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A Closer Look at the 2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2

Harley-Davidson is the motorcycle brand that has forged a solid reputation for delivering on a wide range of models to meet the high expectations of clientele within the riding community. One of the more remarkable editions in recent years is the 2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2. This bike appeals to a certain class of riders who are in it for the joy of riding with good looks, comfort and plenty of power to tear up the road. Today, we take a closer look at the elements that make this model so special, and you an ask any VRSCSE2 owner for confirmation of the fact that they are in fact, noteworthy.

The history of the VRSCSE2

This particular model was made in 2006 for just one production year, although it has relatives within the line made in other model years, just 3 versions were presented by the CVO department in a VRod format. It was produced from the factory in choices of Scarlet Red Pearl, with 918 examples made, Electric Orange, Chrome Yellow Pearl with a total of 2,237 of the 2006 models made cumulatively among the three colors. The design and construction of this edition are the elements which make it so special. In 2005, a VRod version of the VRSCSE was offered, followed by the 2006 VRXSE called the Destroyer dragster, and the VRSCSE2. Technicians in Harley's CVO department hand assembled each bike which is an attribute which sets them apart from the crowd

A fitting name describing the build

The 2006 VRSCSE2 was properly named the Screamin' Eagle V-Rod. The 240 mm rear tire grips and tears up the road thanks to the power supplied by the 125 cc displacement big bore engine. This high performance motor was modified with the addition of customized components by the Custom Vehicle operations team to give this cruiser a decent supply of available power. Features include a 1250cc powertrain with 105 mm pistons and big bore cylinders, high flow heads and special tuning for the cam timing. The 6 x 18 inch rear wheel combined with the new 240 mm tire was a new addition that gave the bike tremendous grip on the road for faster acceleration in takeoff mode. improvements were also made to the heavy duty clutch with a firmer spring, along with Brembo brake systems, and a relocation of the key switch and a push button seat latch. Also new for this model was the 1.25 inch fat handlebars with wiring laced internally, custom side covers and an air box cover console housing the indicator lights, clock and an LED fuel gauge.

Other cool features

The 2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 Screamin' Eagle was also easy on the eyes. Some nice touches include the chrome plating on the headlight bucket, the billet front sprocket cover inserts, on the upper and lower triple trees, the hand controls, the mirrors, master cylinders, front fork sliders, footpegs, rear shocks and rear swingarm, among other chrome embellishments .The application of chrome in just the right places gives the bike an elegant appearance without seeming gaudy or overdone. It is pure eye candy. There are also multiple braided features which add to the aesthetics with cushioning in the saddle that doesn't go over the top, but gives it a higher level of riding comfort for times when you just want to take her out for a cruise.

Gallery of photos of the three color options for the 2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 Screamin' Eagle

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in red

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in red

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in orange

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in orange

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in yellow

2006 Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 in yellow

Limited edition

Harley Davidson kept the VRSCSE2 as a limited edition version of the V-Rod. Although they released a total of just over 2,200 of them, this model was only made for the 2006 model year, which keeps the Screamin' Eagle within a cloistered group of motorcycles. Although they share similarities with their inspirations, they possess a set of traits that is unique and distinguishing from the rest. The larger percentage were produced in the red version with the remainder distributed among the other two color choices.

Final thoughts

The 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCSE2, limited edition, also known as the Screamin' Eagle, is an inspiring motorcycle for riders who crave just a touch of exclusivity in a ride that offers a good dose of power with the added benefit of a comfortable ride. The Harley CVO team pulled it together to make this an extra special edition with just one technician hand assembling each bike that was released. This equals a lot of man hours when you consider the fact that within a year's time, a little more than 2,200 were produced. We're assuming they got a jump start on the model year in advance of the due date. It was offered for a base price of $26,000 which seems a value for what you got out of the deal. A sweet ride in a distinguished limited edition with a name that suggests it has a lot of get up and go when it counts. The model was offered in three colors with the red paint job becoming the most popular and it was wise for the manufacturer to issue the largest proportion of the new bikes in this color. Does Harley Davidson know its customers? Of course they do and this is one of the things that they're appreciated for. The brand seems to have an ability to second guess what they're customers want and they maintain a range of choices for all kinds of riding styles, tastes and personal preferences, and the Screamin' Eagle is one example.

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