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Is Joining a Whiskey of the Month Club Worth It?


If you are a Whiskey enthusiast who likes tasting whiskey, you have most probably heard about a whiskey club. It’s an ideal venue where similar-minded people interact and share their whiskey experiences. Today, there is a tremendous rise in whiskey of the Month clubs, including Flaviar, Crafted Taste, The Whiskey Runner Club, and American Whiskey Club. However, you will need to pay a subscription fee to be a whiskey club member and start enjoying benefits such as exclusive whiskey tastings and special bottlings. Here is a review on whether the whiskey of the Month club is worth it.

What Are Whiskey Clubs?

A whiskey club is a platform that allows you and other whiskey enthusiasts to taste different whiskies and learn together. Most whiskey clubs aim to assemble individuals looking to explore and learn more about whiskey. The clubs find new, exciting, old, unique whiskeys for members to taste every month. Whiskeys usually are available in different descriptions, tastes, and cocktail recipes. Therefore, whiskey clubs are essential for individuals searching for newer ways of learning and trying out other whiskeys. The clubs are even more entertaining, mainly when you are a group of whiskey enthusiasts.

So, Is Joining a Whiskey of The Month Club Worth It?

Yes! Whiskey of the month club is worth it if they offer you access to various whiskeys at a sensible price. As an avid whiskey fan who likes trying out different expressions, subscribing to a whiskey of the month club is entirely worth it. However, you should ensure the whiskey club features the type of whiskey you enjoy. For example, if you like bourbon, ensure that the whiskey club has plenty of bourbon on the shipment. Whiskey clubs are an excellent way of exploring new whiskies and sharing your knowledge. After all, what is a better way of sharing your whiskey knowledge than being in a group of like-minded people? They provide you with an opportunity to try new whiskey that you might not have come across yet. When it comes to whiskey tasting subscriptions, you can sample whiskies before purchasing a whole bottle. According to Scotch Addict, the Whiskey of the club is highly convenient, bringing unique whiskey to your door. It also gives excellent value by being more across yet cheaper than sampling a lot of whiskies at a bar or purchasing different full-size whiskey bottles.

Whiskey Club Membership Fee

An ideal whiskey of the month club charges a membership fee beginning from $20 each month. The membership subscription can increase based on several factors. For instance, some whiskey clubs have small taster bottles while others have bigger taster bottlers. Therefore, the monthly subscription fee will also depend on the amount, size, and particular bottle you want to try. Most whiskey clubs charge between $25 to $55 per month. Generally, while different whiskey clubs have varying membership fees based on various factors, joining the club is entirely worth it if you are a whiskey enthusiast and can comfortably afford the subscription fee. When several individuals split the cost of a whiskey bottle, it generally becomes relatively affordable. Of course, you should look out for a club that has quick response, convenient shipping and customer care, and one that is affordable compared to other clubs.

Benefits Of Joining Whiskey of The Month Club

Whiskey clubs offer several benefits to their members. These include:

An Opportunity to Taste Expensive and Unique Whiskey

One of the main benefits of joining whiskey clubs is that it provides you with a chance to taste unique and costly whiskey. Usually, clubs buy different types of whiskeys, including the costly ones for the members to try out. This means that you will have a chance to try out new and special editions of whiskeys. These clubs can also take your whiskey experience to a whole new level by buying rare malts for members. According to OzBargain, you will get many excellent single malts, some uncommon and rare blends, or non-age expressions from exciting distilleries. The club can buy a unique whiskey bottle to share with its members; some whiskey clubs even have special and commemorative bottles for its members.

Sharing Whiskey Knowledge

Whiskey clubs have gained tremendous popularity due to the need for people to meet, discuss and share whiskey. Traditionally, whiskey clubs meet from time to time to share, discuss and taste the whiskey. With the advancement in technology, there is an increasing trend toward taking the activities of a club’s whiskey towards online social media platforms. Thanks to social media, whiskey clubs have taken the discussion to an entirely new level by engaging in online activities for a fascinating experience. According to, many whiskeys of the month clubs have created Facebook pages to remain active online. Here, the club members can discuss particular whiskeys, drams, whiskey events, and other related topics. You will share knowledge with other whiskey enthusiasts with a common interest.

Make New Friendship

Besides allowing you to taste unique or new whiskey, whiskey clubs are an excellent idea for establishing new friendships. You will have a higher chance of meeting new like-minded individuals who will share new insights about whiskey with you. This is the best way of meeting new friends and making connections with them. As most people say, it is not only about whiskey, but the experience of whiskey when you are around your friends.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the whiskey of the month club is for whiskey enthusiasts that love exploring different bottles. Are you a whiskey enthusiast? Joining a whiskey of the month club is entirely worth it. These clubs comprise like-minded people, ensuring you won’t miss out on the thrilling whiskey experience. If you want to taste unique and new whiskey, whiskey clubs are an excellent idea. Here you will meet new friends enthusiastic about whiskey similar to you and help you learn more about whiskey as you sample different expressions of the favorite whiskies across the world. With a variety of clubs claiming to be the best whiskey of the month club, take a closer look at them and choose the best that fits your whiskey needs.

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