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How Travis Pastrana Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana is a distinguished person who has been widely celebrated in motorsports. He was born in a family of sportspeople and began taking an interest in sport early. When he was still young, he became a "teenage sensation" at only fourteen years after winning several motocross championships. That was how he began the journey of a competitive career because he continued to daze the crowds by winning medals after medals when he competed in the X-games, which earned him millions of fans across the globe during those phenomenal years of stardom. Pastrana then found his way to join the US Nationally Rally. He continued to push himself and caused havoc in every competition he registered to enter track competition where scooping gold medals became a norm on numerous occasions. His dynamic career has enabled him to rank all those millions in his bank account. This article guides how Travis Pastrana has taken home over $25 Million over many years.

X-games career

After announcing himself in the Loretta Lynn National Amateur races, Travis Pastrana was a bracing rally enthusiast for what to brace for. He won five competitions that were epic and breathtaking to capture so many die-hard fans at an early age. This brave driver became the sought-after person in 2001 after winning the motocross Rider of the year award during the ESPN motor Sport and Music Awards. According to Hot cars, Travis only missed out on gold medals on two occasions in all the competitions he took part in between 1999 and 2006, that was an incredible scintillating performance because on that two occasions, one he was injured and the other he crashed out and developed a nasty concussion which he recovered thankfully. When you put together all the medals Travis had collected that contributed to most of the prize money. He scooped 17 times total game medals; 11 were gold medals. When Travis joined the Gravity Games, he shone and surprised many, winning an additional five gold medals. He continues to wreak havoc on the track by collecting more medals in the Dew Tour competition and Red Bull X-Fighters events. By now, I know you are beginning to understand how Travis became a menace with a daredevil performance that made him become a millionaire. Amazingly, during these many years of crazy performances, Travis remained highly loyal to the Suzuki Company that signed him, and the company returned the kindness before he moved to KTM.

Travis Become Beast when he joined the US National Rally

In 2003, Travis Pastrana decided to try something else and debuted in the rally competition. He joined the Vermont SportsCar to compete in the Championship race events. Come 2006, Travis was already leading the pack in the first rally competition that he took part in that year in which he bested the veteran driver Colin McRae's record. That same year he won the first rally championship medal at the X Games with Subaru Rally Team USA, Subaru team rap that year with two number one awards during Wild West Rally that took place in Olympia and at the Lake Superior Performance Rally Championship. The next three years followed, Travis continued with dominant performances by finishing first in several Rally competitions across America in every competition he took part in. By 2009, he had dominated all the track competition and was second to none by clinching about four consecutive drivers' titles, a feat that no driver has managed to break until today. Between 2011 and 2013, Travis was still winning Rally competition and podium finishes, but his dominance was now getting challenges from new elite drivers who were beginning to outperform him in races.

Investors were not afraid to put their money on Upcoming Insane Ideas

Travis Pastrana co-founded Nitro Circus, a reality television show organizing Nitro Circus live events to showcase daredevils' stunts worldwide. During these events, Travis has been captured performing life-threatening actions with machines meant to compete on the ground and has been pictured soaring on air. Nitro Circus events is a media company that has become sensational since it was formed in 2003 and has received sponsorship to organize prevalent events such as Nitro World Games and Nitro Rallycross, which generate many revenues and contribute to the wealth that Travis has accumulated.

Game Companies Endorsements

Popular game companies have been pursuing Travis's signature for endorsement. This fantastic driver has featured in several of them, such as "Freestyle Motocross of McGrath vs.Pastrana around 2000, Dirt 1 and Dirt 2, MTX Mototrax, " released in 2004.

Shoe Collections

In 2011, DC shoes signed a deal with this striking driver to release branded shoe designers bearing his name. This company also featured Pastrana 199 Trucker cap and the trademark Big Rig Flannel shirt that he used to wear when competing. Travis has now opened a company called Ethika Company which usually produces exceptional athlete's underwear.

Pastrana continues to keep Gymkhana Alive.

For many years, Gymkhana has been a revelation event that Ken Block organized. Travis has since taken over the mantle from him to keep his legacy alive. He crushed his car during his debut in his hometown. Travis appeared on the eleven editions of the Gymkhana with his monstrous 862 Subaru WRX STI, which was custom built for fans to enjoy and reminisce about the old day's supremacy. According to Celebrity Net Worth, one such collaboration enabled one such dangerous sky jumping event to take place. During that competition, fans were treated to an unforgettable expedition where this daring driver jumped out from a plane above Puerto Rico airspace without a parachute, a stunt that many consider crazy, but he claims that he is just competitive. These stunts were deemed to be life-threatening, which is alleged that he was facing legal consequences for performing them as they are illegal to do something of the sort.


Travis Pastrana has made quite a fortune during major rally extravaganza when competing in motocross, rally racing, supercross, and freestyle motocross. From what we can learn, no challenge is too daring when pulling stunt performances attracting so many followers across his social media pages. He is considered a billion-dollar sports franchise by Forbes, a feat that is not easy to achieve if you don't work hard.

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