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How to Get a Motorcycle License in New York

Motorcycle License in New York

The numerous times you have been summoned to your employer's office due to lateness will soon get you fired. That generic excuse of a traffic jam is not going to cut it, and you do not want to be hunting for a job in these challenging economic times when very few companies are hiring. Therefore, it is time you looked for an alternative. Motorcycles have the advantage of not being held up by traffic, and they will save the fuel cost you have been spending on your car. However, let us not get ahead of ourselves; do you even know how to ride a motorcycle? Even if you do, you most probably have never found the need to get a license because you can always hail a cab in New York. Nevertheless, since you want to keep taking home those checks, let's focus on helping you get a motorcycle in New York.

Steps to Get a Motorcycle License in New York

Riding a motorcycle in New York demands that you have a class M or MJ operator's license, and according to the Department of Motive Vehicles, you must follow these steps to get your license:

• Motorcycle Permit Application

To get the permit, you must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge by reading the NY State Motorcycle Operator's Manual because you will take a written exam at the DMV testing center. You must carry along documents that prove your residence, age, and identity. The documents you carry as proof must be original or certified by the issuing agency, valid, in English, or with a certified English translation. They should not be damaged in any way lest they appear fraudulent.

All these will also help when filling out the DMV Document Guide, and once everything is in order, you can pay the $10 application fee and license fee. Note that if you already have a learner's permit for New York State, you don’t need to apply for another one; carry it with you as you go to pay the fees. It is essential to let you know that beginning October 2021, standard permits and licenses will not be used when boarding domestic flights. Therefore ensure that you have your REAL or Enhanced ID if you plan to board domestic flights.

• Preparation for the Road Test

Of course, just like you studied for the written test, you must prepare for the road test by having lots of practice. The recommended minimum is 30 hours, at least 10 of which should be in moderate or heavy traffic. The Department of Health cites a few regulations that you must meet during practice, such as you being supervised by a driver who must have a valid motorcycle license.

The supervising driver should also be at least 21 years old and must be within a quarter-mile from you at all times. Your supervisor should discuss with you your performance after the practice sessions. If you are excited about learning how to ride and invite your friends to show off, note that only the supervising driver can be your passenger. Also, if you find that the practice sessions are not enough, you could engage a commercial school's services. Unfortunately, they do not come cheap, and the cost ranges between $200 and $300, but you do not have a choice if you are below 18.

• Taking the Road Test

After the intense practice sessions, the time to prove that you are worthy of holding a license will come and be determined by a successful road test. The test will comprise normal riding maneuvers such as left and right circles in public streets, all of which you must complete while paying attention to oncoming traffic. The choice of a motorcycle will determine the kind of license you get, noting that you will be restricted to riding three-wheelers if you take the road test on a three-wheeler.

You can forego the road test when you qualify for a waiver. As Big Apple Motorcycle School puts it, the successful completion of a rider course results in a road test waiver. Still, you must have a motorcycle learner's permit and any other class of driver's license. The catch is that the rider course must be from an approved training institution within New York State.

One of the things you should take with you during the motorcycle test in New York is your learner's permit; it should have your photo. If it indicates that you need corrective lenses, you should carry your contacts or glasses. The motorcycle you ride must also be inspected, operating, and registered. If you are below 18, your guardian or parent must complete a Certification of Supervised Driving. You must also provide the license examiner with road test transportation that involves an inspected and registered vehicle and a driver carrying a valid driver's license. The driver must be at least 21 years old and licensed to drive that particular vehicle and the motorcycle you will be riding during the test.

• Getting Your Motorcycle License

The time it takes to get your license depends on if you have another New York State driver's license. If you do, you should wait for at least a week after taking the road test before applying for the motorcycle license. If you do not have any other driver's license, you will have to wait for at least 14 days to receive yours in the mail. Luckily, you will still be operating with the temporary license before you get your new permanent one.

Motorcycle Laws You Must Follow When Riding in New York

You should not be so excited about getting your motorcycle license that you forget to adhere to the laws highlighted by Napoli Shkolnik. You must always ensure that you and your passengers wear helmets that meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards. Also, when riding during the day, you must keep the headlights on at all times. You can only share a lane with one other motorcycle rider and ensure that your motorcycle has footrests for both you and your passenger.

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