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The 20 Best Things to Do in Siesta Key

Siesta Key Beach

When you visit Florida, one of the places to be at is Siesta Key Island, located between Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The Island boasts three main beaches: Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach, and Crescent Beach. Now you are asking yourself, what will I do when I get there? Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the Island, this article will help to know what are the best 20 things you should do when you are in Siesta Key.

Local Communities

20. Interact and Learn About the Local Communities

Due to its location, Siesta Key borders the home of different communities. You will find places like Lido Key, Sarasota, and Longboat Key, a few kilometers away. These beautiful places allow you to learn about the rich history of their people. Different people occupy all these places with different cultures, which you can learn and enjoy.


19. Witness the Sun Set at the sun Point

Are you tired of staying in your house and never knowing how the sun sets? By visiting Siesta Key, you have a rare opportunity to witness the sun seminar in the Gulf of Mexico. So famous is the culture of seeing the sunset such that the community has an established Sunset Point, where you get the glamorous colors of the setting sun. It is located at the Nord end of the Siesta Key Public Beach. Photos taken from this point are amazing, get one and have it on your preferred house wall. So, you should not be worried about any costs. Don't miss this rare free opportunity.


18. Rent a Bike and Travel Across the Island

The good thing about bikes is that they give you a chance to explore an area at your own pace. Siesta Key Island has several points where you can hire bikes, scooters, Segway, golf carts, and even scooter coupe cars. Rent one of them and have the rare opportunity to boss your walk and stay around. Unlike the touring companies' services, you shall be able to dedicate how to move across the streets at your most convenient times. The main places where you can hire the above items are The Toy Bar, Ride and Paddle, Robinhood Rentals, and Siesta Key Bike and Kayak.

Siesta Key Village

17. Enjoy the Siesta Key Village Services

Siesta Key Village houses over 100 cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, and boutiques. Due to its small size, you can get to any point by walking around while enjoying the Village's unique atmosphere. Some of the best restaurants in Siesta Key Village are The Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Baja Hub Grill, The Old Salty Dog, Bonjour French Café, and Meany's Mini Donuts for breakfast. The Big Olaf Creamery is famous for its ice cream. Daiquiri Deck serves the best drinks and live music performances. Activity in the Village increases as the day ends, and it's very intensive at night, making the place one of the best to party with your friends.

Siesta Key

16. Participate in Water Sports in Siesta Key

The Island is full of different places where you can have water sports at a competitive fee. The Siesta Key Kayak Tour, The Private Day Boarding Charter, which is just out of Sarasota, Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals, and Efoil Watersport Experience in Sarasota are some of the places you can enjoy water sports. All have trained tour guides and crews who have been adequately vetted. They have top-notch water equipment and regular services with many considerations for security and safety.

Siesta Key

15. Maximize on Free Rides Available

Suppose you do not want to be the headache of looking around for parking lots and hiring transport means. In that case, there are free transportation services at Siesta Key. The Siesta Breeze Trolley offers free trips between Turtle Beach and Siesta Key. It has several stops that can serve you at the best of your convenience. In addition, Jonny's Original Free Beach Rides has electric vehicles which transport people to beaches and shopping centers. Siesta Key Free Ride and Siesta Key Frog Hop are also free rides available. So, you see how it's cost-effective to stay and tour the Island.

drum circle

14. Show up at the Unique Siesta Key Drum Circle

The Siesta Key Drum Circle is one of the best outdoor activities you can have with your family. It is a popular tradition that attracts large crowds of dancers, tourists, locals, children, and adults. The poppy part is in the dancing and the multicultural music, which brings those residing on the Island together. This event takes place every Sunday Throughout the year at the Siesta Key Public Beach, starting one hour before sunset. What you all need to do is to listen to the siren and the loud drums that signal the start. No one is forced to participate even though you will be given the right cost.

Siesta Key fishing

13. Learn How to Fish

If an opportunity has never been presented to you to learn how to fish, then here is one. At Siesta Key, there are fishing charters that will guide how to do it, or you can get one of the experienced generous fishermen, and they will show you it is done. There are different fishing options available: bridge fishing, deep-sea fishing, and Surfcasting for various species such as bluefish, snapper, groper, and mackerel. According to Peppertree Bay, the best fishing spots at Siesta Key are Blind Pass Lagoon, Point of Rocks, Big Pass, S13. Learn How to Fish


12. Watch the Dolphins

One of the largest populations of wild bottlenose dolphins is found in Siesta Key. There are guided dolphin cruises at the Siesta Key Island Waters, which can take you into the deep quiet waters and watch the dolphins play and jump. It is a lifetime experience that you will never forget. The advantage of taking a guided cruise is that the captain is experienced and knows their locations at different times. The cruises vary depending on the time of the day and your requests. According to Siesta Key WaterSports, the major dolphin cruises are Siesta Key Watersports and Siesta Key Aqua Adventures.

