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A Closer Look at the Vertex M60 AquaLion ISO-Certified Diver

Vertex M60 AquaLion ISO-Certified Diver

The Vertex M60 AquaLion ISO-Certified Diver is a diver’s timepiece made by a London watchmaker called Vertex. There are different versions of this watch based on its case, e.g., one with black DLC-coated steel and another with naturally finished steel. Additionally, there is a version of this watch whose dial has a date and another with a no-date dial. Vertex made this watch because it wanted to make a durable underwater timepiece. This watch is a modern take on the Dirty Dozen pocket watch. The pocket watch was popularly used during World War 1 by soldiers. Later, the soldiers switched from pocket watches to the strapped version of the Dirty Dozen during World War 2. According to Monochrome Watches, pocket watches were a distraction since they had to fumble around with the dust cover to view the time hence the switch to strapped watches. The Vertex M60 AquaLion ISO-Certified Diver is therefore based on the watch from the World War 2 era. Let’s explore what the watch offers in terms of functionality.


The watch uses Super-LumiNova as luminescence. Its hour markers are produced from solid pieces of luminant material. Additionally, there is more luminescence on the matte-black ceramic bezel insert markers. For this luminescence to continue glowing, it has to be charged by exposing it to light (natural or artificial). According to 3 Watches, natural light delivers the best results. When light hits the material, the electrons get excited and energize rapidly to generate a phosphorescent glow. The energy levels of the electrons reduce the moment the watch is in a dark place, and you will have to expose it to light to recharge it. Since Super-LumiNova does not require batteries, it is cost-effective.

Bracelet Material

The watch’s strap is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel keeps your watch looking new for a long time. One of the reasons is due to its anti-corrosive nature. Stainless steel is a steel alloy that contains 10.5% chromium. Chromium reacts with oxygen from the atmosphere and creates a protective layer that prevents it from rusting. Rust tends to make the watch appear old, but thankfully, you will not experience that with this metal. Another notable feature of stainless steel is its toughness. Due to its toughness, it can withstand any external force without developing scratches or getting bent. So, even if you were to drop it from a high point accidentally, you do not need to worry about damaging it.


The Sellita SW300-1 automatic movement controls this watch. The movement is slim and is often considered a clone of the ETA 2890 family. Sellita had been making movements for ETA, which is why most people have made that conclusion. It has a power reserve of 42 hours. According to Prestige Time, 42 is the average number of hours expected of most automatic watches. Since the movement runs the moment you wear the watch, odds are few that it will stop working. This is because most watch enthusiasts hardly wait for the power to run out since they wear it regularly to work or school. Although the movement is identical to the ETA 2892 in terms of design, there are some significant differences. For instance, Sellita uses four jewels to support the barrel arbor. As a result, the total number of jewels in the movement is 25 instead of 21. Despite the additional jewels, there is not much difference between the two movements regarding accuracy or longevity. Instead, the difference in the jewel number of jewels helps you distinguish between the Sellita and ETA movements.

Water Resistance

In the past, you could not swim with watches since they were generally not water-resistant. Nowadays, most watches are water-resistant. However, you need to understand that there are different levels of water resistance. For instance, some watches can only be used in shallow waters, while others can be used in deep waters. Thankfully, with this watch’s water resistance level of 600 meters, you can use it in any water depth. Since you can participate in various water-based sports, you no longer have to take it off. A pressing concern about taking off the watch is that it could be stolen depending on where you kept it. Now that you can swim almost as far as you want, you can also appreciate its luminescence underwater. It is hard to see anything underwater, but thanks to its luminescence, you will be able to read the time.

Case Material

Its case is equipped with a domed sapphire crystal. Manufacturers prefer sapphire because of its hardness. According to Jewelers Touch, it has a hardness value of 9, making it the second hardest mineral after diamond. Due to its hardness, it is resistant to scratches or cracks. Scratches or cracks obscure the dial, which makes it difficult to read the time. Additionally, they can allow water into the watch and damage its internal components. Lastly, they make the watch unappealing since the watch would begin to appear old. Another impressive feature of sapphire is its transparency. Due to its transparency, you will view time on your dial with ease. However, its transparency also means that it is highly reflective. As a result, the reflections will lead to glare. So to eliminate the glare, it is shaped like a dome so that light can bounce on them and get dispersed.


The Vertex M60 AquaLion ISO-Certified Diver timepiece delivers on the water-resistance front. Most watches in the market are resistant to water to a certain degree, which therefore limits their participation in water-based activities. Thankfully, this watch can be used in any water activity you can think of. While underwater, you will still be able to view the time due to its luminescence. So, you can safely conclude that much thought went into making this diver watch. Additionally, it is also one of the most durable watches on the market. Let’s face it; nobody likes buying a watch, only to spend money repairing it. Due to the watch’s strong materials, you will be glad to know that you will hardly visit a repair shop.

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