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10 Things You Didn't Know about Ty Haney

Ty Haney

Are you familiar with 33 year old Ty Haney, the CEO of TryYourBest? It's surprising how many people don't yet know of either Haney or the company. Perhaps it's just a little too early in this particular venture's development for a number of people to be aware of it, but it's likely that this will change in the very near future. If you're wondering what this new company that she's heading up is all about, you might think of it as a way of rewarding customer loyalty through digital assets as opposed to giving 10% off on a single purchase. It's a fairly ingenious concept and one that requires thinking outside the box so much that some people believe it's incapable of working. Clearly, it takes somebody that has a very particular set of qualities to pull something like this off. If you're intrigued, go ahead and read over these 10 things about Ty Haney. You'll end up with a much stronger appreciation for both her and her company.

1. She’s a trailblazer

There's no question about it, she definitely has a flair for doing things her own way. As a matter of fact, she likes coming up with unique ideas that no one else has ever tried before. Moreover, she refuses to let anyone stop her when other people try to remind her that she's about to embark on something that's never been successfully done in the past.

2. She allows her fear to fuel her, not stop her

A lot of people have a tendency to become almost paralyzed by fear, but that's never really been a problem for her. As a matter of fact, she uses her fear to fuel her efforts, not stop her from making them. The more concern she has for the success of the project, the harder she works on it in order to make sure that it is indeed successful. For her, sitting around daydreaming about a project that never comes to fruition or hiding in the corner because she's had a bad day just isn't an option. That's one of the main reasons why she's been so successful thus far.

3. She sees creativity in everyday things

She also has a tendency to see creativity in everyday things. It's often in the simplest things that people can find the most lucrative ideas. She simply observes and then thinks about how things can be improved or created in order to make her everyday life better. She then sets out to make sure that such a product is then created for the general public. It's an ingenious idea and one that entrepreneurs have been using successfully for years. Clearly, it works well for her.

4. When things don’t go her way, she doubles down

She also says that she's never been the type of individual to simply back down when things don't go her way. As a matter of fact, a bad day, week or month only makes her double down and work that much harder. If something isn't going her way, she figures out what she could do to make it better and then proceeds to do exactly that. Quitting is not an option.

5. She understands that you can’t always please everyone

A lot of people spend their entire lives trying to please practically every person they meet, only to end up frustrated and unhappy with their situation themselves. She says that she learned a long time ago, it's practically impossible to please everyone. She has use that advice to target her entrepreneurial efforts to a very particular audience, one that she feels has values similar to her own. It's something that has allowed her to focus more on the efforts that she wants to incorporate into her own life, all while using those same values to fuel her endeavors as an entrepreneur.

6. She’s used to being told “no”

Like most entrepreneurs, she's fully accustomed to being told no. The thing is, she doesn't listen to it when people say those types of things. She admits that people who forge new endeavors have to grow thick skin. She's used to being told that her ideas won't work, that she's crazy for thinking they will, so on and so forth. For the most part, she literally lets it go through one ear and out the other. She also thinks that most individuals would do well to adopt that mindset, as there is always someone who will be first in line to tell you that you can't do something. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're correct.

7. She doesn’t pay attention to the naysayers, either

She admits that it can sometimes be a lot when there are many naysayers, but she also says that in a way, they energize her. When people are talking about how crazy an idea is, it's probably because they haven't thought of it themselves. She's always quick to point out that all of the greatest and most well-known inventions were thought of by people that others thought were crazy at the time they were invented.

8. She combines her vision with real business savvy

She definitely has a clear vision for the future and she has a genuine understanding of business. She uses these two things in conjunction to make things work on her behalf. So far, it's definitely been a formula for success.

9. She’s careful not to burn her bridges

Some entrepreneurs have a tendency to burn their bridges when they switch from one project to another, but she's always been very careful to do the exact opposite. She's not particularly crazy about the idea of alienating herself from something that has previously been successful, as she knows that she can use that as leverage for any and all future projects. For her, it's all about maintaining a certain level of notoriety so that individuals who were loyal customers of her previous ventures will get on board with both her current endeavor and those that she plans to embark on later on in life.

10. She uses social media to support her efforts, but with a twist

It's almost comical because she uses Instagram to support her efforts, yet she openly speaks out against Instagram because she believes that it's almost impossible for entrepreneurs to be successful with new products on that particular platform. That is why some people criticize her. As far as she's concerned, she's merely using the platform she already has a presence on to state her views.


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