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10 Reasons to Visit Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Pyramid Lake is a desert lake in Northern Nevada. It's what was originally the ancient lake Lahontan. Truckee river feeds pyramid lake with overflow from Lake Tahoe. Pyramid lake has no overflow. It only reduces its content through evaporation, creating a magnificent view of a water body surrounded by jagged mountains. It's this view that continues to attract millions of visitors to Pyramid Lake, Nevada each year, but what is pyramid lake known for? Here are 10 reasons you should consider visiting Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

1. Fishing Pyramid Lake, Nevada

If you like fishing, this is one experience you don't want to miss. Pyramid Lake, Nevada holds the largest trout species and is the only home to the Cui-Ui fish. Cutthroat trout weighing up to 24lbs got pulled out of these waters. You may go fishing one hour before sunrise or one hour after sunset and you don't need a state of Nevada fishing license. All you need is a tribal fishing or boating permit. There are 5 different kinds of fish you are likely to get at pyramid lake. One is the Cui-Ui which has a lifespan of about forty years and can grow to 25inches long. In close resemblance is the Tahoe sucker. Others include the Tui chub, Lahontan cutthroat trout, and the Sacramento perch.

2. Camping at Pyramid Lake

The remote nature of Pyramid Lake Nevada makes it an ideal place for camping along the shores of the lake. There are several camping sites that you can utilize, for instance, the west shore. Campers are allowed along the west shore provided you have a camping permit which you can purchase at stores near the lake. However, you are not allowed to camp in the areas with restriction signs. On the other hand, the east shore gets reserved for daytime activities. Nighttime camping is not permitted. There is also the pyramid lake marina campground. It's a small park on the water's edge with 44 spaces with hookups. Another popular camping site at Pyramid Lake Nevada is warrior point park. It's a rugged desert park with plenty of flat land for camping with no designated sites on the north end.

3. Hiking at Pyramid Lake

If you love hiking, Pyramid Lake Nevada has the perfect gift for you. There's a mega hiking trail stretching from pyramid lake to the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe. This trail connects Nevada to California along the Truckee River. The stretch is so long it would take you several days to complete. However, even hiking a section of the trail should give you an unforgettable experience.

4. Biking at Pyramid Lake

Bike riding is another fun activity that makes visits to pyramid lake a memorable experience. Riding around the lake is not allowed, but you can ride along the Tahoe pyramid bikeway. You can also ride along the west shore via highway SR 445. Some bikers also utilize the shoreline from Sutcliffe to Nixon.

5. Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center

Your adventure at Pyramid Lake Nevada would never be complete without visiting the pyramid lake Paiute tribe museum and visitors center. That is where you will learn about the lake and the native inhabitants of the Paiute Indian tribe. The multi-purpose museum holds exhibits of the fascinating culture of the tribe and insights into why the Paiute people deem the place sacred.

6. Bird Watching

The Anaho island national wildlife refuge near the eastern shoreline of pyramid lake is a sanctuary for colonial nesting birds, primarily American white pelicans. The island holds the largest breeding colonies of the American white pelican. It acts as a migration stopover for other water birds such as eared grebes, Western grebes, Clark's, and numerous species of ducks. It's also a nesting habitat for California gulls, double-crested cormorants, great blue herons, and Caspian terns. That provides an opportunity for bird watchers and tourists.

7. Boating at Pyramid Lake Nevada

Covering over 200square miles and 350 ft deep, Pyramid Lake Nevada is conducive for boating enthusiasts. All you need to do is get a boating permit sold by vendors around the lake during high demand. Other times you can get them from Nixon or the neighboring town of Sutcliffe. It's good to note that some areas are out of bounds, for example, the Anaho island, and it's upon you to obey the regulations lest you get penalized.

8. Photography Sessions

For those who love photography, Pyramid Lake Nevada is the perfect place to create albums that will keep reminding you of the awesome times you had on your visit. The spectacular view of the lake basin surrounded by mountains, the fish-eating birds, and the numerous fun water activities presents photographers with a perfect opportunity to go wild with their photography sessions. Filming and photography are allowed within the boundaries of Pyramid Lake Nevada provided you have a permit. However, individuals who do filming and photography for personal or family use, students, electronic news media, travelers, and criminal court proceedings do not need to have the permit.

9. Lake Resorts in Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Nevada has a rich history with spiritual importance. A large number of visitors swim the waters every year to experience the goodness of the lake and learn more. As a result, entrepreneurs and investors have taken the opportunity to build beautiful resorts where tourists can spend their time as they tour the lake. Examples of such include the pyramid lake lodge, the pyramid lake marina, RV park, and the sand hole beach. You can book a room or an entire apartment online before your arrival and for as long as you will be around. How awesome is that?

10. The Warm Weather and a Wide Range of Recreational Activities

One of the reasons why so many tourists keep visiting Pyramid Lake Nevada is the warm weather suitable for water activities. In the warm months, temperatures range between 76-91°c and in the cold months between 54-68°c. That means it's comfortable to go kayaking, paddleboarding, or even skiing at any given time of the year.

Can You Swim in Pyramid Lake Nevada?

Swimming is not restricted; however, the water resources department deems the water unfit because it has blue-green algae that may cause skin irritation. Some swimmers have also reported some cases of vomiting, diarrhea, and eye irritation.

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