions from a wide range of demand sources. Mobile inventory is also supported and that is quickly becoming a much bigger segment of Internet advertising.

2. OpenX Lift

OpenX creates programmatic marketplaces for app developers and premium publishers to monetize their content by via connections with leading advertisers who appreciate their audiences. By driving superior monetization for publishers and connecting to the ad exchanges that are the highest-yielding, OpenX Lift maximizes value for marketers and their brands, thereby allowing their demand partners to perform transactions the ad exchange that is also of the highest quality for their demand partners. OpenX has remained focused on the creation of effective and very powerful publisher solutions by creating a programmatic platform that is not only extremely efficient but also delivers maximum value to both sides of all transactions.

3. Google AdX

In 2011, Google acquired Admeld for $400 million and this particular SSPs popularity stems from the fact that it offers comprehensive advertising tools. Admeld has been an industry leader since 2008 in the field of assisting premium publishers with maximizing their ad revenues while also simplifying their operations. They are pioneers in the area of private ad exchange and were responsible for building technology for making it easier for publishers to pinpoint new opportunities while also controlling how all impressions are sold. Their DoubleClick Ad Exchange maximizes the yield across a publisher’s channels, both direct and indirect, as well as on any device and in any format.

4. AOL

Via their consolidation of six publisher technologies, AOL now has a new iteration that combines SSP properties that were once only available separately. They call it simply One by AOL: Publishers. Instead of having to run all of those technologies as separate business units, they have combined the individual technologies with 75,000 publishers as their collective clientele. This cuts down on the need for sales representatives and offers one single pricing model rather than six. In addition, it only requires a single master service agreement for publishers to execute. SSPs like this one can then be utilized by publishers for selling advertising inventories to their advertisers on their websites.

5. AppNexus

AppNexus Publisher SSP delivers advanced controls that can help publishers to maximize their revenues by letting them use proprietary data for managing their demand partners via mobile, desktop, native, and even video. And, AppNexus Publisher SSP helps publishers with earning the optimum price for every impression with their price floor technology, as well as driving revenue via header bidding, easy mobile advertising integration, and all while also maintaining total ad quality control and strengthening buy-side partnerships.

6. Adobe Demand Side Platform

Adobe Demand Side Platform offers a unified DSP via its software-based cross-channel solution that offers users global advertising that is streamlined from one single platform. TV and mobile-based insights, as well as media execution and integrated planning tools, help to boost ad campaigns. A number of big brands are currently using Adobe Media Optimizer, including Heineken and Mediacom.

7. Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project helps publishers with effectively selling their ads better by connecting with premium buyers in one of the biggest ad marketplaces in the world. They accomplish this via one platform for managing both programmatic and direct ad business across all platforms, devices, and formats. With Rubicon Project, the conventional RFP process is streamlined and they guarantee direct order deals, provide invite-only PMP access and commitment levels that are a top priority.

8. Switch

Switch offers server-side integration with all DSPs, DMPS, Exchanges, and SSPs along with dynamic floor pricing that is fully automated. It also provides absolute neutrality, as well as guaranteed deals, set-up, and private management with virtually any SSP. You can also utilize Switch for exposing revenue data across your whole site.

9. Sovrn

This is an ad-technology platform that is integrated and offers enabling of advertisers and agencies for more effective creating, managing, and growth of digital marketing campaigns that are high-impact. It's a powerful tool for managing websites' ad spaces while also reporting their performance on the client end. It also has an excellent user interface that helps users to understand their ad progress, as well as managing them like a marketing expert. Some additional features include uploading creatives in a variety of formats, sending clients daily reports, and insight into ad delivery.

10. AerServ

AerServ offers mobile ad management technology for assisting publishers with managing their inventory with just one single easy-to-use platform. It was built specifically for publishers looking for advanced revenue management, a mobile strategy, and an experience that is TV-like via 100 percent transparency. This allows users the opportunity for working with various partners and streamlining their work, as well as positive revenue upticks. In addition, AerServ's support is on a higher level than some others for resolving issues.

Remember that, no matter which platform you choose, a certain amount of intelligent human analysis will always be a necessary factor to be combined with any automated solutions, no matter how innovative they may be.


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