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The Five Best Resco Watches on the Market Today

Resco Hooper

Resco is an industry leader in the current microbrand market. The superiority of their products thwarts most competition, and that’s why they may not be the cheapest in their niche. They assemble and test all products in the US, but manufacture them in different parts of the globe. The owner of Resco, Rob Smith, is an active-duty Navy Seal in the US army and performs actual “out-in-the-field" tests to these products to ensure they meet the highest quality possible. This post discusses five of the best Resco watches in the market, their specifications, as well as price.

Resco Manus YouTube photo

5. The Resco Manus

The Resco Manus watch is a dedication to the legendary Max Manus, the barrel-chested Frogman. It can provide many years of robust, timely, and accurate service, especially for Navy Seals and professional divers. It is an impressive watch offering chronograph functionality through a 13-Jewel Swiss Rhonda Quartz movement, powered by a 4.5-year battery. This watch is meticulously designed and beautiful. Just like the Resco Patriot, the Manus has many variants such as Black Dial PVD, Orange/Black PVD, and Pelagic Blue PVD that currently go for $1,185.00 each. All other stainless options are retailing at $986.00 on the Resco website.


  • Movement – Swiss Rhonda Quartz, 4.5-year battery and 13Jewels
  • Dial – BWG9 SuperLuminova
  • Case – 316L Stainless Steel – 200M
  • Screw-down pushers
  • Cover for first battery change
  • Crystal – 3mm thick, slightly domed sapphire, single AR coating
  • Size – 42mm diameter, 20mm lug end, 13mm thick, hex-screw lug pins
  • Strap – ships with your favorite nylon strap

4. Resco RTAC GMT

The RTAC GMT, a 44mm quartz mission timer, can function effectively in whichever context used. When assessing its functionality Resco R-TAC qualifies without a doubt. Using a fixed bezel, the GMT tracks 24-hour time or any other time zone as you wish. Its entire profile is ridiculously slim, and this allows you to tuck it comfortably under your shirt cuffs. The Resco RTAC has different options, including GMT Stainless variants with different colors retailing at $1,105.00, while the GMT PVD types retailing at $1,205.00.


  • Case – 316L Stainless Steel, PVD Black – 200M
  • Dial – C3 SuperLuminova, Matte Black
  • Movement – Swiss Quartz 515Ronda/ 4.5-year standard battery life
  • Crystal – Scratch-proof with AR coating
  • Size – 44mm diameter, 13mm thick, 22 mm Lug, Hex-screw Lug bars
  • Internal rotating bezel with dual screw-down crowns
  • Shipped with your preferable black nylon strap
  • Comes with a watch box and hex wrenches

Resco Hooper

3. The Resco Hooper

First released in 2014, Resco has continued to manufacture the Hooper in smaller batches annually. Its design style is more of a vintage dive watch, which you can choose for water-based environments. It differs from the original one slightly, having broader indices with a trident sweep and minimal revisions. Initially, you could choose from the Swiss Quartz movement or VAL-24 automatic movement. However, with new technological innovations from Resco, even better movements have become available. For instance, there is now a Swiss ETA-2824, which is more superior and accurate than VAL-24. The Hooper now comes in two options, including the stainless-steel retailing at $1,255.00, and the black/orange PVD retailing at $1,055.00. You can also choose to contact Resco for the quartz movement that retails for $800.00.


  • Case – 316L Stainless Steel – 200M
  • Dial – BWG9 SuperLuminova, Matte Black Dial
  • Movement – ETA 2824 Self-winding/quartz battery
  • Crystal - Domed Sapphire, Single inner AR coating
  • Size – 40mm diameter, 13mm thick, 20mm Spring-bar Lug, unidirectional bezel
  • Shipped with thin nylon strap of choice
  • Free shipping within the US

Resco UDT

2. The Resco UDT

This no-nonsense Resco’s masterpiece has turned out to be quite ideal for underwater demolition teams – hence the term UDT. It’s a purpose-built Resco dive watch suitable for any occasion, whether you want to achieve a classy look to your next cocktail party or diving off to your next demolition mission. Being an elusively upgraded version of the Patriot, the Resco UDT is highly revered by the world’s elite forces. With impressive 300-meter water resistance, this watch is efficient at greater depths alongside the help of its blaze-orange dial. Today, Resco has different variants of the UDT watches. For instance, they have the stainless RWB/Aqua/White/Stealth/ and Orange that retail at $1,955.00, and the PVD RWB/Aqua/Red/Stealth/White/ and Orange that retail at $2,155.00.


  • Case – 316L Stainless-steel, 300M/1000ft
  • Crystal – scratch-proof sapphire with AR coating
  • Movement – automatic Swiss-made VAL24 with date function
  • Shipped with your favorite nylon strap
  • Size - 42mm diameter, 13mm thick, 20mm hex-screwed lugs
  • 120-click, unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Blue-luminous dial hands and indices
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Resco Patriot

1. The Resco Patriot

Top on this list is the Resco Patriot watches, which typically come in Gen1 and Gen2. Both feature different variants with PVD or Stainless options. It tops this list as one of the best Resco watches featuring a C3 SuperLuminova dial that helps illuminate the watch for hours after the lights go off. Its dial is less clattered with just a date window and hour markings. Besides, it utilizes the Swiss Val24 self-winding mechanism set inside an INCABLOCK shock absorber to minimize extreme shocks. The mechanism functions at 28.800 vibrations/hour with a 4Hz25 jeweled accuracy. The Gen1 Resco Patriot watch is specially designed for navy personnel conducting military reconnaissance and operating for long hours underwater. However, when not working in the muck downrange, Gen2 is the perfect fit, with a 316L stainless steel case and sufficient readability anywhere. Both the Gen1 and Gen 2 stainless options retail at $1,955.00 while their PVD counterparts are the most expensive, retailing at $2,155.00


  • Movement – SwissVal24
  • Dial – Matte Black C3 SuperLuminova
  • Case – 316-Stainless Steel Bead Blasted (500M)
  • Crystal – Domed Sapphire 3mm thick
  • Size – 42mm diameter, 20mm lug end, 13mm thick, hex screw lug pins
  • Strap – Ships with your favorite strap
  • Stop-second device


These are the best five Resco watches in the market today. While they are quite costly compared to other brands, their performance is top-notch. We hope this guide has given you enough insights to enable you purchase the ideal Resco watch.

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