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Turning Finding Cheap Airfare into a 7 Figure Business: Scott Keyes

Those of us who like the challenge of finding the cheapest airfare understand that it can take days of searching, spending hours online comparing prices. There are so may different sites that offer specials, but it can be a time consuming process. Scott Keyes is one guy who got lucky and it inspired him to build a business. The twenty nine year old entrepreneur was searching for the cheapest airfare for a flight from NYC to Milan and he scored one for one hundred and thirty dollars, round trip. This young bargain hunter had the knack for finding deals and he used it to his advantage. It only took him a few years to use this talent to build a business that is valued at close to $1 million. We're going to take a closer look at Scott and learn more about the business that he has built using his bargain hunting skills.

Scott Keyes inspiration

While he was searching for cheap tickets to Milan, Scott Keyes noticed that there were some killer deals on other flights as well. Although he had no need for these, it made the wheels start turning in his head. He began sharing information with his associates and friends because the deals were so good that he felt the need to share them with others who might be interested in traveling to some of the inexpensive locations.

He had unlocked the key to finding rock bottom prices for airfare to practically anywhere in the world, so he established a newsletter that would allow people to subscribe to in order to find out about these amazing deals. Little did Keyes know, that in just three short years, that small newsletter would turn into a booming business that would require the hiring of five employees and haul in close to a million dollars.

Exponential Growth

Scott's new startup business has over 250,000 subscribers who are interesting in finding cheap airfare tickets. He started his subscription newsletter through Mailchimp, but the exponential growth from three hundred subscribers to more than three thousand in a few days' time made it necessary for him to move to a paid service that could handle the volume that his new startup was experiencing. It was at this point that Scott had to start charging a subscription fee to cover his overhead for hosting fees. He offered free deals but the premium subscription service only cost a mere $2.00 a month.

Scott's Cheap Flights

The name of the premium newsletter is Scott's Cheap Flights. Keyes was actually shocked when the number of paid subscribers climbed to well over six hundred. Revenue started coming in and by the early part of February of 2016, the number of paid subscribers had jumped to just under 1,700. The revenue coming in allowed him to quit his day job as a freelance journalist and devote himself full time to Scott's Cheap Flights. Within just a few months real growth took place and the number of free subscribers topped fifty three thousand with just over six thousand premium subscriptions established. When Scott took a look at his stats after Black Friday, he was amazed to ind that the total revenue which had come in was just under $40,000 short of $1 million.

Marketing costs

This brilliant young entrepreneur only invested a mere $500 in marketing expenses. He quickly discovered that in this industry, the best form of advertisement is by word of mouth from satisfied subscribers. There really wasn't a need to dump any more money into advertising because his customers were taking care of that aspect for him.

The key to success

From what we can observe, it appears that Scott Keyes, whether intentional or by happen chance, offered people useful information for just a few dollars a month that they would be able to use to save money on airfare. While he was compelled to charge a nominal fee for subscriptions, he also maintains a regular habit of offering as many free deals for people as possible. This makes his business more attractive to viewers and they don't mind paying a few bucks to get the most information that they can.

What did he do that was so different?

Scott Keyes conducted his searches just like anyone else would, except that he made a few typos that unlocked the door to his current success. Instead of typing in a larger amount that he was willing to pay for airfare, he dropped a zero. Without knowing that ridiculously low prices for tickets existed, he was taken to the sites where they were currently being offered. In essence, he stumbled on the secret that has led him to the grand success that he is now enjoying as the owner of Scott's Cheap Flights. He's done the leg work and put in the hours and has earned every penny that is now coming in.

Outlook for the future of Scott Keyes

With his business taking an upward spiral and having the funds to enjoy traveling the world, Scott Keyes is on top of the world. The cost of a premium subscription to the newsletter is now set at five dollars. It is a small price to pay for the monthly deals that save travelers hundreds and even thousands on airfare throughout the world. He is moving ahead at a good pace and with the popularity of the service that he is offering, we believe that Scott's Cheap Flights is a service that will continue to expand and grow. The future looks bright for Mr. Keyes and we wish him the best of success, and owe him a debt of gratitude for helping us to find the most reasonable prices out there on airfare.

Final thoughts

Scott Keyes offers an excellent example of what a person can do with a good idea and a willingness to help others. Finding a good deal and passing it on to others is what helped him to establish his flourishing business. Although this may not have been his initial plan, Scott's good deeds have rewarded him with a handsome income and the ability to do the thing tha the loves and that is traveling the world .

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