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What Separates Kenda Motorcycle Tires from the Rest?

Kenda motorcycle tires are unique from the other brands that offer this specialty type of tires. It's a brand that is recognized for its quality and performance. The brand has earned a solid reputation among riders. What separates Kenda motorcycle tires from the rest? Many factors make them unique. Here is everything you need to know about them to determine if this is the right brand for your bike.

The history of the Kenda tire company

According to Wikipedia, the Kenda Rubber Industrial Company is the manufacturer of Kenda motorcycle tires. The business has been in operation since 1962 with its manufacturing operations located throughout Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The company specializes in making tires for automobiles, trailers, ATVs, bicycles, and motorcycles as well as for some types of industrial equipment. It is half-owned by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company of China since 2003.

Specializing in motorcycle tires

Although Kenda Rubber Industrial Company makes all kinds of tires, the company specializes in making motorcycle tires. They're experts in designing the best tires for motorcycle racing. Kenda is a sponsor of the Giant Asia Racing Team. Sponsoring a team means that they have a stake in the outcomes of the races. Kenda designers understand the grueling conditions of the track and they understand what it takes to build motorcycle tires that provide the highest performance delivery for those special conditions.

Outstanding warranty

Riders appreciate the quality of Kenda motorcycle tires because it gives them confidence whether they're racing in a competition or going out on a cruiser for a relaxing afternoon ride. According to Kenda Tire's official site, Kenda offers an outstanding warranty on their motorcycle tires. The limited warranty on Kenda Motorcycle tires is for four years from the date that the tire is manufactured. This is detailed through a coding system that includes the date that the tire is completed along with the curing number.

The warranty provides for free replacement of the tire if it fails because of any type of defect in the workmanship or material before reaching 10 percent of its treadwear. Kenda will provide a new Kenda tire that is comparable for no charge. If a tire is found to be defective and it has worn more than ten percent of the tread, Kenda offers a discount that is prorated per its rate of wear. This is an outstanding warranty that can provide up to sixty percent off of a comparable tire for replacement, however, the buyer must pay labor, mounting, and balancing if applicable.

What makes Kenda motorcycle tires different?

What sets Kenda motorcycle tires apart from the rest is the reputation that the company has built through years of delivering quality products. Riders share their opinions of Kenda motorcycle tires and point of the most impressive features that make them the superior choice. The first is that the tires help to absorb the shock of crossing lanes with dividers, reflectors, and divots. The tires help to soften road inconsistencies for a smoother ride over various types of road conditions, according to Ultimate Motorcycling reviews. The tires lend stability to the road at all speeds. In part, this is because of the unique tread pattern and the texture of the rubber used that helps to grip the asphalt quite well.

The tires also perform superbly in dry and wet road conditions. Test drivers indicated that there is remarkable stability with no slide. Under all conditions, the tires performed in a manner that instills confidence with no unexpected slips or slides. This was the case even when making sharp turns or U-turns. Another remarkable feature that Kenda tires, (Kenda Kruz K763 in particular), is that riders comment that they make riding motorcycles at slow speeds easier than other motorcycle tire brands. They offer crosswind grip and exceptional traction on wet turns. They're highly recommended by riders to their fellow bikers because of the improvement in handling they offer when compared to other brands of motorcycle tires.

Special features of Kenda K671 Cruiser ST Motorcycle tires

According to Bike Bandit, the Kenda K671 Cruiser ST Motorcycle tire is made with an aggressive tread design. As riders remarked, this feature provides exceptional performance and traction in all types of weather including both wet and dry conditions. They're suitable for use on sport, cruiser, and touring bikes making them a versatile design. They're rated for bikes that reach speeds as high as 130 mph. They offer a wide contact patch that increases mileage and enhances traction. They're made with a special bias/belted casing in both rear and front that improves the capacity of the bike for higher load carrying as well as enhancing handling.

Special innovative materials

Although Kenda has not shared the rubber formulation for the materials for their motorcycle tires, they do use a unique blend. Kenda has developed a new rubber compound that is useful for improving the mileage of the tires. They are made with a strong and durable 6-ply construction. The tires are also tubeless, H-rated, and approved by the Department of Transportation.


Kenda is a rubber company that makes a variety of different tire types, but they have an exceptionally strong reputation for their motorcycle tires. Riders comment that the tires enhance performance and make riding not only more enjoyable but also safer. This is because of the innovative new tire materials that make them grip the road better while making them less prone to slipping and sliding in all road conditions, both wet and dry. Kenda motorcycle tires are known for their uniqueness in their niche of the tire industry because of their innovations and proven high performance. If you're looking for a tire that will help you stick to the road and provide you with greater control over the motorcycle, Kenda tires come the most highly recommended.

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