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A Closer Look at The Tuseno Shellback Dive Watch

Tuseno Shellback Dive Watch

Tuseno is a watch brand that first entered the Dive watch market with Blackwater. This was its first official diver. With cues from ancestors of the timepiece going back to 1907, it was used by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. Tuseno has since created a new watch with a few of the elements of the original in a new iteration that formed a new line and collection in the Shellback, a more rugged timepiece that is suitable for rough waters and harsh environments. Perhaps one of its most interesting creations to date is the Tuseno Shellback dive watch, which merits a closer look and inspection compared to other luxury watches on the market.

Background an observations

A Blog to Watch offers a few details about the Tuseno Shellback dive watch that might otherwise be overlooked. Their thorough reviews are exceptional for finding hidden secrets in watches that might escape the untrained or unfamiliar eye. The Swedish watchmaker has taken its logo from various antique pieces of literature bearing nautical charts of the West Coast of the country with its myriads of islands and lighthouses. It's only natural that they create a watch such as the Shellback that stands as a symbol of Swedish ingenuity to stand up against the ruggedness of Scandinavian waters.

A Closer look at the Tuseno Shellback Dive Watch

A feature that we'll start with is the dial and the unique method that Tuseno applies to its creation. The index markers are largely porthole-shaped except for the dashes at 12, 3, 6, and 9. Each has been outlined with a luminous coating for a uniform glow in dark conditions. They're perforated to allow the back glow from the treated surface behind the dial to shine with brightness in dark murky waters or on a moonless night. There are no applications here for the indices, which is a novel feature. The hands of the timepiece are also unique with a porthole near the tip of the hour hand, and ample luminous fill on each of the semi-chunky hands. The second hand is needle-style with a light blue lume filled arrow at the tip to split the seconds. The hands are notably larger than in the Blackwater. Tuseno took their use of SuperLuminova to the limits with the Shellback. This model is available in your choice of a date window or a dateless version. Those which include the date window also have the lume applied to the outside of the opening of the window. All this is protected with a domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

The case and crown

Oversmart points out that the case is made of metal material, although it does not specify precisely what kind. We're assuming it's standard stainless steel. It has the appearance of 316L steel with a combination of brushed and polished finishes. The watch measures 40mm in width with a nice thin profile of 11.9 mm in thickness. It feels normal on the wrist due to the additional height of the dome of the crystal. The lug to lug distance is approximately 47 mm. This makes it compatible with most wrist sizes. The crown is a screw-down style that is made of the same material as the rest of the case. The styling helps to enhance its water resistance. The bidirectional bezel features the use of lume on its etched markings as well. When you flip the watch over, the case back is solid and also made of stainless steel, and secured down firmly with screws on the exterior. It bears a polished finish with engravings that offer information about the origins and model. It also confirms that this is a Swiss-made timepiece that has a water resistance of up to 200 meters, or 565 feet. The engravings of the star and part circle are also attractive features that make it an interesting watch regardless of the angle it's viewed from. A great deal of care and time has gone into the small details of the Tuseno Shellback Dive watch.

The movement

The Tuseno Shellback Dive Watch is powered by an automated bidirectional winding Ronda Mecano Caliber R150 movement. It's Swiss-made and comparable to the ETA 2824, but at a more reasonable price. It beats at 28,800 vph with a power reserve of 40 hours. It's a dependable caliber that may show a variance of up to 12 seconds per year which isn't bad at all as movements go.

The strap

The bracelet of the Tuseno Shellback Dive watch is made of stainless steel material in a link styling. It's a sophisticated bracelet that can be interchanged with a rubber version if you plan to take the watch into the water, which we're assuming you will. It's a classic bracelet with a secure clasp-style closure.

Price and availability

Due to the act that Tuseno is a small brand with limited resources, the Tuseno Shellback Dive watch is now open for pre-orders. Pre-ordering opened on August 12, 2021. It's not yet available but those who place their pre-orders can take advantage of the lower price of $649 per timepiece. If you wait to purchase the watch until they're officially in stock, the price will go up to $795.

Final thoughts

The Tuseno Shellback Dive Watch has the characteristics of a watch that would otherwise sell for far more than $1,000. From all appearances, the asking price is far below what many would estimate to be its true value when compared with similar Dive watches. It's a unique diver that is inspired by the Blackwater, with a few modern twists. We like the additional lume for enhanced legibility of the time in the water as one of our favorite features. It's wise to continue to check the official website for more information about when the Shellback will be available for shipment. It's a project that they're still working on.

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