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Vinci: The First Smart Headphones with Artificial Intelligence


One of the main uses of today’s technology is entertainment. With increasingly user-friendly and accessible streaming services for shows, movies, and music, people are able to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment wherever they go. However, without headphones, this ability would be severely compromised.

Headphones allow people to enjoy entertainment without being a nuisance to people around them. Further, they enable private and hands-free conversations over connected cell phones. In short, having a good pair of headphones is essential for making the most out of today’s technology.

However, while many of the headphones available for purchase today offer incredible sound quality and noise cancellation, they are largely limited. This is because most manufacturers view headphones as an accessory to an entertainment system. Companies like Inspero, Inc. are changing this trend by viewing the headphones as a central hub for personal entertainment and connectivity. Products like the Vinci headphones represent a shift in the understanding of how headphones should figure into the world of personal technology.

Inspero, Inc.

The makers of Vinci, Inspero, Inc. is a company devoted to enhancing the daily lives of its customers. It was founded on the idea that there are better ways of interacting with sound than are available with current headphones. Its headquarters are located in Beijing, although it also operates out of Shenzhen, New York, and San Francisco.

David Zhu and Max Wu founded the company in September of 2014. They are both graduates of MIT who hold MBA degrees. Their education and vision has led to the rapid growth and success of Inspero, Inc. Currently, the company boasts over 40 employees, whose backgrounds vary from engineering to design.

The history of the Vinci headphones dates back to October, 2015, when the company launched its first pair of artificially intelligent headphones in China. After selling out in only six months, it was clear that the product was one that the public both yearned for and loved.


The response to the current iteration of the Vinci headphones has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite setting only a $50,000 goal, its Kickstarter campaign has raised over $275,000. Over 1200 backers have supported the project thus far, and there are still several weeks remaining in the fundraising period.

Artificial Intelligence

Although the Vinci headphones offer superior sound quality and a comfortable design, what truly sets them apart from the competition is their AI. Just about every pair of headphones requires the user to choose the music they want to listen to. With Vinci, the headphones are able to learn about the user and supply a steady stream of songs that fit their personality.

Its natural language processing and learning algorithms mean that the headphones become smarter and more optimized for the user with greater use. The headphones will learn which types of songs are liked or disliked, and offer suggestions accordingly.


The most important effect of Vinci’s AI is that it can tailor song suggestions to its user. However, in order to be highly accurate, the headphones use far more than simple “likes” and “dislikes” to understand the type of music a person will enjoy.

One of the most innovative ways that the headphones learn about which songs suit the person best is through gathering biometric data. By analyzing features like heart rate, pace (when running), and other variables, the headphones can learn about what types of music a person enjoys at specific times. This means that it will be able to suggest the perfect song for running, waking up, lifting weights, or any other activity.

Voice Control

One of the most useful features of the Vinci headphones is the ability to control them through voice commands. Simply stating “Hey Vinci,” or holding a finger on the touch screen will activate its voice recognition technology.

Basic functions like selecting a song, changing volume, or simply telling Vinci to select a song on its own can all be done through voice commands. Further, it can answer questions about the weather or find facts online. The voice control of the headphones means that Vinci is more like a wearable computer than normal headphones. Whether asking for directions or looking for a song in a specific genre, simply talking to the headphones will do the trick.


In addition to the incredibly useful voice control technology, Vinci also offers a seamless and simple user experience. Perhaps best of all is the simple and convenient auto pause feature, which allows the headphones to automatically play when put on and pause when taken off.

Further, its touch screen makes it simple to enjoy music. Swiping forwards or backwards will change the song being played, while swiping upwards or downwards will control the volume.

Online/Offline Use

Another key feature that separates these headphones from others is its ability to be fully enjoyed whether online or offline. Vinci can connect to Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth, meaning that it can connect to a smartphone but does not require one to stream music.

Further, it has its own 32 GB storage which can hold approximately 7000 songs for offline use. It is like having a sleek and comfortable wearable computer.


Naturally, having such a wide range of incredible features would be meaningless if the headphones could only be enjoyed for short periods of time. However, the impressive battery of the Vinci headphones allows them to be enjoyed for 3 weeks of standby time and 10 hours of standalone music play.


While the Kickstarter deals are selling quickly, there are still some discounted prices to be had. Super Early Bird purchasers can enjoy the Vinci headphones for only $99 and Vinci Pro headphones for only $149. The retail price for the headphones will be $199 and $299, respectively. Even the full price is still an incredible bargain, considering the unparalleled features of the headphones.



- Ram: 1GB
- Storage: 16 GB (standard), 32 GB (Pro)
- CPU: Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz Dual Core


- Speakers: 40 mm
- Weight: 260 g (standard), 270 g (Pro)


- Wi-Fi
- 3G Cellular
- Bluetooth 4.1


- MP3


- Life: 50 hours (Bluetooth playback), 10 hours (standalone playback), 3 weeks (standby)
- Type: Lithium Ion
- Charging Time: 1.5 hours


The Vinci headphones represent a new way of looking at headphones. They are much more than an accessory to a smartphone; their artificial intelligence and wide range of features make them the perfect hub for personal entertainment.

Further, Vinci headphones are incredibly affordable, stylish, and user-friendly. For anyone looking to optimize the experience of listening to music while commuting, running, or simply lounging, these headphones are absolutely essential.

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