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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Urban Jurgensen Big 8 'London Edition'

Urban Jurgensen Big 8 'London Edition'

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc, and not just on any specific society, but on the world as a whole. With lives lost and humans on quarantine practicing social distancing, we are all in a fairly uncomfortable spot, but it is a spot where many life lessons of substance are being learned…my those open of heart and mind, anyway. In the midst of all of it we have discovered that human beings still have a strong, yet utterly human, side to them. People are chipping in to help others in any way they can, and everything from the small business to the massive corporate conglomerate is being used to make the trial of COVID-19 a bit lighter on everyone’s backs. Urban Jürgensen, renowned luxury watchmakers since 1773, have even chipped in by creating a version of their Big Eight ‘London Edition’ that will ultimately contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic by raising money to combat the virus. But there is much more to the ‘London Edition’ than that, so we thought it would be cool to lighten the social distancing by educating our readers a bit…with one of our ’10 Things’ lists, of course. Below is a list of ten tasty tidbits about the Urban Jürgensen Big 8 ‘London Edition’ that may be news to your ears. Yes, ten tantalizing trivial tarts to get your mind off of the stagnation. Hopefully, if you are a watch enthusiast, you’ll be delighted and enlightened. So, read on and discover some great information on a model of watch created by a company that has set the standard for both luxury and quality for, well, centuries.

1. The Big 8 ‘London Edition’ Has A Predecessor Yes, you heard it here first:

The Urban Jürgensen Big 8 ‘London Edition’ is really a chip off a previous block. The Reference Big 8 is the originator, the watch that came first, so to speak, and it was basically a larger version of the Reference 8, another model that was born yet even earlier on the family tree we speak of. The Big 8 is a highly-designed 40mm timepiece with a slim bezel. Both models above feature elaborate hands and lugs which are actually created apart from the watch itself…they are both wonderful examples of Urban Jürgensen’s works. The ‘London Edition’ is given these separately forged teardrop lugs, a steel case that is constructed in the same manner as its fine metal brothers, and keeps its roots in being an entry-level wristwatch for gentlemen.

2. Not Just Punched Out in Production

The Big 8 ‘London Edition’ has a handmade face that is made of solid silver, features a guilloche-embellished dial, and even boasts a rose engine that is hand-operated. The hands are actually done in a style that is referred to as ‘observatory’, and they have been not only polished and turned by hand, but also heat-blued in the same fashion. This isn’t a timepiece that got most of its focus while on the assembly line; no, it was held gently by the hands of an artist, and it’s quite the claim to fame.

3. The Specific Differences

There are actually two differences between the standard model and the new ‘London Edition’, as far as being in the Big 8 series goes. First, the color. The ‘London Edition’ has a green face…’British Racing Green’, to be exact. The dial on the standard model is silver. The other pertinent difference between the two is that the standard model features the date on the face; the ‘London Edition’ has no date function.

4. Giving to the Cause

So, exactly how is Urban Jürgensen and their Big 8 ‘London Edition’ helping out when it comes to COVID-19? Are they giving a percentage of their sales to those who are needy during this time? Are they using it for food or medicinal donations? Well, the truth is that all proceeds brought in by the Big 8 ‘London Edition’ is being generously donated to COVID-19 research, which will ultimately lead to conquering and eradicating the virus. This is essential, as we all know, and the cause can use all the help it can get. Thankfully, Urban Jürgensen is part of that in an active way.

5. How Many Pieces Were Made?

According to Urban Jürgensen, ten ‘London Edition’ Big 8 watches were made, and all of them are to be sold for the COVID-19 cause. They also go on to further state that the donation they are giving will actually be given to the Wellcome Trust-COVID Zero Research Fund, an organization whose efforts have been focused toward the prevention, detection, and cure of the virus which we are currently dealing with today.

6. Renowned Description

While the ‘London Edition’ definitely has a lot to say along with the points which make it stand apart physically from its forerunner, the original Big 8 was a stand-alone watch, and that without any differing factors. According to the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Hodinkee’, Jack Forster, the Big 8 was, and is, a ‘stunning example of old-school watch making. […] one of the most attractive things about it, in addition to the quiet-but-definite high quality of every part of the watch, is that this sort of watchmaking has, almost without anyone noticing, become rather rare’. If for this somewhat mechanical description alone, it is well worth the cost, imaging that it is valued even higher for the physical appearance and characteristics. It is, for all intents and purposes, quite exquisite and masculine.

7. British Racing Green Warms Me Up, But With That Leather Band…

It is simply hot! The tan leather band compliments the British Racing Green Dial perfectly and adds even more masculinity that it had without it. It happens to be an added touch of class that could not have been achieved with any other addition or customization, and in our opinion, the band is the perfect fit.

8. What About That Movement?

What can really be said about a watch that features the Urban Jügensen crest on the Gulloche rotor, which happens to be 21k gold? Or what can really be said about a movement that is not only wound automatically, but has also been adjusted to extreme cold, heat, and isochronism, not to mention five positions? Oh, yes, and it also has 31 jewels which are actively working…nothing more needs to be said, does it?

9. Just A Few More Specs…

We thought it important to include just a few more specs, on top of the smattering we have already supplied. The Urban Jürgensen Big 8 ‘London Edition’ also features the following:

  • -Official model name of Big 8-London Edition of 10 Pieces
  • -Comes complete with papers, accompanying materials, and of course, the official box
  • -Features only the time, in hours, minutes, and sub-seconds
  • -Sapphire crystal, both front and back
  • -Band straps are constructed of Nubuck, with a UJ buckle made of stainless steel
  • -The width of the lug/buckle is 20/16mm

Also, if you happen to be interested in purchasing a pre-owned version, you can rest assured that the piece has been inspected with a fine-toothed comb, as have the new ones. They are covered by warranty, so check the specifics for the watch you decide to buy beforehand.

10. Okay, But What About the Price?

Well, this particular question really is the bottom line of it all, isn’t it? The price for the Urban Jürgensen Big 8 ‘London Edition’ is £13,500 pounds, or $16,674.39, in American dollars. We certainly hope that every last piece will sell, as every single cent will certainly be of great help in battling the COVID-19 virus. It is definitely worth it for those who can afford it during this time. Since so much is going on with the current pandemic, it is vital that we all pull together in whatever way we can to bring these current trials to an end. Urban Jürgensen has made sure to be a part of that by putting out a beautiful and functional timepiece that is backed by an extraordinary name in watchmaking…Urban Jürgensen. Not only is this a watch that is thoroughly enjoyable to look at, it is also a wonderful thing to own, and for a good cause. So, for those in the market, best of luck getting one for yourselves; and to Urban Jürgensen, thank you for sharing your special gift with us during this time through the Big 8 ‘London Edition’ watch. Thank you is simply not enough.

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