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Five of the Most Family Friendly Luxury Villas in the Bahamas


The Caribbean is an excellent destination for families or several families traveling together. Featuring private kitchens and enough space for all family members, a Caribbean villa rental can be one of the most comfortable accommodation options.  They can also save you plenty of money while providing all the comforts and amenities of some of the nicest luxury hotels in the world.  Whether you are seeking a private island, beachfront villa or hilltop location with an incredible view, these are five of the most family friendly villas available for rent in the Bahamas.

Little Whale Cay


Featuring three secluded villas with accommodations of up to 12, a chapel, and an on-site chef, Little Whale Cay is an excellent location for groups of families or even family reunions. The Flamingo House boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the Little Whale House has two bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, and the Peacock House has one bedroom and one bathroom. Located on the Berry Island chain, Little Whale Cay boasts a beach with access to the marina for sailing, tubing, snorkeling and other family-friendly water activities. Within the villa community, there is a pool, on-site gym, spa and tennis court giving you many adult and children activities.

On the island there is a dedicated staff, which includes a chef to ensure the comfort of the guests throughout their entire stay. The Flamingo House contains three double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a single room with two single beds for children. The house boasts a plan living area, external terrace, kitchen, Wi-Fi, Bose iPod docking station, telephone, DVD player and flat-screen television.

The Little Whale House has two double bedrooms and en-suite bathroom, a study, Wi-Fi, satellite television, telephone, dining room, Bose iPod docking system DVD and bar. There is also an external fireplace with BBQ and several external dining areas. The Peacock House is available with Wi-Fi, Bose iPod docking station, DVD player and flat-screen television. The nightly rate for Little Whale Cay is $14,400 for the three bedroom unit and $15,600 for the six bedroom unit.

Over Yonder Cay

Over Yonder Cay

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your own private island located in the Exumas chain at Over Yonder Cay. These villas can accommodate between 2 and 28 guests within four uniquely designed villas within the island’s 72 acres of land. The location used to be a former fishing location but has since been transformed into a private haven for those seeking the highest family friendly luxury available. The rental rates include access to all of the island’s amenities, facilities and activities which are available for all ages. The rental options are flexible with the ability to rent the entire island, a few villas or even a single villa.

All of the villas have satellite television, a Kaleidoscope entertainment library and Crestron control system, for the children, Wi-Fi, iPads and a 40-inch television. Over Yonder Cay also boasts a private deep water marina that can dock several yachts over 100-feet with 13-foot drafts. The culinary team uses the freshest ingredients for the highest quality meals and the wine cellar offers guests an extensive choice of fine wines. Of course each cluster of villas features a pool and short walk to the beach.

The rates of these villas are $15,000 per night for up to 6 guests, $20,000 per night for up to 8 guests, $75,000 per night for up to 28 guests. Included in the price is all food and beverages, two massage therapists of up to five hours per day, watersports, golf, tennis, gym, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, half-day sailing trip, fishing trip, local DJ and fireworks show.

Sweetwater Villa

Sweetwater Villa

Most travelers cannot say that they have vacationed on an exclusive private island. Located in the charming Exuma Cays is Fowl Cay Island, Sweetwater Villa is a sandy spot that finds the ideal balance between charm and luxury. As one of the island’s six villas, Sweetwater Villa can be rented individually or with the entire island, depending on the size of the group. The best aspect of the experience is the amenities including a private chef, housekeeping staff, tennis court, paddle boards, private gym and private beach.

Inside the villa is a combination of home and Caribbean flair. The walls are painted with pastels reminiscent of the Colonial Era and tropical design patterns add a touch of the Bahamian life. The villa features three bedrooms which can accommodate up to six guests. There are two master bedrooms with a king-sized bed and a third room which is ideal for the kids and features two twin beds; all of which are just steps away from the powdery beach. The price starts at $3,100 per night for a group of six.

Three Bees at Harbour Island

Bees at Harbor Island

Three Bees at Harbour Island is the epitome of the words luxurious and all-inclusive. This incredible rental property, which can accommodate groups of up to 26, gives residents stress-free pampering from the moment they touchdown on the island. Guests are even presented with a pre-visit questionnaire so the chef understands food preferences. The on-site manager greets and escorts the guests from the airport to a 10-minute boat ride to the island and then onto the 13-bedroom villa. The number of activities are endless including, Pink Sand Beach, quad bikes, golf carts, the 37-foot Midnight Express boat, a recreational game room, gym and private water sports club. Prices for such an incredible family friendly luxury villa start at $21,000 for four nights.

Waterside Escapes Villa


If you are searching for a villa rental with flexibility and beauty, Waterside Escapes is the best pick for you. Located on the West End of Grand Bahama Island, Waterside features three king-sized bedrooms which can comfortably sleep up to six family members. The villa boasts a living room, fully-equipped kitchen, dining room, spacious patio with attached infinity pool and direct access to the beach. Waterside Escapes Villa is intimate enough for a relaxing family vacation.

The main house features a dining room, living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Detached from the main house are two oceanfront guest suites that offer privacy. Just outside the doors is access to the private airport, infinity pool and private dock. The Old Bahama Bay Resort is only a two-minute car ride and provides a variety of land and sea-based family activities, restaurants and beach. The estimated cost of this extravagant family friendly resort is $1,350 per night.

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