Palmer Point

11. See different Animal Species at the Palmer Point Park

at Turtle Beach, Palmer Point Park is a calm coastal area with a thriving ecosystem. The park is accessible on foot at the Southern tip of Turtle Beach and is accessed by water. Indigenous plants and sweeping dunes welcome the ideal Florida home of migrating tortoise species. The tortoises are found outside the grass, basking in the sun. You can also enjoy birdwatching, fishing, and nature walks in the park.

Siesta Key

10. Take Advantage of the Siesta Key Hotels

The Island has some of the top-rated hotels in Florida. The Siesta Key Palms Resort, Siesta Key Beach Resort and Suites, Tropical Breeze Resort, and Siesta Key Beach Side Villas are some hotels you can stay in. Due to their high numbers, the hotels offer very competitive prices. They offer many free auxiliary services such as free Wi-Fi, pick and drop services, outdoor playgrounds, excellent customer care, heated swimming pools, and professional tour guides.

Siesta Key

9. Check the Siesta Key for the annual events and Festivals

Siesta Key is one of the beaches occupied with events and festivals throughout the year. The main ones are the Bradenton Blues Festival, Family Day Opera at the Manna Tea and Kava Bar, Sarasota Vegetable Festival at Payne Park, Tree Fort Productions Film Festival, and Annual Fall Festival at University Town Center, Festival Food Truck and Art shows, and exhibitions. According to Eventbrite, these events are held at different times of the year, and you should have a look at the best time to visit. If you find no events of choice, you can visit the neighboring areas and enjoy them.

Farmer's market

8. Visit the Siesta Farmers Market

For visitors staying at the Twin Palms at Siesta, this is one of the best markets you can shop in. According to the Family Destinations Guide, the market is open to tourists and locals every Sunday. It offers art pieces, fresh produce, live entertainment, and baked goods. You can visit the market and have good food as you enjoy the music of the talented locals. Because it is only open on Sunday, products sold here are of high quality and sold at competitive prices.


7. Read at the Gulf Gate Library

Sometimes you might be a visiting scholar, and you might want to keep yourself academically refreshed. The Gulf Gate library is just less than four miles away from the heart of Siesta Key. It is an open public library that runs from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can easily be allowed to borrow a book at a very low holding fee.


6. Watch the Clowns at Circus Sarasota

Do not hesitate to visit the Circus Sarasota if you wish for a thrilling night. On an annual basis, the circus brings together a host of performing performers and acrobats worldwide under one roof. You will experience a variety of performing arts showcases. Make sure you do not miss this colorful event by keeping an eye on the Conservatory's schedule for any other event that may pop up.

golf course

5. Golf at The Palms Golf Club

Though Siesta has no major pronounced Golf Clubs, the famous Palms Golf Club is a few miles away. Here you not only get an opportunity to play but you can also be taught how to do it. Many hotels within Siesta have also incorporated small-scale golf fields where you can get an opportunity to enjoy yourself.


4. Meditate at the St. Boniface Labyrinth

Sometimes human beings want a quiet place where they can stay quietly and peacefully from noisy human activities. The labyrinth draws many aspirations from the Charters Cathedral in France. It has an expansive courtyard which you can explore as you appreciate how beautiful the structure is. If you want to have an in-depth personal conversation with someone, I recommend bringing them here. In addition, you are likely going to interact with people of your faith here more than anywhere.


3. Get Some Massage at Siesta Healing Spa

While having your vacation at Siesta Key, you can get the best therapeutic massage and body relaxation services in the Island's Spa. Massage has several benefits for your body: it reduces headaches and stress, increases body energy, and enhances your sleeping patterns. In addition, you can get all the facial treatments you would wish. The Salt Room, which borrows its settings from Europe, is one of the must-go places while at the spa.


2. Explore the Waters with Kokomo Charters

To fully experience life on the Island, engage Kokomo Charters. Kokomo Charters was formed in 2015 to provide water tour services to locals and visitors at the Siesta Key bays. They are different from all the other charters because they offer a full-day charter and can take you shopping on the Northern Island. You shall see birds and dolphins as you sail through the waters. You can also request your guide to take you through various historical structures. In addition to the sightseeing tour, they also provide you with foods and drinks of your preferences. According to, Tropical Beach Resorts Sarasota has highly recommended the charter to its clients.

Siesta Key Beach

1. Relaxing on the beach

According to the Travel with a Plan, Siesta Key enjoys an 8-mile stretch along its three beaches. Each beach is unique, but they have the same picturesque aqua-colored water and pure quartz sand, which is dominantly white with a cool touch. You can arrive at the beach early or in the evening when there are few people. In addition, you can enjoy playing beach games and taking a stroll on the three beaches. Of all beaches, Siesta Key Beach is the best. There are full amenities available to the public: adequate parking lots, first aid centers with lifeguards, public restrooms and showers, picnic areas, snack bars, and gift shops, as well as gazebos and shelters to ensure you enjoy.

In Conclusion

According to Visit Sarasota Beaches and Beyond, Siesta Key Beach was voted the best in the U.S and the 11th most attractive place to visit by TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice. The high ranking has been due to the quality of its services, the uniqueness of its beaches, and outstanding customer service. Now we have given you the 20 best things to do when you are on this lovely Island, visit and enjoy yourself.

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